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Was Sirius really a player?

Everyone seems to think he was. In almost every fanfiction I've read about Sirius in his school days, he is portrayed as a player. But was he really? Why do people think he was a player?

- Because he was handsome
- He was popolare with the girls
- He was James friend, who seemed to be a player

Those are all reasons I've seen, but none of them mean that he was a player. Being handsome does not mean that a boy will take advantage of girls. Sure, some do. It's stereotypical to say that just because Sirius was handsome meant that he was a player. Also, James seemed to...
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1. In St. Mungo’s, when they are going to visit Mr. Weasley- 'They climbed a flight of stairs and entered the "Creature-Induced Injuries" corridor, where the secondo door on the right bore the words 'DANGEROUS' DAI LLEWELLYN WARD: SERIOUS BITES.' If te put these words on a sign, they would read:

Creature-Induced Injuries
Dai Llewellyn Ward
Serious Bites

Take the first word of each of these and what do te get get? Creature Dangerous Dai Serious? No - Kreacher dangerous, Die Sirius...

2. On page 60 of the American edition of OOTP, just as they enter number twelve Grimmauld Place, it says...
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There's no use Padfoot-ing around it - Sirius Black is one of the most iconic wizards in the wizarding world. What better way to celebrate Black Friday?
Sirius Black
Harry Potter
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To celebrate Sirius Black's birthday, we unveil ten fascinating facts about this beloved character. te probably already know that Sirius was James Potter's best friend and Harry Potter's godfather.
Sirius Black
Harry Potter
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