Soul Eater Not! superiore, in alto Strongest Soul Eater Not! Characters.

Pick one:
Tsugumi Harudori,Meme Tatane,Anya Hepburn
Clay Sizemore and Akane Hoshi
Mai Thi Hoang/Eternal Feather.
Sid Barret as a Human.
Kim Diehl and jacqueline O'Lantern Not version.
Liz and Patty. Patricia Thompson/Elizabeth Thompson Not! version.
Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn. Not version.
Death the Kid Not version.
Kilik Rung Not version.
Blackstar and Tsubaki. Not version
Shaula Gorgon
All characters.
 NagisaFurukawa- posted più di un anno fa
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