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Arrogance in step, Kowalski enters the zoo after leaving Ester at the park. His "bad boy levels" are increasing, and thoughts of destruction and mad stunts entertain Kowalski's mind.

Kowalski's Thoughts: Maybe I should go "redecorate" the lemure habitat, mostra 'em whose king in this zoo.

At The HQ:
Skipper: PRIVATE!!!! Hurry up!!!
Private: I can't find anything, Skippa!!!

Private scatters Kowalski's equipment everywhere, trying to find something labeled with a drawing of the antidote.

Private's Thoughts: What if I can't find anything to fix Kowalski? Oh dear!

Private trips on something lying on the...
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 Skipper glares at Blowhole.
Skipper glares at Blowhole.
*Kowalski kicks Skipper away from him*
*Skipper punches Kowalski in the face*
Cream:What the heck is going on?!
Private:It's best not to tell te right now
Private:We have to stop them o else they could end up going to another zoo!
Rico:Yeah!Le hurrry!
*Cream,Private,and Rico run to the others*
Marlene:What is going on?!
*Private whispers in Marlene's ear*
Private:Skipper and Kowalski are fighting for Cream,and it's gone TOO far!!!
Marlene:Yes,I can see that!
Cream:Let's hurry,Private!
*holds Private's hand and smiles*
Cream and Private:DR.BLOWHOLE!!!
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