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Regina Dennis (Gina) Jackson
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Aries (The zodiac sign that's adventurous but short-tempered)
Personality: Sarcastic and Violent
Talent: Singing
Strenghts: Entergetic, Courageous, and Confident
Weakness: Impulsive and Impatient.
First Appearance: Ep 1
Siblings: None
Ashley Maria Gonzales
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (The ones that loves to be a leader)
Personality: Preppy and very Caring
Talent: Dancing
Strengths: Hardworking, Responsible, and Reliable
Weakness: Short tempered and Difficulty accepting authority.
First Apperance: Ep 1
Siblings: None
Kimberly Sasha (Kim) Mitchell
Age: 15
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posted by Missprinceton1

Lisa: ashly why are te upset?
Me: didn't u hear i broke up with him last night
Lisa: who? princeton
Me: yes
Lisa: why?
Me: i saw him baciare britney yesterday
Masey: whats wrong with ashly?
Lisa: she broke up with princeton
Masey: NO way

just then princeton came walking towards us trying to apoligise.

Prince: ash i'm sorry for last night britney came up and kissed me
Me: right so te just stood there enjoying it.
Lisa&Masey: princeton te should go
Kate: have te guys seen rock ?
Masey: no not yet
kate: hey...
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posted by yahnnadaboss
the successivo giorno i woke up to see princeton's arm still wrapped around me
(i shake princeton)
Brianna:get up.....
Brianna:what did we do last night??
Princeton:you dont remember??
Brianna:well yeaa n noo
Princeton:we did things....
Brianna:ughh(put the covers over my head)
Princeton:whats wrong??(taking the covers from oveer my head)
Brianna:im to young!!
Brianna:ughh(roll my eyes n gets out the bed)
Princeton:where te going??
Brianna:to take a shower(go in the bathroom n take a shower)
(princeton was gone)
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Really I detto turning around I knew who it was I knew that voice from and where and I didn't like it in fact I grew up to hats this voice. Diggy wat do u want now I asked aw nothin shawdy. U know supporting my bros he put his arm around roc shoulder and roc was looking at the ground. Let go guys prod detto we started walking and roc was still under diggy's arms. Come on roc prod detto wat wrong with u liya detto trying to put him. I circled around diggy and roc to examine them. Ik diggy is up to something. I was getting a temper and finally pushed diggy wat did u do to him XO I detto in his face....
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Roc: I'm sorry bro....but I Amore her!
Princeton: NO! She loves me, not u!!! Destine! Tell this fool!!!
Destine: Ummm.....I Amore U....
Princeton: See? What I tell u!
Destine: But I starting 2 like Roc....
Princeton: WHAT!!!!
Kendria: Wow...
Alana: Akward....
Princeton:*punched Roc in the face*. Stay away from Destine!
Destine: JACOB!
Roc: its like that? *punched Princeton in the stomach*
Destine: STOP!!!
Alana: *getting out camera*
Roc ran outside with Princeton behind him. The rest of the crew ran outside.
Princeton: *tackled Roc.* How could te steal my girl?
Roc: *slapping Princeton* Don't te mean...
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 Emma was wearing the clothes on the left and Dana was wearing the clothes on the right
Emma was wearing the clothes on the left and Dana was wearing the clothes on the right
-Shout out to geekygirl1999, avanzant12, ajmindless, MindlessSwagged, Kekeisoscool143, LA_Griffin, SupaRoc143 and terian!! WE OUTCHEAAA!!-

(In the story: Kendra is 17, Prod is 17, raggio, ray is 18, Prince is 17, Roc is 16, Diggy is 17 and Lana is 15, Dana is 17, Emma is 15)

Ray: (Opens the door)
???: Ray? Where's Kendra?
Me: (Staring at Ray)
???: (Flicks me over the forehead) Snap outta it.
Me: Huh, Lana? W-What are te doin here? (Looked at her)
Lana: Why aren't yall at the party!? Wait...were yall doing what I think yall were doin?!?!
Me: Actually, I was took da!!
Ray: She means...
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posted by Princetonlove01
on the bus
Princeton’s POV
We all watched twilight n jawan bria jacob n latrice left but they were coming when we come back from our concerto tomorrow.

I was the first one awake then I looked to Mya’s side of the letto n she wasn’t there then I herd talking n laughing coming from the living room (gets out of letto n goes into the living room)

Me:good morning
mya:we were planning on waking te up in a special way but we could not be bothered so we left te to sleep
Me:Yeah real nice
Mya:so what’s happening today ?
Me:Keisha detto we have last minuto rehearsals and...
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posted by Princetonlove01
conutied convo(however u spell it)
Mya : yeah I’m fine.. Doing nothing right now
Jawan: (mumbles) yeah , u r fine..
Mya: huh(I smiled a little )
Jawan: what
Mya: u justed detto something about me
Jawan: what te talking about..
Mya: I might of Lost my memory but I’m not stupid, Jawan Harris!
Jawan: (he laughs) ok u heard but if u come meet me out side maybe I can tell you,,what do te say??
Mya: (I ran out in the living room and I looked through the window he was actually there ..)(waving at me)
Jawan: Ello? U there cause I see u ..
(I could see him smiling at me)
Mya: yeah I’m here…...
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 My outfit
My outfit
OUR ROOM..............

Princeton: wake up * hitting me gently wit a pillow*
Me: sneak attack * throwing a cuscino at his face*
He fell on the letto
Me: omg are yu ok
Princeton: sneak attack * hitting me wit the pillow*
Me: ahhh thts how it is * hitting him wit a pillow*
We cuscino fight minutes
Me: ok let me freshen up * runnin into the bathroom bout the door*
Princeton put his foot n between the door and the wall
Me: yes princey
Princeton: why yu shutin the door
Me: cuz thts wat i do
Princeton: im yur husband i wanna see my girl freshen up
Me: why
Princeton: bcuz i wanna unisciti her
Me OK then * openin the door...
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posted by princetonwife50
Mindless Behavior
mindless behavior
this articolo is for all the bieber fan out there. i know there has to be over 1000 of them.some people dont even know mindless behavior cause they still stuck on justin bieber. i get so mad cause i be like justin bieber aint horrible but he aint all that no più he used to but now these way cuter,hotter,better singer boys came and walked on this planet and took justin biebers place. te would be a stupid fool if still have the bieber fever.ok now lets go into the serious mode. are u a teenage gurl that still has the bieber fever well i janae perez has found a cure. if u wanna get rid of bieber...
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I hope te Amore this video & please put commenti & please no bad commenti & thank te & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
keep her on the low live
mindless takeover
may 25 2013