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Sonic the Hedgehog bacheca

NagisaFurukawa- detto …
Don't quote me on this, but te know how there is gonna be a live action Sonic The Hedgehog Movie? Well i heard there gonna have a Live Action Sonic game based on the movie. Like te know how some Movie have a video game for them. Well don't quote me on this. There may be a live action Sonic Video game based on the Movie i heard. Hope they both do well. I always want Sonic to do well. postato ·28 giorni fa
kicksomebut23 commentato…
yup ·2 giorni fa
NanoWhatever detto …
So... anyone else excited for the upcoming Team Sonic Racing? postato un mese fa
RTS2000 commentato…
I'm thinking it should be good un mese fa
AstralSonic commentato…
I'm looking inoltrare, avanti to it. un mese fa
NanoWhatever commentato…
Indeedyness. Hope someday we get a Sonic Riders 4. ·24 giorni fa
Vulpi detto …
How everyone doing lately? postato ·3 mesi fa
kicksomebut23 commentato…
fine ·2 mesi fa
NagisaFurukawa- commentato…
Fine. Just dealing with hot weather. ·2 mesi fa
NanoWhatever commentato…
I've been adequate. Yourself? un mese fa