Romantic Male Characters lista of RMC

TitanicHugeFan posted on Jul 17, 2009 at 10:01PM
Let's pick our favourites! :D Don't forget that the person has to be really romantic.

Rhett Butler [Gone with the Wind]
Edward Cullen [Twilight] (book)
Ian O'Shea [The Host]
Jack Dawson [Titanic]
Romeo Montague [Romeo and Juliet]
Noah Calhoun [The Notebook]
Heathcliff [Wuthering Heights] (I know, he was sadistic but for Cathy... you know :D )
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più di un anno fa ppv said…
Leopold [Kate & Leopold]
Alex Wyler [The Lake House]
più di un anno fa TitanicHugeFan said…
At the moment I'm totally obsessed (again) with Kyle Reese from The Terminator (1984 ofc)! <3
più di un anno fa TitanicHugeFan said…
and now Mr. Rochester! I added him to the pick "Best Romantic Bastard"