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Title: The son of neptune

Rating:Umm something like K

Type:Suspence, Adventure, friendship a bit romance,mystery

Characters: Percy Jackson, Reyna, Bobby, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Piper, Leo some other OC and maybe a bit chars from PJO and of course Mrs.o'leary

Synopsis: this story is about percy In the roman camp it will includ a little of annabeth looking for percy its a bit about nico too

Disclamer:I do not own any of the chars that arent my OC And again i do not own everything!!!

A/N: i dont really have any now so i will right this. please do not write rude comment, if te dont like this A) Correct me and give advices o B) dont write commento at all...
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i looked up from my percy jackson book
yur pretty hard to find detto a softly harsh voice
ewxcuse me? i say angrily and turn around
alll the air is knocked out of me
yur nin n n ni ni i stutter
nico di angelo nico risposte yes yes i am
i faint
single most embarrasing moment ever
when i wake up nico is hunched over me chuckling softly
its not funny i say
well its not every giorno i have fgirls fainting at my feet he says
yu caught me off gaurd thats all i say
imma big fat liar hes absolut;ly gorgeous and REAL
whatever yu sss wait did yu hear that he says
hear what i ask
the bacheca explodes
suddenly i am standing in...
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Hope te like it! :) Please write any comments!


The whole world was spinning at superiore, in alto speed, for what seemed to be a minute. Then it suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes slowly, and immediately regretted it. A sharp dagger like pain erupted in my temples. I quickly closed my eyes. The pain receded.
Then a shocking thought hit me. Where was I . . . and I realized the most terrifying thought of all- Who am I? My eyes shot open again, but I ignored the throbbing pain. That is when I took in my surroundings. I was in an enclosed spazio that looked like the inside of a tent. The ‘ceiling’ and...
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annabeths pov.
it was bright and sunny on the argo 2 that morning. ohh how she longed to see percy what was it 8 months sence stupid hera took him away. what if he does'nt remember me? whoa! what am thinking of course seaweed brain would remember me i mean- piper. she detto as she came out on the deck. leo is making a iris messge for the roman camp. she detto whats my line? leo yelled.piper yelled back . repair boy! varry funny piper! he yelled. we laughed so hard at that. the successivo ora was a blur, she looked out at the sea wait wheres jason? she thought to her self.she looked out ohh there he-...
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Im excited :)