warning opinions are in this and if te don't like mine well.. don't hate okay te can disagree just don't go crazy. Hi guys today I will talk about my superiore, in alto 5 preferito sonic ships. 5. Tails x Cosmo. okay so lets start of with this one.Ahhh Tailsmo I swear I used to hate te for no reason. (srsly what was wrong with me?!)Well I will admit this one is a little cliche' with the whole alien girl is confused so guy helps her but well cosmo has a low self esteem which well... makes it different is she litteraly think she is just in the way put then tails has detto multiple time "no you're not" and coming from a person with a low confidence level its just beatiful to see in my opinion. also the chaotix episode is pretty funny. 4. Knuckles x Rouge. okay so the reason I like this pairing is because well a long time okay when I was 8 watched an episode of sonic x what episode was it te may ask? it was knuckles and hawk. and if I remember correctly their is one part where rouge just starts flirting with knuckles. well younger me thought this was gross... but it started to grow on me and know I ship it. (don't worry knuxsu pairing I still like te put this one is just better.) 3. Silver x Blaze.Okay so just like knuckouge their is a story with this pairing too. So when I was 6 I think? me and my lil' sis watched some sonic 06 and well we cringed at sonelise but We fell in Amore with silver and blaze especially the good luck charm scene and the scene after silver confronted amy and sonic. AGHH SO GOOD! (lol sorry guys) 2. Sonic x Sally okay all I havd to say is one giorno me and my lil' sis were done watching sonic x we didn't really didn't like amy's personalty in that watched satam fell in Amore with this pairing abd that is it really. 1 Tails x Cream okay I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get commenti like you're a hypocrite because this sonamy but with tails and cream and well you're right. but well this pairing reminded me of Amore I wanted when I was really young but know since I don't really care for Amore that much anymore in real life well I don't know what to say anymore about this pairing I just like it. so what are your preferito pairing? do te think I should use più than okay o so when I begin a sentence tell me down below bye guys.