Super Mario Bros Mario Games Ideas

heatherXnoah posted on Jan 02, 2009 at 04:56PM
new super mario 2 *
new super mario 3 *
new super mario land *
new super mario world *
*like new super mario bros
super mario ice hockey(could work a lot like strikers)
mario kart double dash for the wii with wifi
can you think of something?

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più di un anno fa SonicSucks said…
Mario has been into space. Where will he go next!?
più di un anno fa Animeboy296 said…
Super Mario shooter game. (jp) How about the remake Super Mario RPG for the wii
più di un anno fa co0ol_boy said…
super mario glaxy for ds or 3ds
più di un anno fa mario63 said…
mario bros x: warts return or luigis mansion 2
più di un anno fa Shadowmarioking said…
an adventure to the future?
più di un anno fa mariobros2401 said…
i have a a idea super mario bros adventure plot is peach gets captured again and has too team up with bowser wario waluigi and the rest of his enimies to deafeat the evil mr L an the evil version of the mushroom kingdom that has lava world snowy mountain virtual land and mr L fairground of mineons inc which is his home base
più di un anno fa ElegantlySoft said…
(To mario63) Nintendo's already making a Luigi's Mansion 2. It's for the 3DS. And as for a game idea, I would love a Super Mario RPG 2. Either Smithy would appear again, or maybe he had a son that would try to continue what his father could not achieve. It could be a daughter though. Maybe there could be more characters, including those that appeared in the first one. (Mario, Bowser, Peach, Geno, and Mallow)Anyone want to help contribute ideas?
più di un anno fa lavalord2012 said…
super mario and sonic take turns in different worlds
più di un anno fa lavalord2012 said…
make super mario games for ipod touch!
più di un anno fa lavalord2012 said…
hey c00l boy your not c00l your weird
più di un anno fa platformhudgame said…
In happy wheels unblocked, what is the total number of the available levels? I'm really curious about that. Anyways, I enjoy playing it on 88kgames because there is no lagging!