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Did Jack die of gigantism?

I'm 11 and I Amore Nightmare Before Natale and Tim Burton. I was just wondering how Jack died?
You're not even allowed to be on here if te are 11 years old.
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Bluekait said:
Actually, Jack has no death. Each albero has a holiday craved on them, right? So the citizens HAVE to match the holiday. Jack is a skellington which a skellington is a symbol of Halloween. Like Santa is for Natale and the Easter Bunny is for Easter. te getting me here?
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posted più di un anno fa 
scarfang said:
Jack was actually burned alive.
Sally was cut into pieces(dismemberment)
Shock killed herself
Barrel was drowned
Lock was frozen
Oogie boogie was skinned and left in the ground to rot
Zero was electrocuted
The mayor had his neck broken
And the scientist was poisoned
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posted più di un anno fa 
how do te know
ilovedepp posted più di un anno fa
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