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We’re a fan of statistics here at, so we’ve compiled a lista of how many Twitter followers each member has, along with the number of people that they follow, the number of Tweets sent, and finally how many lists each member is in.

Ok, let’s start with the follower stats:

Harry Styles: 1,703,682
Zayn Malik: 1,292,938
Louis Tomlinson: 1,279,326
Liam Payne: 1,268,763
Niall Horan: 1,206,440

Well, there’s quite a clear leader here. Our Hazza is way out in front with 1.7 million followers. Wowzers! The rest are fairly equal behind from 2nd to 5th, but currently Niall is propping...
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posted by tigressissupper
I will never forget the time I tickled Harry Edward Styles. It all started at their consort in Jacksonville. They just Finnish there last song what makes te beautiful Liam was about to make an announcement. "Today we are gonna do something we haven't done before" he says in the micro phone. "We are gonna let one fan spend a couple of days with us" detto Zayn. Everyone went nuts "pick me pick me" people scream. Harry says "we will use the spotlight to pick". "Yea" say Nail ask the spotlight picks a fan. It lands on me "OMG" I scream "Congrats te get to spend a few days with one Direction" Louis...
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Alan Carr is a very well known British talk mostra host. The first time the boys were on the mostra he bombarded Harry with domande about Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack. Of course te weren't dating Harry at the time so it was completely not your business however te were appauled at how Alan addressed the matter. Hoping that this time was going to be different for your new boyfriend Harry, te gave him a baciare on the cheek and stood backstage eagerly awaiting the shows beginning.

"Boys! It is quite lovely to have te back on the mostra here. We have missed te dearly, haven't we?" Carr spoke...
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Blonde bombshell (or is it now black) Niall Horan has told The Metro how he often likes to go without underwear.

The 18-year-old Irish hottie said: “Do I always wear pants? Well, yeah but then I like to go free and easy from time to time.”

We wonder if he goes as far as Harry – a notorious fan of going starkers.

Now wouldn’t that be a scene, Niall and Harry running around naked… chasing each other… with a feather duster… with red lipstick on.

Ahem! Sorry for that, think we got carried away with a spot of daydreaming!
Watch Niall talking with Sugarscape last September, where he talks about getting naked (as well as chicken fillets!)

Niall was recently told-off da Simon Cowell for wanting to dye his hair black – a rumour which was since rebuffed da Harry when he spoke to Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw yesterday.
Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one
Standing up on a lista of the things I’ve done
All the rest of my crimes don’t come close
To the look on your face when I let te go

So I built te a house from a broken home
Then I wrote te a song with the words te spoke
Yeah, it took me some time but I figured out
How to fix up a cuore that I let down

Now I’m searching every lonely place
Every corner calling out your name
Trying to find te but I just don’t know
Where do broken hearts go?
Where do broken hearts go?

Yeah the taste of your lips on the tip of my tongue
It’s at the superiore, in alto of the lista of...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Courtney's POV:
I sat successivo him on the bathroom floor leaning up against the wall,saying nothing.I had a pounding headache from being tired and stressed.The awkward silence was unbearable since I had no clue what to do.We were strangers and he had just tried to kill himself for a reason I had no clue of.
I had the same awkward sympathic feeling te get when te meet a person once and successivo time te hear of them,they're dead.The only difference was he was alive,breathing and right successivo to me.He had a look on his face like he was Lost in thoughts,Daydreaming a nightmare.Most of the time silence...
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Allyce P.O.V
i was just sitting on the divano having a popcorn fight with my best best best friend in the whole wide world,Niall.yes Niall Horan from One did we meet te say? well before we get to that let me introduce myself.i'm Allyce.(it's pronounced Elise though.) i'm 18 years young and have green eyes and long blonde how i met Niall well here's the story:
it was a warm giorno in Mullingar Ireland the fall of 2007.i just turned 13 and i got chitarra for my birthday.i always wanted to learn so i was walking to my chitarra lesson.i soon got to the negozio were the chitarra lessons...
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In The anno 2014, One Direction had released their 3nd Studio Album. It became the most selling pop-rock album of the 21st Century.
The Boys had a concerto in Madison Square Garden for their tour for that new album. After the concert, Harry had met a girl a few days after the event. Soon after, a few dates they started dating eachother.

{7 Years Later; 2019}
One Direction just released their 8th Studio Album. The guys lifes haven't been the same since, their 3rd Studio Album.. The Directioner fan base got so big (Mainly all teens). Every single teen on earth loved them. As of 2012, they were...
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TEEN NOW MAG:WHAwhat kind of a boyfriend are you?LOUIS: im a bit of a joker. i can be romantic, but not too sickly- i like to keep it on a level. te have to get the banter in there, too, otherwise te scare the girl away.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would te wear on a date?
LOUIS: i hate wearing the same as everyone else, so i'd probably wear purple chinos- they sound digusting but they look cool- and a polo o t-shirt and a cardigan. i Amore clothes, so i'd make sure i look nice.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would te like your data to wear?
LOUIS: i'd like her to be dressed up, but to have her own style.
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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from Youtube and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps te to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

2.He was born on 1st February 1994.

3. His stella, star sign is Aquarius.

4. His official twitter username is @Harry_Styles.

5. Harry came up with the name 'One Direction'.

6. He is the youngest member of One Direction....
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I recently came across this sondaggio on Billboard and want to share the results. This sondaggio started in Nov 2014 but is still open. Since this was before Mar 25th, we still have Zayn as one of the choices. Here are the numbers as of today (3/29/2015):

Zayn is at the superiore, in alto with a whopping 38.86 %
Second is Harry at 18.99%
Close third is Louis at 17.29%
Fourth and Fifth are Niall and Liam at 13.91% and 10.95% respectively.

The major vote went to Zayn apparently because of how incredibly well he deals with the daily racism and prejudice that he encounters on the social media. A lot of people also voted for...
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posted by harry_ginny33
Lucy went upstairs with a smile that she hasn't had in days. It felt good to feel happy again. For once in her life, she felt good about things going in an unexpected way. She grabbed her articolo papers from her backpack and placed them on her bed. Then turned on her laptop to check twitter and all the news. The same old boring number of followers and not much news, she retweeted a few things from her favourite followers but then logged out. She didn't tweet much and that's why she didn't have followers. She logged into tumblr and reblogged some pics then logged into Facebook to see notifications...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 19 about to turn twenty this weekend. My best friend is Amanda but I call her Amie. We have been best Friends since the first giorno of my first grade year. Amanda ia 20 and has spiaggia blonde hair with Golden brown eyes. My dad passed away a anno fa so it is only me and my mom. Amie is the oldest out of five kids!

"Ready?" Amie detto as I was getting into her car.
"Duh.....first giorno of school!" I had a huge smile on my face. She turned on the car and Up All Night da 1D was playing on the radio.
"So are te happy to...." I covered her mouth...
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Well, perhaps Emma Ostilly isn’t Harry Styles proper girlfriend (yet), but Eleanor and Louis are certainly an item, and only yesterday naughty fan sent her pictures of Louis with his ex Hannah Walker.

Louis didn’t react kindly to the news and tweeted: “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m Leggere through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”
Showing how much he cares for his current beau, Louis tweeted Eleanor: “Love te ! xxxx. I couldn’t be happier right now, so let it be Thank youuuuu x.”

Miss Calder received some nasty messages, and a group...
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posted by lois4
Well, perhaps Emma Ostilly isn’t Harry Styles proper girlfriend (yet), but Eleanor and Louis are certainly an item, and only yesterday naughty fan sent her pictures of Louis with his ex Hannah Walker.

Louis didn’t react kindly to the news and tweeted: “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m Leggere through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”
Showing how much he cares for his current beau, Louis tweeted Eleanor: “Love te ! xxxx. I couldn’t be happier right now, so let it be Thank youuuuu x.”

Miss Calder received some nasty messages, and a group...
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Part 3: Insecure Zayn!

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was lying on the letto then. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t . Everytime I closed my eyes, the immagini of my grandfather and the girl I loved appeared. They were all so far away that I couldn’t touch . My life without them was meaningless and covered with the darkness. I even couldn’t feel o see anything. I took a blade nearby and pricked it through the skin of the palm of my hand. My hand began to bleed but I still couldn’t feel hurt. It was useless with me. Then I stood up and took some sleeping pills. Maybe I took 8 o 9 tablets. I just wanted...
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posted by mina27
Name: Liam James Payne
Age: 17
DOB: 29/08/93
Star Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Wolverhampton
Favourite Film: All three of the Toy Story movies
Celeb Crush: Leona Lewis
Man Crush: Michael McIntyre
Bet te didn’t know: He only has one kidney.
Turn-ons: Knee socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing and tattoos.
Turn-offs: Burping, farting, swearing, fake tan and bling.
Liam is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a data he would wear jeans and a T-shirt.
His perfect girl would have to be cheeky but quiet and a bit shy as well. He likes happy, smiley girls. He also likes mousy brown haired girls.
Apparently, he has been grabbed...
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Who's she baciare now? Caroline Flack gets cosy with One Direction's Niall but Harry keeps a close eye on them.

After her much publicised baciare with One Direction's Harry Styles, the 31-year-old Xtra Factor presenter appeared to be moving on to band mate Niall Horan, 18.

Following the group's performance on X Factor last night, the Xtra factor host was pictured saying goodbye to the youngsters and enjoyed a lingering hug with the teenage singer.

Baring her tanned legs and wearing a black winter cappotto with towering nude stilettos, Caroline looked rather happy as she left the Londra studios.

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posted by johncenaw85oi
I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone.
I pressed my ear against her bedroom door.
"I seriously think Jess and Louis are telling the truth Niall". she said."Yes but we need to let them tell us what is really going on". she said."You WHAT! te AND TRACY WHAT!!!" she shouted. "Ok Niall te dont even no if te and Jess are still together!".

After hearing that, Maryanne pushed open the door and i fell straight onto Eloise's bedroom floor, frightened of what Eloise ment by: te and Tracy did what.

"Uhh i'll call te back Niall" she said, putting the phone straight down.

"Hi as te know im...
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posted by SilhoueteZombi
1:My Own Personal Hell.

Infamous Niall Horan escaped earlier today from HMP Pentonville prison. Authorities warn the public to stay safe, and refrain from leaving home tonight. He has been charged with domestic violence, grand theft, 1st degree murder along with many other felonies. Please be on high alert.

Sirens blared as I stepped out of the heavy wooden doors of the library. I watched multiple Londra guard heavy armoured vehicles wiz past, lights and sirens going. Mrs Porter waved me over from her small fiore shop.
“Hello Adeline, did te hear about what happened at the prison?”...
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