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posted by TeamPeeta649
Goodbye my love, my best friend, the father of my kits. I Amore te and miss te with all of my heart. No one can ever replace you. My cuore is forever shattered. I will never be the same. If there was anyway, anyway at all, that I could bring te back I would do it, I would give anything. I am sorry I couldn't save te in time. Please forgive me. It is hard for me to continue my life without te in it. I don't know if I can do it. te were the one that kept me going every day. The kits miss te too. Our family doesn't feel complete without te here. There was no one in the world quit like you....
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posted by Moonstorm100
Herds of many Gatti tip toe in the shadows from the east. The crescent moon shines above but no stars are watching tonight.
The cat leading the others, leaps on a boulder, and sniffs the air. He was a black tom with white spots. Then he turns back to the clan. "hurry! Its this way!"
The leader jumps down from the boulder and charges for the lake, with the clan following.
As they reach the lake, they stop infront of a giant oak tree, the leader stops and sniffs the air again, then he signals to the clan to slacken as well.
The toms eyes lit with fuoco as he turned to his followers. "Berrystar!"...
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posted by bluestarluver10
Featherdance ran to a two-leg gate."no two-legs..." She jumped on the gate and sniffed the air"rabbit!" She got down and stalked the rabbit."
bang! the two-leg opened the door and saw Featherdance."kill my rabbit, i kill you!" the two-leg growled. Featherdance didn't hear him and killed the rabbit.bang! boom! the two-leg shot her 2 times..."Featherdance!" cried Spottedpaw."no!"she screamed as she ran over to Featherdance."Featherdance, get up!" she whined. Featherdance looked up at Spottedpaw."i'll be fine." Spottedpaw looked worried."lets get back to camp!"
posted by Mistyflower
I appeared on a slippery stone, and looked solemnly around. Memories of my life took hold of my heart, and I found myself sprinting back toward StormClan's camp. Two young apprentices were patrolling the outside of the camp. I recognized them. "Maplepaw, Emberpaw," I greeted them. Maplepaw bristled. "Who are you? And how do te know are names, intruder?" Emberpaw arched her back and spat. I smiled. "Did your elders not tel you?" I sat and flicked my tail. I detto I would return." Emberpaw lashed her tail angrily. "Then tell us who te are!"
"Young cats," I meowed. "My name is Mistyflower."
posted by Tigerslily
“Lilybreeze” I looked around and felt comfort, I was having a dream from Starclan, “yes” I replied, It didn’t take long to see all of what I had gone through, even memories I hardily remembered shone clearly.

First I remembered Daisy, my mother, telling me to close my eyes when I heard o smelled a new cat becuase my eyes were different,and I remembered smelling the fear on her when we were caught trespassing in a clans territory. I was only 2 moons old but it didn’t seem that long ago.
I was lucky, It was a mid aged she-cat, but something about how she acted, My mom explained...
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posted by Moonstorm100
blackness engulfed Stormstar as an image appeared before her. She was standing near the river, on the pebles of the shore. Everything was blurry then from a distance, she saw a blurry vision of a giant bird of prey! It was twice the size of any cat but it was to far and blurry for her to understand what kind of bird it was.
"Stormstar! Stormstar are te listening?" Mistyflower's voice interupted Stomstars thoughts and her eyes flew open!
She was standing, in the center of Stormclan camp. Her clanmates surrounded her as they waited for Mistyflower to assign them to a patrol. She could just...
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posted by brownstar
 In Memory of Thinfrost
In Memory of Thinfrost
Everything muscle in my body just seem to freeze like ice. My cuore shattered into a million pieces. Cold tears made their way down to the blood-stained ground. On that ground laid my only brother Thinfrost. He was like a puppet cut from its stings; limp, not moving. It almost seemed like he was just in a deep sleep. Blood slowly seeped from his throat and flank. Black pelliccia from his pelt ran with the wind, scattering his scent across the land. Dull blue eyes gazes sightlessly at me. Bloody claws were gleaming where there was no blood. "Brother...come on, wake up!" I could feel myself nudging...
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posted by Tigerslily
It was a clear wonderful day, One week after Greenpetal had became a full med cat and Lilybreeze had got her prophecy. Lilybreeze was laying in the camp resting. Greenpetal ran out of the nursery, and poked Lilybreeze’s shrunken belly and shining ribs.

“Lilybreeze, get up, It’s the kits, there coming” I Jumped up instantly. I wasn’t old, not at all, but I was older then most of the warriors, including the leader, I had been Stormstar’s most trusted cat, Mostly because a leader should trust their Med. Cat then because I deserved her trust, same with Fernstar. “Coming” I ran...
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posted by Ferndapple13
I opened my eyes at midnight, to see Lilybreeze standing over me. "Its time" she announced, I nodded and followed her to the Moonstone.

As we arrived, I touched my nose to it and fell asleep. I woke up in the Stormclan camp, with all the Gatti of Starclan surrounding me. First Wavestorm, who was an elder in Stormclan who had died, stepped up. Then a cat called Skyhawk stepped up, he told me that he was once a member of Stormclan. After Skyhawk, an cat named Thistetail stepped up. Then, Nightstar, who was Stormstars mate came up. Afer Nightstar, a beautiful she-cat named Silvercloud came to me,...
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posted by segafan
It was a rainy giorno as Bone walked up the allyway."Scourge would want to hear this",he thought."StormClan in our territory!"
When he found Scourge and told him,Scouge hissed."StormClan in OUR territory?" "And,how many were there?"
"Yes,Scourge,just one."
"You saw it?"

In StormClan, Wavestorm saw a brown shape sprinting in the muddy grassland.As it got closer,she could see più clearly."Skyhawk!",she purred."Where have te been?!"She watched puzzled as her mate gasped for breath."W-what happend"She asked. While she circled around him and saw bite marks...
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posted by Milkdapple

I gaze upon my clan mates as I have for so long, ever since I was a kit. My cuore rips in two as I watch the battle below. Many of my Clanmates.........dead, as I had minuti ago, in the same battle. "WHY!!!", I yowled in pain,"WHY DID te HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME!"
"It's not your fault Milkdapple." mewed Frecklestar,the clans former leader.
"But..but I didn't heal them in time, and then...
"You died?" finished Frecklestar.
Milkdapple gazed down at the pool in which she had looked at her fighting clan mates at, but the seen was gone. "Noooo....." she whispered, and everything faded away.
posted by Moonstorm100
 In memory of Onyx, no this is not a real pic of him but similar to wat he looked like!
In memory of Onyx, no this is not a real pic of him but similar to wat he looked like!
As some of te read in the "Calling all Clan Members" forum, used to hav a cat, named Onyx! He was my first black cat and my last! Here the story of my cycle of cats.........

I got Onyx wen i was really younge, to younge to remember the age, my guess was around 1st grade! I got him at a pets mart near my neighborhood. It was a anno after I got my first cat's. One was a cat named Sandy, he was a golden tabby tom with gleaming golden eyes and another cat called Squirrel, who was a beautiful gray tabby she-cat, I speak this of memory only, but sadly i dont remember Squirrel's eye color. Sandy,...
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I ran through the forest, my limbs aching, my cuore pumping! I could have sworn I had heartburn! Two wild Cani were on my tail, they were gainging, faster and faster, until...........POW! The bigger wild dog male leaped on me and i found myself crashing down!
"Ha! I got te Wing!" One of the wild Cani exclaimed in victory.
"Shut up Azulan!" I growled at him. Azulan was my idiot brother, who never stopped worshipping himself for two seconds.
Then my other littermate, Rain, caught up with us, her breath heaving. It didnt surprise me for one secondo that she was last to arrive, after all she...
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posted by Tigerslily
 me as a full med. cat
me as a full med. cat
te may just know me as the med. cat but what many of te don't know is my life story

I was born a rouge, and my mom was named Daisy, i was named lily when i opened my eyes she saw my different color eyes.

Rouges and loners would of murdered me if they had seen my eyes, becuase they belived that it was a sign of weakness.

Afeird for my life, margherita took me away to the west. She came across Stormstar and explained, she ask Stormstar to keep my name.

When i was brought to the camp Bulefire took care of me since she already had Foxkit, when we became apperetices we shared a metor,Wavestorm, but then after two moons of training i became a med. cat, now im Lilybreeze

That's my storie
 Thistletails death!
Thistletails death!
Thistletail watched his clanmates, in the camp. Spottedshadow was arranging patrols, while Mistyflower laid in the shade, her belly was so big! It looked as if she ate a horse!
A black tom walked over to Thistletail, his blue eyes full of pity and sorrow for the young cat. Thistletail had left his clanmates early, but never took his eyes off them since.
"Thistletail, all te do is watch your clanmates, your spirit may have left earth but your loyalty still remains."
Thistletail looked up at the toms blue eyes, "Im honered to be a warrior, Nightstar.........but I dont feel as if I gave enough...
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posted by Mistyflower
Dreampaw leaned over and licked Tanglescar’s ear. He flicked it and looked down at her with warm blue eyes. They were sharing a topo, mouse in the camp.
“Hey, Tanglescar!” Stormstar padded toward the black and arancia, arancio tom.
“Yeah?” Tanglescar turned, but his warm black pelliccia was still pressing against hers.
“I need te to go on a hunting patrol…” Dreampaw didn’t bother listening anymore. She knew Tanglescar was leaving.
“Goodbye,” Dreampaw meowed, and licked his cheek affectionately. He flicked his tail with a bit of happiness and padded out of the camp after Stormstar.


A bit...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Stormstar walks out of her den, her pelliccia bristling and her bloody red eyes filled with furry.
She jumps on highledge and calls the clan together.
One da one, the clan appear. As soon as there all gathered she speaks.
"Cats of Stormclan, as te ALL have heard many new clans have been created since Stormclan, Blazeclan, Summitclan, Pineclan, Cloudclan, and many more! Anything im about to say doesnt concern o involve the clans that were created BEFORE Stormclan!" Stormstar puffs her chest out and continues. "I've noticed that every new clan that has been created after Stormclan, has all members...
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posted by Tigerslily
"I wounder what it looks like" and "what do I look like" was all Lily could think about , so one giorno she opened her eyes for the first time, and all she could see was gray fluff.she wonder if that was all there was so when she flipped over lily was shocked but she loved the green and the blue and red she saw outside of her nest.
She sniffed and knew that fluff was her momma,"Momma"she squeak "wake up" "ugh,im up im up" her mother was a dark gray she-cat named Daisy. "Look I open my eyes" "LOOK! LOOK!" margherita turned over too she her little girls eyes, as she looked into her eyes she was shocked...
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posted by Pennypatch321
Sandpelt had been out of LavaClan for a few days now. She had had a dream about Heatherpaw, and started her trek to StormClan. Kelsey and lupo had come with her for lupo wanted to see Dogtail again and Kelsy wanted to travel with Wolf.

Sandpelt could see the edge of StormClan territory now, and she ran as fast as her legs would take her. She crossed the border and kept running, lupo and Kelsey right behind her. They headed straight for the camp, and once they got their, Sandpelt slowed down a bit and burst through the camp entrance. Some Gatti from StormClan glared at them and hissed, while...
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posted by TalaLeisu
I followed her into the hospital. She hated hospitals. I knew it from the moment they had had to study the dots on her lower stomach oh so many years ago. Soyala didn't like doctors' offices. It was not something I could blame her for. Who would be mad at someone for loathing the places that had made a careful study of her most private parts of life when she was such a young age? But that wasn't something that she would talk about. She was just herself, and that was okay.

But lately she wasn't herself. Lately...lately she had been someone I didn't know. Someone I didn't recognize. Soyala had...
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