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Sometime between the thing that happened in the last chapter, (kl is lazy :P) Pharoah made Yusei and all of Neo Domino City and the Satilite. Also, big woot, The people from GX (KL: *cough*).


Yusei: *rides down the strada, via on his duel runner and arrives at Martha's house*

Jack: Yusei? You're back already?

Yusei: Jack--*Jack interupts*

Jack: What is it Yusei?

Yusei: Jack--*jack interupts again*

Jack: Yusei!

yusei: I have come-- (again)

Jack: What?

Yusei: *rolls eyes* Could ya let me finish Jack? >.>

Jack: ok

Yesei: I have come to delever two messages. The first one is : Card Games on Motorcycles...
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It was a bad school giorno for everyone Yugi got beaten to a pulp (Like always),Joey failed another test,Tristan Lost to tè in a dule,Tea Romantically shunned da Yugi,Marik is now antedating there school and Bakura and Yami Bakura were irritated constantly da Marik then got detention because he and Marik were trying to kill each other.The only one who's giorno didn't suck was Seto but he got detention because he swore at a teacher.When the everlasting detention was finally over,Serenity came to get Joey however something to Joey's dismay happened.

"Hello my name is Marik.What's yours young lady?"...
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