Tell me what te think its a poem & The titolo is: Is it true? Thabks for Leggere i wrote it btw

Is it true te lie?
Is it true te hate me?
Is it true te want him?
Is it true you're my bestfriend?
Is it true te enjoy hurting me?
Is it true te like seeing me cry?
ls it true te talk about me behind my back?
Is it true te tell people our business?
ls it true i hurt you?
Is it true te backstabbed me?
Is it true te let me believe those lies?
Is it true te let me call te my bestfriend when te weren't?
Is it true i have to say goodbye?
Is it true...?
i mean thanks not thabks
Isabella_17 posted più di un anno fa
Isabella_17 posted più di un anno fa
 Isabella_17 posted più di un anno fa
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TulisaLittleMix said:
Yeah, it's good :)
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posted più di un anno fa 
Isabella_17 posted più di un anno fa
You're welcome! :)
TulisaLittleMix posted più di un anno fa
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