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 Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my sondaggi about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a lista of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're recitazione isn't as good as the others. Because I think the recitazione in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my lista of both the worst of the best...
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Nearly a anno fa I made a lista of my superiore, in alto 10 most beautiful women on the mostra but now my opinion has changed. It's changed even più because now we have some new beauties that we didn't have before. Please commento and if someone te think is really beautiful isn't here it doesn't mean I don't find them attractive, it just means they're not as beautiful as the others. If you're wondering how I feel about a certain character's looks who's not here feel free to ask me. Anyway, enjoy!

The only Once Upon A Time In Wonderland character to make this lista and boy she's a knock out!...
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Many people (including the writers) seem to overlook the Blue Fairy but the truth is that she is one of the three most powerful people in Storybrook both because of her magic and because of the persuasive power she has over people. This articolo is meant to take a closer look at her involvement in the story and the effect her actions and prejudice has had on the lives of the main characters.

So there is no confusion the regular font is fact (taken mostly from OUATwiki) and italicized is my opinion.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Rumplestiltskin

"The Return"

Baelfire in an attempt to save...
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I've been meaning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Once Upon A Time has a lot of really beautiful women. I believe these women are the true beauties of the mostra and some need più appreciation for their looks. Please leave a commento but keep in mind this is just my opinion.

First of all I'm not a big fan of her as a character, she has the personality of sand paper, but she's really beautiful. She has such long beautiful hair, even though it's in a weird style for most of the time we see her. I just Amore Asian eyes and her skin is lovely. She's such a natural...
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Warning: this articolo is basically me venting, because I had to get this out of my system.

I dont understand why some people seem to find the show, specifically the timelines, so confusing. This is not directed at the people here on fanpop, especially since most of us seem to understand it.

It is natural to have questions, since this mostra is written as a sort of puzzle, where we are dato new pieces of the past each episode.However, I have heard domande online that make me think that some people are misunderstanding the entire premise of the show. They seem to think that the fairytaleland stuff...
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Inspired da the who has a harder life poll, I decided to make another articolo on this (I'll also be utilizing some commenti from there). It kind of goes hand in hand with an older articolo I wrote; link so I'll kind of be bring up why I think she's still sympathetic as I believe these topics go hand in hand.

One più side note; despite the fonte of inspiration this articolo is going to be Regina focused and I won't be drawing too many comparisons to other characters for the sake of saying she has it harder because I think each character has his/her own struggles that were equally as difficult....
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This just may be the way I view it, but in The Wizard of Oz from 1939, it seems like Glinda brought Dorothy to Oz with the tornado. What if Glinda was the one to summon the tornado that brought Zelena and Dorothy to Oz? Also, I'm going to mention this: In a scene where Bae/Neal was in Gold's shop, there was a doll, perhaps porcelain? It looked A LOT like Glinda. It had a rosa dress, a high crown like hers, and maybe a long wand. Can anyone get screenshots of that? Maybe Neal really has been to Oz and its foreshadowing?

Also pointing this out: the Black Fairy was banished to a different realm...
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