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la scelta dei fan: No
la scelta dei fan: He's going to be the Cowboy/Ninja who is torn between which side he'll take! :O
la scelta dei fan: Private and the Winky factory!
la scelta dei fan: private
Their all fat expect Kowalski
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Hijinata detto …
Just an update; I'm rebranding my name so you'll see me around sites as either Hijinata o Owlhana! feel free to hit me up on Deviantart o YouTube! postato ·14 giorni fa
Matchmaker11 detto …
Oh wow, this place takes me back. I remember when I was a dumb little 13 anno old and created my account here. So much has changed since then. I remember giddily drawing fan art for the mostra and now I'm a freshman in college studying Illustration. I know this site isn't very active anymore but this community and this mostra meant a lot to me, especially as my first fandom. I became good Friends with a lot of people here and would Amore to catch up with whoever is still checking in. :) postato un mese fa
Matchmaker11 commentato…
Also if anyone even just wants to talk to me about the show, I would be happy to. Even though I'm not active in the fandom much anymore (mostly because it's hard to find the fandom these days lol) I still adore the mostra and look back at it fondly. un mese fa
SJF_Penguin2 detto …
PoM-related random thoughts dump:

* In a special Comic-Con panel in 2011, King Julien made a call on his "MePhone." But Julien isn't the only one with a MePhone. There is a mobile service called MePhone in the "Sherlock" series.

* I will eat a bag of tortilla chips that says "produced with genetic engineering" and not care. I would not, however, eat a bag of Cheezy Dibbles if Kowalski messed with it. We all have our limits.

* Julien must Amore memes because the word "me" is in it twice. postato un mese fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
* The song Alice sings in "Tangled in the Web" when she inadvertently wins the Internet popularity contest reminds me a little of Michael Jackson's "Bad." Specifically, the sound of Alice's "On the jungle scene / He is the funk machine / When they play that groove / He has got to move" sounds a bit similar to when Jackson sings, "Your butt is mine / Gonna tell te right / Just mostra your face / In broad daylight." un mese fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
* Kid Walla, voiced da Tara Strong, may not be one specific kid but rather the group of kids in "Sting Operation." Wikipedia says the term "walla" means "a sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background." un mese fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
* "Madagascar 2" is mentioned briefly in this funny video, "Sherlock Holmes Sucks at Deduction" (link un mese fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
* In addition to having a female-dominant social system, real ring-tailed lemurs are also active only during daylight hours (so no all-night dance parties). un mese fa