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la scelta dei fan: I'm neutral about them
la scelta dei fan: Drizella
la scelta dei fan: Wonderland
la scelta dei fan: Tiana
la scelta dei fan: "Grey" (complexily) villains and Heroes
&# 34; Grey&# 34; (comple- xily) villains...
Mills&# 39; sisters
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HaleyDewit detto …
So, Drizella is basically the only interesting thing about this season. postato ·2 giorni fa
KataraLover commentato…
Drizella is great (Never thought I'd say that) but I prefer Tiana and Alice over her. Gothel is also pretty cool. But yeah, this season really SUCKS! It's a shame because the first six seasons were really good (Minus the Frozen story arc). Season 7 has it's moments and could've worked as it's own spin-off mostra but is relying too much on being similar to season 1 but has none of the charm and is just a cheap imitation that keeps crapping on it. ·2 giorni fa
hatelarxene detto …
Drizella is so deliciously evil, and I Amore it. postato ·11 giorni fa
KataraLover detto …
It's because of episode 3 of season 7 that I'm DONE giving this unnecessary season a chance! *SPOILERS* NO ONE messes with Ana *END OF SPOILERS*! postato un mese fa