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posted by PsychadelicSkye
~A bucket lista (for those who don't know) is a lista of things te want to do before te die.
~This lista I made is all in FUN
~Not all the things listed are meant to be taken seriously
~Make a lista of your own if te enjoyed this :)

1- Fall in Amore with a werewolf..
2- Write a book about a wizard named Harry Potter and...wait J.K. Rowling already wrote about that...shiz nuggets
3- Write a book about a girl named Bella that falls in Amore with a vampire named Edw- te KNOW WHAT I GIVE UP ON Scrivere A BOOK! ALL THOSE IDEAS ARE TAKEN now im sad
4- Understand algebra
5-Have my own cooking mostra ...even tho im a terrible cook
6- Understand why there is a squirell underwater in spongebob
7- Dress up like Edward scissor-hands for successivo Halloween!
8- Try to not get sued for cutting little girls hair off dressed as Edward scissor hands..
9- Scream "RAWRrrrrr " in public and not have people judge me
10- Develop super powers
11- Meet a platypus
12- Own a platypus
13- Name my platypus Perry
14- Be the first female president of the USA...or Canada..Or China...wait China's a dictatorship...oh più shiz nuggets
15- Claim to be the owner of the phrase "Shiz nugget"
16- Find alien life on another planet
17- Take home the alien and name him Marvin
18- Run in a marathon...(Cheat obviously...ya right like im gonna run the whole thing)
19- Own a line of lingerie....for men WHO detto MEN CANT ROCK SILK
20-Talk to inanimate objects
21- Speak lama, llama latin...pig latin's overrated
22- Grow wings
23- Win a hot dog eating contest...oh I know what you're thinkin ...such pervs
24-Learn how to say- nvwjnjfhnsfvjuhfuinvjnfrewnvinfevniuthgiuwnvknjnvkjwbfrb- correctly
25-Get a reaaaallly tall hat
26- Meet Niall Horan .....naked
27- Learn why girls say"like" like in every like sentence...like yaaa....like thats wut i wanna like do
28- Eat and never become fat
28- Become the Grammer Nazi... JUST SPELL THINGS RIGHT!
29- Be in a movie with Taylor Lautner...shirtless
30- Kill the creator of the bra!!! JK JK they make my boobs look beautiful <3
31- Figure out if a pomodoro is a frutta o a veggie...(if its a frutta does that make ketchup a smoothie?)
32- Figure out who created ()....marry them
33- Have the hugest most epic party in the world!!!!
34- Create a new flavor of ice cream
35- Make a device that will control peoples minds...now make me a sammich woman !!
37- try cow tipping
38- Dress up like a banana and have my Friends chase me around in gorilla Suits
39-Learn to play guitar
40- Visit all the 50 states of the USA
41- get banned from a walmart 200 different ways
42- Have an epic Nerf gun war in the middle of Walmart with a bunch of friends...(that will be one of the reasons why im banned )
43- Become a mega millionaire
44- Own a lama, llama farm
45- Become a hippie with an awesome furgone, van !!! peace and Amore
46- Get an easy button
47- Get a monkey in the mail
48- ship myself in a box overseas
49- Meet a hot foreign dude when I get out of the box
50- tame a shark
51- Get my leg reattached because I realized te cant tame a squalo
52-Join the circus
53- Dress up like waldo and walk around in public
54- Get married
55- Have children
56- Get a divorce
57- Complain abou t my Ex-husband's habits to EVERYONE
58-Get married again
59- Adopt a foreign speaking child
60- Complain to the authorities that my child cant speak english
61- Get rid of my adopted child
62- Spend a night in jail
63- be the starter of the slow-clap applause (like in Film when something applause worthy happens, and 1 person claps kinda slow, and the crowd eventually catches on and soon everyone is clapping lol)
64- Learn to fake cry
65- Live a life as a prostitute for one giorno
66- Meet Ellen Degeneres ( just to give her a BIIIG hug)
67- Dinosaur nuggets? Figure out what the hell that is
68-climb a mountain and throw a bucket of glitter in the air (or whatever te feel like throwing to make it più interesting)...
69-ride a giraffe
70- Make naked snow angels
71-Go up the down escalator
72- write my name real small on the bottom of a bunch of $1 bills and wait to get one back
73-Make up a new word...im thinkin awesome-matic...or
74-When someone I dont like asks me out, i will say “Sorry, I only data ninjas.” Then watch their facial expression...
75- Write complaint letters to places I've never bought anything from just to get free stuff.
76-At a red light, get out of the car and dance in the strada, via briefly then get back in the car before the light turns green again
77- Hug a Hobo
78- Dress up as a ninja for a giorno and give out free hugs to people
79- Dress like a hobo and ask people if they have any pennies, if they reply no, hand them a handful of pennies. it’ll make there giorno
80-Nonchalently enter an elevator and stand facing the back. Get everyone in the elevator to face the back.
81- order a cheeseburger...without cheese
82- Walk around the mall using the lightsaber app from iPhone to battle people. Wait for someone to pull out their iPhone and let the battle begin....
83- In Walmart, tape a walkie-talkie to the back of a Barbie doll and say to random little kids, “I know where te live…”(another reason ill be banned from a walmart )
84- stare at the ceiling. See how many people look up..
85-Wear a Santa hat to school one day, in the middle of April.
86- Call 706-331-3829 and ask for Hannah Montana.(caution: I found this on a bucket lista site and ive never called this number before...but if u do..dont blame me ...)
87- While going up in an elevator count out all the floors in a very annoying loud voice. Everytime the elevator stops scream Ding
88- On an elevator, stand silently and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off.
89- When ordering pizza over the phone, avoid using the word “PIZZA” da any means. If the guy taking the order says it, hang up saying “Please, don’t use that word”.
90-When ordering pizza, pick up the phone and just say: te have 7 days to live. Hang up.
91- Donate $50 to charity
92-Become Friends with my enemies
93-yell at a yard gnome for no reason
94-Go out it public with a moustache(fake obviously)
95- go planking
96-make a viral Youtube video
97-KILL justin bieber
98- KILL justin biebers fan
99-setup a fake fight at the mall
100- dress up like super heros with my Friends and run around in tights recitazione high

OKAAAY weeeell thats it hope te like it <3

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