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If te know anymore let me know and I can add them.

1. Within Temptation

2. Adastreia

3. Amaranthe

4. Amberian Dawn

5. Haggard

6. Eluveitie (more of a folk metal band)

7. Ancient Bards

8. Sins of thy Beloved

9. Angtoria

10. Arven

11. Aythis

12. Edenbridge

13. Cinnamun Beloved

14. Coronatus

15.Cradle of Filth

16. Crysalys

17. Delain

18 . Dharma

19. Dreamside

20. Dunwich

21. Echos of Eternity

22. Flowing Tears

23. Epica

24. Iced Earth

25. Indica

26. Instanzia

27. Katra

28. Krypteria

29. Lacuna Coil

30. Leaves Eyes

31. Liv Moon

32. Macbeth

33. Magica

34. Mandragora Scream

35. The Moon and the Nightspirit

36. Mortal Amore (this one...
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Most people know that I Amore Within Temptation but I don't think I've really stated why, so I decided to type an articolo on it.

First and foremost, Sharon. I Amore Sharon so much. She just seems like such a lovely person and she's so adorable. And her stage presence is amazing and very energetic. She seems just as excited to be on the stage as we are to be in the crowd. I also really admire the fact that she detto she'd never go nude to break into the American market. Sharon is just the best.

In relation to energetic performances; they are awesome live. I haven't gotten a chance to see them live...
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