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Harry got dressed into his black and yellow swimming trunks and his brown american eagle sandals. He wore a collana and a bracelet Janine gave him a while back. He wore his black and green plaid camicia unbuttoned revealing his washboard abs.


Janine- Harry te look great.
Harry hugs Janine. She could feel his hard stomach against her body. Harry kisses the superiore, in alto of Janine's head.
And then a horn honks.

Harry- I guess that's our ride.
Janine- Ok

Harry Lifts Janine off the ground and twirls her. He opens the door and leads her down the stone pathway into Liam's car

Janine- Do te really always...
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posted by kaitadam
Why my door open. Everything in place so who was in here? I don’t care thought al. I should get ready detto al to her. Al toke a doccia and changed clothes. Al wore a red short dress with matching heels and a bow on her hair.


Al toke out her dairy out and sat on her bed.

Dear dairy
today was great and amazing. The weird part is now the band knows I am Louis sister. I hope Liam doesn’t think I hate him.

Liam pov
I saw Al, she beauty and sexy. I am in love, but I think niall likes her. I want her so bad. I think we should start out slow. And we will be in school together for a few years....
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx

1.How do te feel about being voted One Direction FOTM?

xMrsNiallHoranx: I feel shocked, I though a lot più people deserved this SO much più than me!

2.Who is your favourite member? Why?

xMrsNiallHoranx: Niall James Horan:) why? Here’s why:

I am a ✔verified niall horan lover! he is AMAZING!
his big blue eyes that sparkle whenever i see him
his dirty blonde hair! (which he changes ALL the time!)
his laugh!(which u can hear ALL the time!)
his smile that lights up the my world:D
his personality which is also AMAZING!
his talents (the lista of them is ENDLESS!)
his fit body!
his accent!...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
AGES: 16, 17 AND 18.
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posted by mhlover102
Hi guys im Eleanor my Friends call me ellie i Amore one direction they are so cute exspecialy louis he is my fav but my fav animal is zebra i. Amore there pattern im fun nice and loving i Amore shopping. With my Bffs Angle perrie summer and Sophia there so cool even better angle lives with me i get alot of complements about eye lashes beacause there long and beautiful i work at walmart i hate annoying people. te know why i eat carrots cuz louis loves girls who eat carrots my flaws are i get kinda crazy and weird when im happy i can't control it it comes naturally i dream about me and louis getting married i Amore fangirling over him
posted by rahulms
One Direction
one direction
One Direction (commonly initialised as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised Canto competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success da the power of social media, One Direction's three albums, Up All Night, Take Me home and Midnight Memories, (released in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively), broke several records, topped the charts...
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All te have to do is follow on Twitter and retweet a message. Easy enough for the boys :-)

There is a calendar, signed photos, and a diary on offer and the closing data is on the 12th November.

There have been quite a few entries so far from what I can see. I've been following the #1DGoodies rage on Twitter but it seems to have slowed down this evening, so maybe now is the time to enter.

I just wanted the calendar for the Niall pictures. I might not ever change to any other months

posted by Olga_styless
It's the night before Valintines giorno and your boyfriend Zayn is taking te out for dinner. te are putting on your earring when te hear the doorbell. "Coming!" te yell from the dining room. Taking one last look in the full length mirror .You open the door." look amazing." he says with the cutest look on his face."You dont look too bad either." te detto taking his hand. He leads te to his car and takes te the the spiaggia where te lay under the stars and playfully feed each other listening to the waves crash on the shore...♥
posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
Drew and I stood on the front porch of Annas house.Everyone was suspose to come over to hang out,althrough we never told anna that.So it was a susprise.
"We thought we should spend some time together."I smiled sweetly at anna hoping for forgiveness that i hadnt called.
"Well te could have called."
"Yea but I'm out of minuti and Drew broke his Phone."I smirked as she walked in.
"Dad!Drew and Amber are here!!"she yelled to lazy to walk upstairs and tell him.
"I'm gonna kill him!!"courtney yelled eruptively as she ran down stairs,refering to annas and drews break up.She grabbed him...
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Lillian's P.O.V
It was 15 to 3. And everybody was packing up for the end of the day. But I was standing still, daydreaming. I know it's not like me to daydream in school but I couldn't help it. I was staring at Louis. Him back up everything, get his bag out from his locker. Then I realised how hot he looked in his school uniform. Jesus.

"Lillian!" A loud voice boomed across the room.
"Yes...yes Mr Smith?" I replied.
"Why aren't te helping?!" He asked angrily.
"I was sognare ad occhi aperti sorry." I said, da now the whole class was looking at me.
"Well if te don't help again I give te a detention!"...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Riley's P.O.V

the bullets were still going everywhere. lou was still trying to escape. i saw and ran grabbing lou's hand. and tooke them out-side. she thanked me in tears. i ran inside. i saw eleanor was trapped with a gun to her head. i thought of how to get her out. i ran and kicked him on the side. i grabbed the gun and shot the guy in the leg. i told eleanor to run. she did and her and louis ran up-stairs to the attic. that was our hang-out anyway. it was now me and harry. the rest of the lads were in the attic. we were runnig and dodging. i was runnig harry was fitting of the other guys....
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posted by gissmiss21
Chapter 1:

Third Person POV:

*Bell rings*

you: "FINALLY."

*you pack all of your classroom belongings, and head out of the classroom. te go home, plop on bed, and decide to go for a walk. As te walk, te see your good friend Jake, te don't feel like talking to anyone, you're just not in the mood. te begin to turn, but it's too late.*

Jake: "Y/N! Hey!"

You: "Oh! Jake, hey."

Jake: "I've been trying to get a hold of te for a while..."

*you turn getting concerned....*

You: "Jake- what's wrong?"

Jake: "You see, I've been wanting to ask te a question...."

You: "Yeah?"

Jake: "I was wondering.......
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 Twitter Pic
Twitter Pic
I hesitated as Zayn took my hand,leading me towards the X-Factor stage. Harry sent Zayn glares,but he sent me a reassuring smile.

"Why the fuck do I have to perform? I don't even have my own song!" I whispered/exclaimed

Zayn smiled,"We know,babe. But guess what? Everyone heard your cover of our song and they wanted te to perform live. But it's gonna be te and Harry"

"What?!! What song?! I'm supposed to be in the US,but your management decided to organize a performance for me" I pouted

Harry walked up,two microphones in his hand,he handed one to me. Zayn stood there,with his microphone. He was...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Riley's P.O.V

I woke up the successivo giorno remembering the cuscino fight. I woke up in shock remembering the Hollister foto shoot .I quickly got dressed I was doing a summer foto shoot I came out in a bikini link . I got washed up and I was out. I arrived at the foto shoot. I felt really uncomfortable so I was covered up. I went in smiling “Alright Riley get ready on set” says the modeling people. I really wish Lou was with me we were good friends. And Baby Lux was the cutest. I sigh and go out. I start of with the normal out-fit link they smile and I was doing my thing. I was modeling and hoping...
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posted by aanikamerchant

Aaliya'sPOv: we all got dressed and made our way to the theme park. There were paps following us each and everywhere so the one direction body guards stayed vth us . Ethan came on his bike in the morning. So he joined us for the theme park. 
Ethan: did u miss me 
Aaliya: y would I miss you 
Ethan: hello rudey I m ur boyfriend 
Aaliya: really I thought we were frnds
Ethan: jst kidding 
Aaliya: hahahahah 
Ethan: so some news
Aaliya: yeah now a days Niall is actin as my dad. 
Ethan: n u hate him 
Aaliya: definately
Ethan: so which ride first. 
We all made our way through...
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The evening:
Everyone were playing games while Eleanor and Niome were making snacks to have for everyone.
Niome served ice cream to everyone one da one but when she had to give it to Niall, she left it on the table. He was so sad about this.
Suddenly the calling campana, bell rang.Niomw went to open the door and it was – Seema!
Seema saw her and didn’t even care.
Seema: Oh! What are te doing here at Niall’s house?
Niome became angry. But she controlled herself not to scold her.
She entered the house and saw everyone playing games.
Seema: te all live together?
Harry and Louis: Yup!
Liam: How do te know...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Skylar’s P.O.V

When I saw Harry anger and sadness hit me. I slammed the door running up-stairs. Ugly freak kept repeating in my head. I was trapped in my room tears flooding down. I was wrapped in my blankets crying the words Harry told me repeating over and over again. How much I dread-fully hated him. I trusted him with all my cuore and him saying I am a ugly freak no never talking to him ever again. I checked my twitter and saw no hate but Lost like 100 followers except the lads. A few days later summer break ended. I had to go back to school I’m still in 11th grade but I’m entering...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
I woke up at 3:30 a.m Joe was sleeping successivo to me. I shook him a little.
"You need to go.." I whispered.
"Alright.." He detto half-awake. He kissed me and pulled me on-top of him. "Do I have too?" He asked. I nodded, "Harry," I detto angry. He kissed and then put his clothes on. I grabbed my white accappatoio, vestaglia that had cuore on it and wrapped it around me. He slid on his camicia and kissed me. "I Amore you," I said.
"I Amore te too, and last night was amazing.." He smiled and made me blush. "Bye.." He kissed me one last time, farfalle flooded my stomach. "Bye," I whispered as he climbed out my window...
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~ Look Who is Coming ~ ( Part 1 )

Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
So far my life is perfect . Niall and I are back together and viola is coming back tomorrow . Plus tomorrow is Natale Eve , which is Louis ‘ s birthday . I just couldn’t wait to see viola again . I wonder who she would look . Maybe she changed her style again . Maybe she cut her hair . Maybe she got taller . Anyway I just couldn’t wait to see her again . She is my best friend forever . She is the reason why I met Niall . Without her I wouldn’t be this happy . I would have a normal teenage life like...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Madisions P.O.V

i woke up the successivo giorno with the worst stomache ace. and the worst head-ache. i started crying from all the pain. niall heard me "hey princess te alright i will get te youre medicine"says niall going to the medicine cabnet in the bathroom. i lay down holding my stomach curled up in a ball. niall comes in with asprin and tummy medicine. i take the medicine and sigh in relief.

Niallls P.O.V

it breaks my cuore seeing madision sick. i try to help her every way i can. when she goes back to sleep i leave her a note and head out.

Madisions P.O.V

When i wake up i find niall nit theiriget...
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