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I dont like how people r all like omg duncan is cheeting on courtney with gwen o omg gwen and duncan r 2gether.I dont think they r ok so wat they hugged in an episode so wat, mall goth and punk have a conection like brother and sister, i mean the guy has pic of courtney under his cuscino i really dout that duncan will dump courtney 4 gwen, i realy think that duncan and gwen r just Friends ok so people can stop the friking gwen and duncan tributes trust me they r not 2gether, eaven gwen detto so on tda after math, so people just give it a break duncan and gwen r just Friends and duncan and courtney r 2gether i this is wat i feel but u know if u feel like o wat ever, u ca think that but this is wat i think so.
out. :)
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The 12 campers chosen for the third season of Total Drama Island step out of the bus, which happens to be a school bus to find a school-yard like place. They're greeted da Chris, Chef Hatchet, and some new interns. "Welcome campers, to the third season of TDI, Total Drama Highschool, TDH! You'll be spending the successivo 8 weeks at this abandoned uh... used-to-be schoolyard!" Chris says, then laughs. He glances around at all the castmates (Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette, Trent, DJ, Owen, Leshawna, Heather, Harold, Geoff, and Justin.), and as he does so, he trie to hide another giggle. "Well,...
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I can't decide if Gwen dumping Trent was a sad moment (because of Gwent fans) o scary (because she gets distrusted in the aftermath).