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This Principesse Disney foto might contain tutti frutti, torta a strati glassata, glassato la torta di strato, and cupcake.

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Source: Wreck it Ralph 2 trailer
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Source: Wreck it Ralph 2 trailer
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Source: Wreck it Ralph 2 trailer
I am decided to sort DPs to Hogwarts Houses. I'll illustrate this articolo with pictures where each DP best exhibits the traits of house she belongs( Gryffindors do something risky, Hufflepuffs are doing something useful o exhibit frinedliness, Ravenclaws read o explore something, Slytherins are tricking someone o dream about something). Warning: I have some unpopular opinions but I'll try to explain them. This is how I interpretent Hogwarts Houses and their values:
Gryffindors are first of all are brave, courageous, outspoken and risky. They are also often progressive, rebellious, mischievous,...
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Snow White - Princess Vera Wang
I chose this parfume for Snow White because it consists mela, apple notes and mela, apple is a symbol of this character. It also consists Cioccolato and it's another why this parfume fits Snow White so much. I think that frutta and gourmand notes fit her the best because of her warm, sweet, nurturing personality and her culinary skills.
I think that Anna and Su from Mulan II( the princess in yellow) would have this parfume as their preferito too. These three are quite similiar personality-wise.
Other parfumes...
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Okay we've officially finished the countdown so as promised here's the articolo featuring the results! This articolo will not only mostra the results, each scene will include my thoughts, the thoughts of the participants, and there will be comparisons to the last time I did this countdown!

Here we go!

10. Merida crying and saying sorry to her mom
Original placement: none (it wasn't in the last countdown)
I've had mixed commenti about this scene. There were people who detto they thought this scene was sad because Merida thought she Lost her mom forever but then other people detto that Merida should...
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First let me apologize for the pictures. My life is marmellata packed right now and I wanted to get this articolo published seeing as that we are already past gelsomino month. So I used tiffany88's moodboards instead.

Well, it's that time again, now that gelsomino mese has ended to give te my lista of who I think Jasmine's preferito princesses would be. Sorry that it's a little late. As always, I don't profess to be an expert on this. Also, I eventually just ended up posting this because I couldn't really come to a conclusion.

10. Cinderella

Yeah...I think we all saw this one coming. Though it's predictable,...
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Cinderella castello and Wishing Well

I've written many posts about the various attractions in Disney theme parks based around the films I've been watching. Some have been prominent rides such as Snow White's Scary Adventure o Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Others have been obscure areas such as the Fantasia golfing attraction o ephemeral like Bambi's presence in the parks. Some have merely been meet and greets.

Cinderella, however, is a film whose impact on Disney theme parks is huge. It forms, after all, the centre-piece of Disney World itself - Cinderella's Castle; a massive structure visible...
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Since the Princess of the mese is Belle, I figured why not start with Belle's preferito princess list. te can read my old ranking link.

I had an especially rough time placing Jasmine, Tiana, and Aurora. Eventually I went with what I have here. :)

10. Merida

Unfortunately Merida seems to take up a semi-permanent residence in last place for a lot of these princess lists, not unlike her condemnation on fanpop. Belle would have a strong distaste for Merida. Belle is a proud, dignified individual who cares about how she presents herself and Merida would seem callous and sloppy to Belle. Merida...
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Moana's lista is another interesting one because unlike Anna and Snow White I really don't think Moana would care much for the Disney Princesses save for her favorites. Tiana, Jasmine, and Ariel were particularly tough to place and if te have suggestions on how Moana would feel about them, please feel free to share.

11. Aurora

I actually originally was going to group all the classic princesses together in one picture because frankly I don't think Moana would give them the time of day. Aurora and Moana have nothing in common and wouldn't even be remotely interested in each other.

10. Cinderella...
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11. Brave

This revisionist fairytale, while less inspired than average Pixar fare, boasts typical awe-inspiring animazione and flare. The contemporary story of mother-daughter bonding is a step in a new direction, but the main problem is the convoluted execution and the fact that Merida craves adventure but is stuck in a mother-daughter psychodrama.

"I've only seen it once so I don't have too much to say about this one. What I remembered about it is that I loved Merida and really felt connected to her and her mom's relationship. I was invested in their story and wanted it to work out well...
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 Londra Eye Fireworks!
London Eye Fireworks!
Hi guys, since I had done for Natale already, here is their New Year's Eve activities.

1. Cibo Organisers

Once again, Snow White and Tiana will organise the Cibo presentations.

2. New Year's Decoration Themes

Cenerentola will decide on how the the castle's decoration will look like, it will be fabulous!

3. New Year's Dancing

Princess Aurora choreographs the dance with some classical Musica set da famous composers.

4. Sea Life Party

Ariel will invite all of her Friends and her family from the sea, she will ask Sebastian to be the conductor for the orchestra.

5. Games

Belle will organise the games...
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 Different faces, different personalities
Different faces, different personalities
We all Amore Disney princesses, don’t we? So Seasons are also like them, they are really different from each other and each one of them at least has a good trait. I recently developed an interest of Scrivere articoli on Disney princess symbolism. Thanks to the people who viewed my articoli recently and loved them! Hope te all enjoy!
Snow white – Spring
Yes! For me the princesses in spring category are kind, resourceful, pure, obedient, self-reserved, matured and somewhat innocent. I like the Spring people. Traits o qualities tell she’s a spring person. She always likes to keep the room...
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 Natale Carol Style!
Christmas Carol Style!
Hi everyone, since Natale fever is on! Let's write down the suggestions for what the Princesses shall do on the festive season.

1. Baking

Snow White and Tiana would be the chef for this coming Christmas, they would entertain their Friends and visitors alike. Especially, the other Disney Princesses!

2. Cleaning the Castle

Cenerentola and Princess Aurora will clean the castello with the help of the Fairy Godmothers and the Come d’incanto objects from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Decorating The Trees

Ariel has some nice ornaments from the sea, so it would make the Natale albero colourful and vibrant.

4. Writing...
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray