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la scelta dei fan: Amy is too clingy and she needs to give Sonic più space...
la scelta dei fan: Sally
la scelta dei fan: Yes
No way
la scelta dei fan: hell no
hell no
yes fuck yes
la scelta dei fan: Silver
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Vulpi detto …
How everyone doing lately? postato ·23 giorni fa
kicksomebut23 commentato…
fine ·6 ore fa
Bratz4life detto …
I Amore Princess Elise. She is very beautiful. I don't care what haters have to say. I wanna cosplay as the Princess someday. I really lobe her dress. So Kawaii. And Super cute. 10/10 Princess Elise Rulez the universe. ;* <3 postato ·26 giorni fa
Legithedgehog detto …
Wow this club barely alive, I'm not surprise. postato ·2 mesi fa
soniczone1 commentato…
Yeah, i can see that. it made me sad that this club is slowly dying down. :'( ·2 mesi fa
NagisaFurukawa- commentato…
Well......than guys help keep it alive. And have più fan unisciti the club. And be active in it. ·2 mesi fa
Legithedgehog commentato…
Don't tell me what to do cause I'm not helping, te guys on your own. ·2 mesi fa
Bratz4life commentato…
te are very rude. @Legit Nobody was telling te what to do. get over it. And grow up dude. Stop being an annoying baby. It's so uncool. _-_ ·26 giorni fa