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 Official Cover of Mark of athena
Official Cover of Mark of athena
Hi guys!!!! :D
I hope te are well!!!! :D
I have just typed up the whole First Chapter of The Mark of Athena, which was released on the Disney website da Rick Riordan on Friday!!! Enjoy!!!! :D



Until she met the exploding statue, Annabeth thought she was prepared for anything. She'd paced the deck of their flying warship, the Argo II, checking and double-checking the ballistae to make sure they were locked down. She confirmed that the white "We come in peace" flag was flying from the mast. She reviewed the plan with the rest of the crew--and the...
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Annabeth strode off the ship, stepping nervously onto the gorund. Annabeth didn't know if Percy had remembered her o not. What if he met someone else, after all it has been 8 months, she thought worried. She felt Jason stand beside her he was tapping his foot anxiously.
Annabeth scanned the crowd looking for messy black hair, and green eyes. She saw nothing but Romans. Then as if the crowd knew who Annabeth was looking for the Romans stood apart, making a pathway for two people.
The two people were in dark purple togas, they walked slowly as if in slow motion. Finally, after 8 months Annabeth...
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