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Jason and Piper were da the fire. Piper looked deep into Jason's eyes. How did he look so good after going through soooo much? She doubted she looked as good. While she was thinking, she didnt even notice Jason inching inoltrare, avanti until his lips were on hers. Her cuore was thumping so loudly she could barely contain it. She leaned in further but Jason pulled away. "I remembered last night." he said. Giddily, Piper asked, "Remembered what?" He sighed and replied, "That Reyna's my girlfriend." She had planned the talk in jer head where Jason told her he had a girlfriend, but now she had no words. She looked away. "But Pipes I'm not the same man. I'm changed. And now I don't Amore Reyna, I Amore you. I Amore the way te look after a fight and I Amore your braids. I Amore the way te always lean towards me and inch closer to me. I Amore you." Piper smiled and whispered, "Reyna who?"
OK so the yesterday i asked on the club's bacheca if i was to write a fanfic of the son of neptune if anyone would read it. someone replied saying "it depends on how good it is" so i then detto that i will post chapter one as an articolo to see what they think. peple replied saying "cool" and "thats a good idea". so i am posting chapter one to see what te think, if te like it can te please comment, and if te think its good enough, if te think i should post it as a forum.

i dedicated this chapter to wisegurl, TheMagic Word and babbytreegrowth for commenting on my bacheca post!!

The Son of Neptune...
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