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posted by lovebaltor
ciao everybody! Sheesh it's been awhile since I've written something for this spot. But now that I have a lot più free time, it's time to get down to business. A couple months back, I postato two sondaggi asking what te might be most interested in Leggere from me in the future, and the result was: countdowns, and the topic most voted for was transformations. So today I will be counting down my preferito transformations from the show. I will judge each form that has been included in an aired season da not only how aesthetically pleasing it is, but as well as how useful it was to our preferito fairies, and how unique earning each stage was.

Just a disclaimer that I will not be including all the branch offs of Believix (example: Sophix, Zoomix) as their own transformation o Butterflyix since the seventh season has yet to be released. Also keep in mind that these are my opinions, and it's più than likely te won't agree with everything I say here. That's okay, just keep your disagreements civil, please.

Number 8:


Yup. I think this one would have been pretty obvious. My dislike of the sixth season and it's silly plot was only amplified when the rumors about the very first transformation being based around the shows protagonist: Bloom. As many of te know, Bloom is probably one of my least preferito characters in the cartoon, so it should come to no surprise that when I found this out, I was pissed. She's the sort of character that has been catered to since giorno one, and any sort of empathy I felt towards her in the beginning, has simply evaporated due to the amount of overexposure and overhype she receives within the show. Bloomix was simply the last straw for me.

Although the designs for some of the Winx aren't too terrible, the way they earned Bloomix was a total knock-off of Enchantix. Tell me if this sounds familiar, "[To finish], she must perform a good and courageous act worthy of a fairy." Hmm.
To be quite honest, the way a majority of the group earned it wasn't even very courageous; Layla and Stella simply dodged a monster, Tecna and Musa defeated some più monsters, and Bloom? Jesus, all she did was defeat some più monsters?! I'm starting to see a pattern here. The only person who did something remotely Ribelle - The Brave was Flora, but she just saved her sister again! te guys couldn't even think of another scenario for her to earn a courage based form? Slow-clap em' out.

Bloomix sadly also falls into the category of the less powerful and useful transformation, before the "big one" nearing the end of the season (which in this case would be Mythix). I don't really understand this new trend of having più than one transformation within a single season, but it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon as a secondo form has been confirmed for the upcoming seventh season.

Number 7:


Words cannot even begin to describe how angry I was when I first saw the trailer for season five with that horrible 3D animazione utterly tainting my eyes and mind. The only domanda in my raging head was: Why?

I still never found out the answer to that question, and I think that if I ever did, I doubt that it would even begin to quell the rage that has lingered inside of me for so long.

That's where Sirenix comes in, where all the trash settled at the bottom of the horribly cgi sea. Not only is this transformation the ugliest of the lot (regardless if it's in 2D o 3D) it also started the sinful trend of having the final half of the season be in terrible 3D.

più than half of the fifth season was spent searching for stupid culo stones with clues sung da stupid culo clams so they could earn this ugly culo transformation. What's even going on here? You've got clashing colori on everyone, horrible legging disasters, and wings that look like damn palm leaves. Oh and we cannot forgot about the abominable color change with their hair when they enter the Infinite Ocean. *shudders*

The way this thing looks is probably the biggest reason for my dislike of Sirenix, but the reason why the Winx needed it in the first place is pretty stupid if te really think about it. The girls are suggested to go and find the gems when told that their powers "don't" work underwater. Uh excuse. Did te forget the episode when they went to Black Mud Swamp? Musa gets captured da a giant tartaruga so the girls create air bubbles around themselves, giving Bloom time to teleport in and out of the creatures mouth to save Musa. And what about when they went to Andros? They all had to fight off killer sirene and help save Layla from the Kraken. The Winx didn't seem to have any trouble using their magic there.

There's also that garbage at the end with the Sirenix wish. Although Musa is smart enough not to tamper with the dead, this doesn't stop Layla from reviving her dead cousin, and Bloom practically bringing her older sister back to life--which also bugged the crap out of me. Turns out the incredibly powerful nymph that's been helping Bloom out all this time was never really dead, she was just under a horrible spell cast da the Ancestral Witches.

BULLSHIT. Sirenix is awful end of story.

Number 6:


The only thing that spared this one from being as trashed as Sirenix was is that it at least looked better--the designs, I mean, the 3D modelle are still fucking awful.

But some of it is still really gimmicky. The wands are the biggest sore thumb with this one, and I still don't get why they needed wands--especially the ones they have. Honestly, the wands are just a cheap marketing tool if te ask me, as a whole bunch of other magical girl cartoni animati have had them before (Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Magical Do Re Mi) and it's just an excuse to sell toys.

"Now for only $19.99, te can enter the magical realm of the Legendarium just like the Winx with your very own Mythix wand!"

Ah, I can see it now.

This is also the only transformation to be ENTIRELY in 3D just awful. arcobaleno should have learned its lesson with the fifth season. I mean, did anyone like the crappy cgi? Anyone? If this is their plan to try and make their mostra 'stand out', it's not a very good one. Seriously what's so bad about 2D animazione now? Are kids just so critical now-a-days that they shun and poshly put on an episode of "Barbie's Dream-house" o a recente Disney movie o a Monster High Televisione special if they see a mostra that isn't in 3D? I'm not fully comprehending the fascination with 3D as it's now starting to recede back to when all the big movie producers were using it to make their films look "new" and "innovative", when really it was just cheap and tacky.

However, despite all these issues I have with the transformation, I can't really give that much flack on how it allows the fairy to basically travel into a preferred story from a book. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Number 5:


The only reason I put this so low on the lista (compared to the other transformations from newer seasons) is because of how it looks. Really this is my only reason for liking this one, I can't think of any other reason to like it, save for maybe allowing us to see the homes of several of the girls we had never seen before (like Melody and Zenith).

Despite its main purpose being to help the Winx...swim, I still can't bring myself to hate it as much as Bloomix o Sirenix. The outfits remind me of sirene with the long flowing ends of their skirts. All of the girls look good in it and no one is an exception. Everyone looks so elegant and the colori fit them so well.

However, it is still continuing the whole "everyone earns it at once" trend which isn't too annoying, but it still takes away from the transformation being all that memorable and important--to me, personally. I know a lot of people like this one, and I can see why, but it's also not very useful and it wasn't that much of a challenge for the Winx to get. They had to find a unicorn to get a key. Yaaaay.

Number 4:


Now, lovebaltor--you might be saying to yourself--Believix and Harmonix are pretty similar, why is this one better?

Well good questioning reader, I will tell you.

Believix has più of a, nostalgia vibe for me. Could I say that? Yeah, season four came out awhile ago. Anyways, I remember when not everything was so easily acquired on the internet--at least, not with my primitive dial up, and new information about something te Amore could be genuinely exciting. I found out about the fourth season from fanpop when users were posting pictures of Believix, Sophix, and Lovix. I honestly thought Sophix and Lovix were fan made for the longest time but, nope! They were in the newest season.

So there began my hunt to find all the episodes of season four on YouTube. Now when I first watched it, a majority were in Italian, with a few surprisingly being dubbed da Rai English. With my first bout, I don't think I ever got to see the final few episodes because they weren't released too publicly yet. However I still liked what I saw, as I had an affinity for Roxy and even the main villains. When I had free time last year, I sat down and re-watched the fourth season so I could brush up on it again and re-familiarize with the characters.

And after all of this, it lead me to a greater appreciation of not only the characters, but the transformation (and all of its add ons) as well. Sure Believix was earned da the Winx all at once, but I think the way in which they earned it was better than the route a-la-Harmonix. They had to make a scared, angry, stubborn girl [Roxy] believe not only in magic, but herself, and the girls who were trying to help her. Also, I don't care what everyone else says, I really like the designs for this one. Their wings are awesome and all of them are rockin some awesome platform boots, which is always an A in my book.

Believix was also più useful than Harmonix since the Winx actually used the powers dato to them for practical application. The villains in the fourth season, the wizards of the black circle, are so strong when they are first encountered because the lack of belief the rest of the world has for fairies--especially in Gardenia, where Roxy lives. In order to stop their advance and possibly their retrieval of the last earth fairy, the Winx have to make humans believe in magic again so they can get stronger.

Belief in something is very powerful, and it can help a lot of people during very difficult and trying times in their life. Even though this was a simple acceptance that magic exists, it was still something for the people of that small town to hold unto. We can see in the successivo season that everyone adores the Winx and thanks them constantly for their assistance and what they've done for the community. Heck, even during the fourth season we see little girls dressing up like Flora and Bloom, those two probably being their own little idols and heroes.

This belief was something important and it really helped a lot of people in the end. They saved people; they saved a forest (and this is the approach season five should have taken with their go green incentive. I'll take bad-ass amazon fate over an emo merman any day); and they helped a girl believe in herself, which in turn gave her the confidence to save the earth fairies.

I know a lot of fan don't like this transformation because of the way it looks and because of all its little substitutes, but Believix will always hold a special place in my heart.

Number 3:


Ah now we're getting down to the nitty gritty!

Just a reminder: this is not to be confused with Nick's Charmix--this is the real deal that I grew up with and the one that actually stuck to the real plot of season two.

I know a lot of people don't like this one, because what's the point of dedicating a whole season on earning a new transformation that just gives them a pin and a bag? But we have to factor in its usefulness, and how it was earned, which are both very unique to me.

Let's start with how the Winx earn Charmix. In order for a fairy to gain this secondo stage, they have to come to terms with a fear that is holding them back in their lives o during that specific mission.

As I detto with the concept of belief, it's complete opposite, fear, is also a very strong motivator for how we deal with our lives and what's been thrown at us. What I Amore so much about this little transformation, is how human it allows the girls to appear and act. All of their acceptances are things that we--the viewer--can personally relate to.

Layla's fear was being left alone; Tecna and Flora were afraid of admitting and revealing their feelings; Stella's fear was admitting that she wasn't as tough and composed as she shows everyone around her; Musa's fear was trusting Riven; and Bloom's fear was losing her cool in front of her Friends and boyfriend.

These are all very simple and human emotions that a lot of us deal with everyday. It's difficult to come to terms with what is making us afraid to be the best we can be, and that's why this transformation is so special to me. The girls each found the courage to speak their minds and let their emotions and feelings come out in a natural way, so they could grow as individuals.

Fear can put an iron grip against our will and make our lives come to a complete stand still, but the message here was to not let these things take over who te are. Everyone is strong and deserves a chance to feel free from all the troubles that life can make te feel. Admitting what you're thinking and feeling doesn't have to be negative, and the Winx mostra us this as they're getting their Charmix.

Now let's look at how useful this is.

Despite being so rarely used within the entirety of the season, this small power up allows them to travel into the Underworld, where before it would have zapped all of their powers from them, which in turn allows them to enter Realix. Without the Winx earning their Charmix, Bloom probably would have been Lost to Darkar forever because it was their combined efforts [with Sky] that allowed her to return back to normal.

It also allowed them all to complete reck Darkar which was so satisfying.

Number 2:


What?! Enchantix is in the number two spot?! Blasphemy, blasphemy I say!

Yes, I'm probably the minority when it comes to Enchantix not being my complessivamente, generale preferito transformation, but I just couldn't bring myself to put my number one pick in this spot. However that doesn't mean that I like Enchantix any less.

If te had asked me a couple years fa what my preferito transformation was, it probably would have been Enchantix. Season three was my preferito season for the longest time after I first saw it on 4kids so naturally Enchantix was up there as the best form the Winx have earned as well. But over the years, my appreciation for my number one slowly increased as time went on.

But enough about why Enchantix isn't my number one pick! Now let's go into why it's my second favorite.

First off, every single member of the Winx Club looks beautiful in this transformation (yes even my preferito punching bag Bloom). For me, this is the transformation I turn to when I think of fairies. They have big beautiful wings that shimmer and sprinkle fairy dust wherever they go, their outfits are cute and still keep true to their character, and the color scheme and hair-dos work for all. Everyone looks elegant and graceful, and despite how simple some of their outfits are, it works for all the girls.

Second, the way that they earn their Enchantix is of course, very unique. In order for a fairy to get to this stage they have to save someone from their home world and mostra great sacrifice while doing so. Whereas Charmix allowed the girls to mostra how Ribelle - The Brave they were mentally (when it came to emotions), this allowed them to mostra how Ribelle - The Brave they were physically.

Layla saves the Queen of the sirene da using Ligea's scepter to revive its owner, instead of using the spell to heal her damaged eyesight; Flora saves her little sister from drowning; Musa saves Princess Galatea from burning alive in Alfea's library; Stella saves her father from being mauled and possibly killed da a rogue dragon; and Tecna saves the entire planet of Andros.

The only thing that hinders me from being completely on board with this transformation, and substantially made me put it in this spot on the list, was how Bloom earned her Enchantix. Although some fan might make an argument that Tecna did not earn her's fairly as well, since she did not save someone from her home world, this assumption can be nullified da the idea that closing the Omega portal encompassed the whole universe--for if she had not closed it, it was più than likely that the monsters and criminals that escaped the dimension would have wrecked irreparable damage to all planets within the Magical Dimension, which includes her home Zenith.

Wait--what's with me trying to rationalize Tecna saving an entire planet whereas Bloom just meditated??? I rest my case.

Despite that little hiccup, this is still a transformation I hold dear to me. The spells are cool and I always thought that the bambole Mattel designed for the Enchantix line were the prettiest they ever made (I'm lucky I even have two of them to call my own!).

Number 1:

Magic Winx

I'm pretty sure te guessed da now that this is my number one, cuz te know, the process of elimination and what-not. But yes, my preferito transformation is Magic Winx.

It's più than likely that this one has become my preferito from sheer nostalgia value alone, as it was the first form that I ever saw the Winx in--and seeing Bloom fly da in it during the 4kids opening was what got me interested in the mostra in the first place. But I'm sure that I have più reasons.

Starting with aesthetics, I personally find each of their Winx outfits to be unique and suiting their personalities to a T. I think it would be best if I went down the line:

With Bloom, I can even make an exception for the clashing blue and red here. Her outfit is simple, but the bright colori reflect her bright and cheery personality. I can even think that the blue blinding against her red hair could be a shout out to different colored flames--her red being the cooler, while her outfit is the blazing blue that's too hot [hot damn].

Stella has an obnoxiously sparkly and flashy outfit which is just like her. It's got this half party-chic with half elegant fashionista thing going on, with her shorts allowing her for easy movement and combat while her superiore, in alto is coy and elegant. I Amore the pigtails that she gets as well as those rocking knee-high boots.

Musa has a red dress that's a little più on the sombre side, and it's not as flashy as say Stella's o even Layla's. Because that's what Musa is, she's più chill and relaxed than the other girls. She's the kind of person who just likes to sit back and go where the Musica takes her. She gets little purple headphones during her Winx and I've always thought that those were the coolest things ever.

Flora has a soft rosa dress that resembles the petal of a flower, maybe a rose? I've always thought it was neat that she and Bloom were the only two with those gloves, and with Flora, it made her outfit seem più elegant and delicate--like she is. Her wings look like farfalle (more-so than the other girls) which seems to be a motif with her, and I'm glad that its stuck around because it Suits her perfectly.

Layla has a bright green superiore, in alto and bottom that kind of goes along with Stella's theme. You've got her shorts that mostra off her sporty side, and then te have her più elegant superiore, in alto that can give a shout out to her royal upbringing. This might seem a bit farfetched, but the little looping that connects the two, could be the interlocking of her independent personality juxtaposing between the strict and più austere facade that she would have to put up living in a castle. Just a thought.

Tecna has this awesome bodysuit that looks like something straight out of an old sci-fi show. I've always thought that her little casco was really unique, although that seemed to deter a lot of people from her design. For me it made her stick out from the crowd. Her shoes are awesome too and the heels are all robotic-ish; like the outline of some high-tech machine. Her wings are awesome too, they're like little infinities that can change into an awesome triangolo glider. So cool.

Yeah, I think all the designs that they gave the girls for Winx are fantastic and no one will tell me otherwise.

I'm not really sure how te earn Winx, but I've thought that when a fairy really believes in themselves, is when they earn it. According to the 4kids dub, it's the magic energy that te feel from the mediums that provide your powers. So, for example, with Flora it would be plants and flowers. I personally like to believe that it's a little bit of both, as their is no definitive answer how a fairy earns this transformation.

But since it's the first one earns, it just makes it really special for me. It's like going on vacation to this really awesome location for the first time. te just have this feeling, and this kind of memory and emotion stays with te forever. That's how I think Winx should sound like to most people, although I think that's what fate tend to think of it as. It's their first step to becoming a real fairy.

Magic Winx is the transformation I grew up with and it's sort of an iconic thing for me to see the group in their original outfits. It was the form with the most exposure and all the girls have some really awesome spells to go with it. Just as I came and evolved with the times as I watched Winx, so did the girls as they fought evil and became closer as a group.

Even though I'm practically an adult now and the mostra has gone rather down collina (for me at least), it always brings me this awesome feeling of happiness and belonging--like visiting an old friend--when I sit down to re-watch those moments that made me into the fan that I am today.

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