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The only one who's ever known | Driving Lessons

requiem for a dream // closer

The Wedding Crashers || WOMANIZER

Pride&Prejudice ; Something To Believe In

The Terminator compilation

FACE OFF- Lying from te

New Divide - Frodo/Sam

the way I loved te {becoming jane}

Ron/Hermione & Elizabeth/Darcy - Set The fuoco To The Third Bar

Wannabe [Mean Girls]

Wild Child: Freakshow

I Amore te Came Too Late --- 17 Again

Natalie/Keith Ordinary giorno

What If The Storm Ends - The Fellowship

"Marley&Me" Trailer

17 Again: Starting to learn

The corvo - In the Shadows

The Notebook/A walk to remember: Collide

Clare & Henry: Run [the time traveler's wife]

Down With the Sickness --- Enough

breathe me; (MYSTERIOUS SKIN)

Susie Q | first time

I Can't Do This - Anakin Skywalker

Cruel [Clueless, Mean Girls, 10 Things...]

Believe ~ Sarah/Drover

Power of Amore ~ Australia

Time of my Life ~ Drover

I'd Come for te ~ Drover/Sarah

Push // Feeling a moment

Edie Sedgwick // Factory Girl // Until we bleed

Never had a friend like the Joker

District 9: Revenge of the Fallen

Boy Band Megamix - Multifandom

Dead Silence | Who´s The DUMMY?

Twilight : Bella/Edward - The Forever Amore

Midnight Sun || Biology Class -- Edward's POV

Tristan + Isolde Epic Contest

On Fire- Noah/Allie

Troy - Instrumental

Final Destination Trailer

Anastacia- Once Upon a December

Fallen - Frodo/Sam

summer & tom ( 500 days of summer) \\ reverse of shade.

Multi-fandom | Time won't let me go

Darco Malfoy | Everybodys Fool

Gravity - R/hr & H/G

Multi-Fandom | Lavinia

Movie Mistakes

Jamie & Landon: a walk to remember [say (all I need)]

American Beauty // Any Other Name.

Noah & Allie scene....the notebook [EPIC contest]

If Everyone Cared [Multifandom]

"It Still Isnt Over" [Martial Law]

Harry Potter - Stand Up

Aliens In The Attic : They Came From Upstairs; FULL (HD)Trailer

Two for the Road - 1967 - Trailer

Jack/Elizabeth - "Pirate."

Ice Age/Madagascar/Ratatouille - Shake it

Sam/Austin - Hear te Me [EPIC SCENE CONTEST]

Jamie&Landon: Breathe Me

Our Last Night // Noah And Allie

stella, star Wars: Obi Wan VS Darth Vader

Jack & Rose; I Still Remember...

A Beautiful Lie; Repo! The Genetic Opera

Jamie & Landon | Noah & Allie || She Is The Sunlight

What If It Makes You... [Twilight/New Moon]

Dont Think I Dont Think About It --- Allie & Noah

Fix te | New Moon

NEW: Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland trailer

Edward/Bella - Until We Bleed

Wake Up - Little Miss Sunshine

Grace Andrews (the hitcher); Tell me what's the reason.

Mean Girls - Stupid Girls

Marie Antoinette - Girls Just Wanna have fun

Harry Potter - Shattered

Womanizer [Ron Weasley]

Mean Girls - Stupid Girls [PREVIEW]

Jack & Rose - Breathe

Disturbia | No Giving Up Now

letters from the sky // a walk to remember

Philadelphia: Andrew Beckett

Titanic in 5 secondi

Transformers 2 trailer

Transformers trailer

Breathing space; Ten inch hero

What If The Storm Ends [The Little Mermaid]

A Walk to Remember//The Notebook - Everything

Rick & Evie - With Me

The Princess and the Frog: Sneak Peak Scene

I'd come for you; Sam and Mikaela (Transformers, Transformers 2)

The Uninvited, Anna&Alex: Tears of an Angel

Curious Case of Benjamin Button- I wanna see te as te are now

Sarah & Caleb [the covenant]: with me

Superstar - Mean Girls

Harry&Ginny - HBP

Real Life Fairytale // Robert & Giselle (Enchanted)

Step Up VS Step Up 2; Don't Stop

Shia LaBeouf / Megan volpe - She Can Get It

te Belong With Me - A Cenerentola Story

The Notebook || Stripped