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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·23 ore fa
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Song: link

Sean: *Sitting on his front porch*
Sonic: *Arrives in his Austin Healey*
Sean: *Watching Sonic walk towards him* What can I do for te cousin?
Sonic: I thought you'd like to hang out. te killed Eggman, and brought peace to Mobius.
Sean: What about Shadow?
Sonic: He's actually okay with Eggman's death. He doesn't give a damn.
Sean: ciao if te want to watch a movie, I got a few new films on Blu-ray.
Sonic: Sure. Let's see what te got.

Later on, Tails and Cream were hanging out with each other.

Cream: What are te going to do with your money?
Tails: I'm going to use most of the 65 grand to invest in some submarine equipment. Did I tell te I was working on the vipera, viper that Knuckles gave me?
Cream: Now te did.
Tails: What are te going to do with your money?
Cream: I'm going to save it. I don't really need a whole lot for the time being.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·8 giorni fa
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It was dark now. Most of the races were finished. Tails won the roadster class, Cream won in the muscle car class, Julie-Su won in the sedan class, and Rotor won in the pick up truck class. Now it was time to have Sean go against Eggman.

Eggman: I'm surprised that car can even hit 200.
Sean: With te behind the wheel of that Audi, I'm surprised te can even hit 100.
Rouge: *Aiming at Eggman* Let's get his hopes up. I want him to die happy.
Race Official: *Turns the light green*
Sean: *Floors it. His car is side da side with Eggman's*
Rouge: This is so close, and yet....*Fires a bullet*

Despite aiming at Eggman, Rouge missed. The wind made her shot hit Sean's window.

Sean: Whoa! *Brakes*
Race Officials: *Running out onto the track*
Rouge: Oh dear, I gotta get outta here. *Takes the fucile with her as she goes to her car*
Race Official: te alright?
Sean: Someone shot my window.
Eggman: *Going to the trophy to take it, and the $65,000*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·11 giorni fa
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Amy was going against Knuckles.

Knuckles: Time for my Acura to win again.
Amy: *Watches the light turn green, and takes off*
Knuckles: *Distracted* Oh shit! *Floors it*
Amy: *Crosses the finish line*
Knuckles: Dammit.
Tails: Aw man. Knuckles lost.
Sean: Looks like I get to race Amy.
Sonic: Beat her for me.
Sean: Sure.

After half an hour, Sean was up, against Amy.

Sean: Time to mostra that Corvette's are superior to Ferrari's.
Amy: *Watching the lights*

As soon as it turned green, they were both off.

Shadow: Looks like you'll have to go on superiore, in alto of the crowd stands after all.
Rouge: I'm on it. *Grabs the rifle, and flies away*
Shadow: He won.
Eggman: I'll beat him, and I know te won't have any trouble winning the rest of your races.
Shadow: I only have to win three più races.
Rouge: *Laying down on the roof* I can't believe Eggman actually trusts me with this. Wait a second. Instead of helpin' him cheat, I can shoot him, then if Shadow tries to stop me, I can use this fucile to stop him. I'm gonna wait till he goes against Sean. This'll...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·17 giorni fa
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Rouge pulled into the drag strip, and stopped her car successivo to Eggman's.

Eggman: It's about time, where have te been?!
Shadow: Her car's a piece of shit Doc. Where do te think she was?
Rouge: My car is very sexy, thank te very much. It is not a piece of shit.
Shadow: te can't even get past 60 miles an hour!
Rouge: I at least got your supplies for te to cheat.
Eggman: Good. Quickly refill Shadow's nitrous tank before it's too late.

They covered the engine with a tarp so no one could see what they were doing.

Announcer: The superiore, in alto eliminator for the roadster class will be decided after this final race. It's Sonic The Hedgehog in a 1963 Austin Healey versus Miles Prower, aka Tails, in a 1958 BMW 507.
Sonic: *Sighs* My least preferito part of this contest.
Tails: May the best driver win.
Sonic: That's probably going to be you. *Chuckles* Good luck.

The light turned green, and both cars were off.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·17 giorni fa
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Rouge got the supplies that Eggman requested.

Rouge: *Gets into her car* I got a rifle, più nitrous for Shadow, now it's time to head to the track. *Turns the key, but the engine won't start. She begins to masturbate* Oh yeah! *Turns the key, and continues masturbating*

Meanwhile at the drag strip.

Eggman: *Looking at his watch* She should be here in five minutes.
Shadow: I'm lucky that all the cars I've been going against are slower.
Eggman: I hope I can at least get Rouge to shoot out Sean's tires, if his Corvette can go against my R8.
Knuckles: *Racing Silver*
Silver: *Losing* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Knuckles: *Wins the race*
Crowd: Yeah!!!!
Genji: Hooray for Knuckles!
Crowd: *Stares at Genji*
Genji: What?

Suddenly, a commercial started

Announcer: Introducing the newest car from Acura, the Genji. His mask looks just like the front end of all of our cars.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·26 giorni fa
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Sally Acorn was going up against Cream The Rabbit, in her 1956 Bel Air.

Sonic: I haven't seen Sal's Roadrunner in a long time.
Tails: I wish she didn't have to go against Cream. It's not easy to choose upon Friends when it comes to challenges.
Sonic: Yeah, both our girlfriends, going head to head. At least one of them will win when this is over.

The light turned green, and both cars took off. Sally had better acceleration, but Cream won with her Chevy.

Cream: Yay!
Tails: Alright!
Sonic: Your clever ingenuity has worked again buddy.
Rotor: I could have sworn I'd do better than Tails.
Sally: Better luck successivo time Rotor. Tails is a tough egg to crack. He's the best mechanic in Mobius, without a doubt.
Rotor: Nothing wrong with being secondo best, I guess. Wish me luck. *Gets into his lincoln Mark LT*
Sonic: A lincoln pick up truck?
Sean: Rotor has class.
Knuckles: Who's he going against?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Tails drove back to the rest of his friends. They saw him win his first race against a Toyota 2000GT.

Tails: Did te guys see that?!
Sonic: I sure did, well done buddy.
Knuckles: successivo up is Shadow. He's going against another car with a hemi, a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.
Shadow: *Pushes his car to the starting line*
arancia, arancio Bunny: *Admiring his arancia, arancio roadrunner* So, you're Shadow The Hedgehog.
Shadow: And you're some bunny covered in fanta soda.
arancia, arancio Bunny: Were te expecting a real roadrunner to drive my car?
Shadow: I'm expecting te to lose since I have più horsepower.
Eggman: *Watching Shadow get into his car*
Rouge: *Watching Shadow with a smile* I'm next, so hopefully he won't be able to find me.
arancia, arancio Bunny: *Starts his car, and revs the engine*
Shadow: *Starts his car, but hears the engine* Wait, that's not a hemi! Fuck if I get out of my car now, I'll be disqualified! Only one way I can beat this turkey.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Along with Sonic, his cousin, his friends, The Chaotix, Eggman, and Shadow, there were a few others involved in the drag racing. Julie-Su was using a brand new Cadillac CTS for the Sedan Class. Sally Acorn was using a 1975 Plymouth Roadrunner for the Muscle Car Class. Bunnie Rabbot was using a 2005 Ford F150 for the pick up truck class, and Antoine had a Subaru Brat, also being used for the pick up truck class. There were lots of other racers including...

Sonic: Rouge?
Knuckles: What are te doing here?
Rouge: I entered the muscle car class.
Sean: te don't even have a V8 in there. Let alone, enough horsepower to race any of the cars here.
Tails: Even Antoine has enough power in his car.
Rouge: Maybe te could help me?
Tails: I'm gonna be racing soon.
Sonic: Good luck Tails.
Tails: Thanks. *Goes to the starting line in his car*
Sean: Why are te even here Rouge?
Rouge: The same reason as the rest of you. I'm here to win 65 grand.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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The big giorno came when the contest was beginning at the drag strip. Over 500 Mobians arrived with modified cars. Some were custom built, a few of them being replicas of older cars.

Silver: *Arrives in his Huracan*
Sonic: Alright, Silver's here!
Silver: *Steps out of his car* ciao guys.
Tails: Hey.
Knuckles: te better watch yourself when I come towards te in my NSX.
Silver: più like CSX, because te keep crashing! *Laughing*
Knuckles: *Angry* I've never crashed!
Silver: Okay buddy, anything te say. *Looks at Tails' BMW* Don't te think te could have gone for something faster?
Tails: The 507 is the only car I got. Besides, there are different categories.
Sean: There's the roadster class which Tails, and Sonic are competing in. te Silver are in the Super Car class with Knuckles, and me. There's a few other categories, but I'm not gonna go into detail about that.
Knuckles: You're not entering your Corvette in the muscle car class?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Two trucks stopped at an AUDI dealership. Eggman, and five Nazis stepped out. They all had MP40's.

Citizens: *Running away from Eggman, and his comrades*
AUDI Dealer: Hello. What can I do for - *Gets grabbed da Eggman, and thrown through a window* -you!!!!!!! *Lands on superiore, in alto of a truck* I hate my job.
Eggman: *Gets into the R8, and drives away*
Squirrel: Someone call the-
Nazi: *Shoots him*
Squirrel: *Falls onto the ground* -cops.

Eggman ha rubato, stola the Audi, successfully.

Eggman: *Admiring his stolen car on a golden carlift* It's incredible. With the upgrades I make, I will defeat Sonic in his convertible!

Speaking of upgrades, Sean was doing the same thing with his Corvette.

Sean: Thanks to the extra horsepower, I should be able to go faster. Instead of 185, I changed the superiore, in alto speed to 223.
Sonic: That's a lot.
Sean: te know te can make some upgrades too. Your car is lighter than mine, so te should have an easier time going faster with the upgrades te make.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Eggman was on his laptop. He was looking at a big lista of fast cars.

Eggman: Hm, what do I want? *Looking at a lista of fast cars* Lamborghini, Porsche, ooh, perfect. An Audi. The perfect car for a person like me. I Amore to run people off the road, and tailgate others for no reason while going over the speed limit.
Announcer: Audi. Arrogant, Uncaring, Dumb, Idiot.
Man 85: *Pushes a Cadillac off the road* That's what te get for following the speed limit!
Announcer: The perfect car for douchebags.
Eggman: I found it's location, seven miles from here. Let's steal it.
Decoe: Doctor, are te sure that's a good idea?
Eggman: Of course I am! Let's move!

Over at Sonic's place, Sonic was with Tails, Sean, and Knuckles.

Knuckles: *Showing everyone his new car* Hm, what do te think?
Sean: The Acura's nice, but I am going to miss your Viper.
Tails: That's why he sold it to me.
Sonic: What for?
Tails: A spare car, in case my BMW goes faulty. Plus, I want to experiment with it, and see if I can make it transform into a submarine.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Sonic watched everyone leave after the song was finished. Then someone from the FCC arrived.

Sonic: Oh no. What do te want?
FCC Man 43: te need più songs.
Sonic: What for?
FCC Man 13: Because we detto so. We control everything whether te like it o not.
Eggman: *Aiming his fucile at Sonic* I got te now. If I'm lucky, I could also kill one of those FCC bastards.
Decoe: *Arrives with a tray carrying Dr. Pepper* Doctor Eggman, I am here with the Dr. Pepper that te requested.
Eggman: I didn't request that! *Fires a bullet* Shit, te made me miss!

But the bullet hit both FCC members, and they were dead.

Sonic: Phew, thank goodness. Now this sequel doesn't have to be a musical anymore. Time to take my convertibile, convertible out for a spin.
Bocoe: If te would stop shouting at us, perhaps te could still have a chance at killing Sonic.
Eggman: Oh, right! *Grabs his rifle* Where did he go?
Sonic: *Driving away in his Austin Healey*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted un mese fa
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Song (Start at 0:09): link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog fan Fiction

Life In The Fast Lane 2

Sonic: *Walks out of his house, and sings* Why the hell are we in a sequel? The fact that we have to sing is not cool. I'd rather be driving my Austin Healey. But no I gotta sing, gee!
Others: *Walking out of their houses, and going towards Sonic* Oh, no! I gotta sing in a musical! Oh, no! Why are we all here? Cause I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical! Yeah I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical!
Eggman: *Aiming a Kar98k at Sonic with a scope* Yes, Tails has arrived with Sean and Knuckles.
Decoe: Would te like some Dr. Pepper, Doctor?
Bocoe: o how about some Pepsi Cola?
Eggman: *Loses his temper, then turns around to face his robots. He begins to sing angrily towards them* ciao te shut the fuck up for just one second! I gotta kill Sonic and his buddy Tails. It would be nice if I could kill his cousin too....
Fan fiction by lightning1984 posted ·7 mesi fa
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time 20;51 at night n data 12/04/2018
sigh 6 long years alone again since
he last seen sonic n the others
right now CHRIS add runaway from home
flashback a few days since sonic n the others add
retune to their home planet Mobius
CHRIS is grandpa da accident come a attraversare, croce
plans from gun somehow they add found out
that CHRIS add merge some of the
7 chaos emeralds power into his human body n now they are after CHRIS for testing
CHUCK add crated a inhibitor ring like
shadow as but to hide the energy from gun
but it will not take them long to find him
a few weeks add past no sign of gun oh they were very WORNG gun add attack the
THORNDYKE mansion both CHRIS
mother n father was shoot dead a long with his grandpa ELLA the family cook at the time was with CHRIS in a save house a underground
bunker under the mansion end of flashback
Opinion by BlueKittypower posted ·9 mesi fa
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I am a Amy Rose fan so I like Amy but some of te other Amy Rose fan need to stop fighting with the Sally fans!! If te read my Sally Acorn rant te know I don't hate Sally but her fan do some dissipating things and are big hipercits and start the drama two. From what I know some Amy fan stated it but that dose not give some of the Sally fan a right to treat people like crap. Amy Rose fan need to stop two it's getting vary old and gives other Amy fan a bad rap so quit and grown up te big stupied babys!!!!! If te could sposta on and let people ship Sonic with Sally then all will be good.
Opinion by BlueKittypower posted ·9 mesi fa
fan of it?
Just to start I do not hate Sally at all she is an ok character and not all her fan are like this. Anyway I am tried of her fan being hipercits and getting way with treating people like crap. ( Might have spelled hipercits wrong.) People make jokes about Sally they get pissed off so easy but if it's Amy o another character it's ok to them because Sally is their preferito and te can't make jokes about her for fun. Guys Sally is not real her feelings can't get hurt and people do not need to like her. I like Amy but I don't forces people to like her because Amy is not real. Yes their are Amy fan brats but Sally has them two. I am tried of te guys recitazione te guys don't start drama because te do. If Sally was real and nube, nuvola see how some of te act she would be disported in te guys. Like I detto I don't hate her I just am tried of her fan treating people like shit.
Fan fiction by lightning114 posted ·11 mesi fa
fan of it?
in a new different timeline n different damnation
Naruto -UZUMAKI age 12
sat under a albero in the shade as he sigh
time 14;25 n data 28/11/2017
Naruto add 5 moths to train for the 2thd EXEAM
the copy cat ninja
was too busy to train him in fact he was
Naruto at to train alone again
huh what this dark arancia, arancio ring size box
thought Naruto as he open it inside
was a clear bubble shape drink bottle full of
ice blue immortality water
Naruto read the note who ever drinks this in
the clear bubble drink bottle he o she
become ageless-immortal very powerful
MERNAGA permeant but don't worry
he o she still have there legs but no longer were shoves but there clothing are design for them
to be on land in water o in spazio
that right the ability to breath on land n
underwater o in spazio all so he o she
Opinion by BlueKittypower posted più di un anno fa
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Before some of te guys get mad and live hate comments. I like Blaze and I know not all of te Blaze fan's are like this. Anyway I have seen Blaze being sexualized all over the internment. te would think it would be Rouge getting sexualized right well no it Blaze then Amy is close second. I am fine with people sexualized any character's they wish but their is a point ware it gets creepy. da creepy I mean when te say te like Blaze because she can kick butt then a Blaze fan Boy decides to talk to te about how hot she is and it get's wired fast. Also I have seen a person who dislikes her and her fan boys go ape over their fucking hot crush and telling person to kill them self's. It not right te guys act like that over someone opinion of not likening her. Why do te guys make her act like Rouge o Amy a lot in your fan art? Rouge has been voted to be the hot's Sonic character like over 10 times in sondaggi from what I have seen. So I don't understand it. I can say in my own opinion that they are not the worst part of this fandom it's the SonAmy and SonAlly fan that are the worst part then Blaze fan boys are.
List by BlueKittypower posted più di un anno fa
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1 fan
Hello this this is my first Sonic articolo I am making for fun. I hope te all enjoy my superiore, in alto ten list. :)

10: Sonic
9: Tikal
8: Tails
7: Rouge
6: Shadow
5: Chip
4: Knuckles
3: Blaze
2: Sliver
1: Amy

I am planing on makeing my superiore, in alto ten favortie Sonic games for my successivo lista and sometime two I have articolo plan on makeing that I wont tell te guys about it yet.Oh and feel free to coment what your favortie Sonic character's are. I would Amore two know some other's opionons. See ya guys later! ;)

Fan fiction by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
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1 fan
Okay this is a really dumb thing I made in school.Here te go.Something strange happens when Cani bark.everyone DIES and everyone gets transported inside a pencil sharpener.then te eat buttersctotch cinnamon pie with a goat, a blue hedgehog, and a blue jackal.Then te talk about memes like gotta go fest, original character dougnhnut steal,and Hey! listen!While playing legend of zelda breath of the wild.Then te realize te were drunk and te start burning things for no reason.Anti tails comes and stabs te in the back since he is a creepy little cuss.Thats it really,I think I failed though..
Opinion by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Alrighty so da the title.I am just going to say one thing and one thing only.WHAT COULD PAWSIBLY GO FUCKING WRONG?! (okay sorry)Okay so here is a couple things I wanna say. 1. the reason this took so long is.I want the best for the fans.also because of school.2 I may start posting. The Problem on qoutev.Okay know that is outta of the way.Letsa go!okay so people are proubably wondering.BAWW GFDCCF WHY U PUTZ BUBSFGETY IN THE TITLEZZZ HESA A SAWNIC RIPOGFFGGF!!!!well to bad cry me a fucking dandy river and I'll drink your tears.Okay so this contains sonic 06 and the whole bubsy franchise is because.The get WAY to much hate.I mean sonic 06 has diled down..but when was the last time te heard.Oh I LOVE!! the Bubsy franchise!!! No.Well maybe. Okay I am gonna make this clear.I don't particular CARE for Busbsy that much. he in my opinion is a lil bit annoying! his games while not the worst could USE some important. Luckily the new bubsy game is not gonna be developed da the same creator.So he could possibley be good. which in my opinion is good.Also YES I will admit bubsy was just a sonic and mario ripoof and that mostra he stared in sucked.BUT and this is a big but.Is he really that bad?I...
Opinion by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Okay so before we begin I am going to say something.This articolo is not to make te like this character this just my take and opinion on it.Also if te don't like the sonic comics then.Just fuck off don't cagna about it in the comments.Well te know unless te want to read and te don't like the sonic comics and just want too read this just don't whine in the commento about it okay?Also my vocabulary is like a sailor's so yeah another warning so lets get to it.Ah fiona the fox! wait? te don't know who fiona is well she is a character from the comics and she started out pretty great till Ian Flynn had the idea to make her evil.Which well isn't a bad idea but it could've been better than how he did it.But gfdcf! the comics are canceled why are te talkin- Just shutup there are gone but no forgotten. Okay so the problem is not about fiona turning evil its only like 2 percent o something.Okay so there is on scene in the comic where she is fighting amy she goes with scourge te know that comic.Well she slapped tails.Well people didn't like that.Me included.Just so te know I really do like fiona.But I won't justify her for this it was just a asshole sposta of her but there are many more...
Opinion by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Okay so who is tougher than leather and don't chuckle like sonic? well if te guessed knuckles!! =D well you're correct... here have a lollipop o somfin...g-go home!Alrighty okay as the titolo detto we are gonna talk about knuckles also I feel like I have to say something so I kinda suck at sending messages and talking to people so first of all I may not send letters but te guys are still my Friends so don't worry also like I detto I suck at talking in real life and online.Wait When te send letters to people online do te feel like you're sending letters to your villagers in animal crossing? Okay back to the point! So what is the problem about knuckles te may ask? well just hear me out okay?So knuckles he is a pretty cool dude am I right? don't y'all remember when He was first introduced in sonic 3 ahh good memories. Well like I detto don't te remember in Sonic 3 he PUNCHED THE LIVIN' CHAOS EMERALDS OUT OF SONIC!!!!! (okay sorry bout' that) yeah he used to be really cool. He even used to be sonic's rival until metal sonic and shadow.He used to be tooken seriously.But know of days he just well isn't... and its kinda sad...I mean like I detto "punched the living chaos emeralds out...
Opinion by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Welp time to get some crazy fangirls to hate me and wish death upon me. I don't really like shadow that much I mean he is cool but he would be one of my preferiti if it wasn't for this.So te know sonic adventure two right everbody loves it.Also a new character was intreduced at the time when it was released and that character was shadow.I will admit this guy was pretty much a badass in that game but there is one part that I Amore in this game beside faker and I'm just a hedgehog who loves was when shadow sacrifice his self. that was a beautiful moment almost made me cried when I watched it on youtube.But te know what else happened some of shadow's fan weren't to happy about that and right.Then sonic Heroes got released and for some reason shadow was in it even though he died and since then he has become worse of a character.Well atleast for me maybe he hasn't to you.Wait here is a domanda te know e102 gama and cosmo what is one thing te remember about them both? they sacrificed themselves just like shadow for the greater good.But here is a difference between them they stayed dead.Okay it may be implyed that cosmo is that plant that tails has but sega has never...
Opinion by gfdcf posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
warning opinions are in this and if te don't like mine well.. don't hate okay te can disagree just don't go crazy. Hi guys today I will talk about my superiore, in alto 5 preferito sonic ships. 5. Tails x Cosmo. okay so lets start of with this one.Ahhh Tailsmo I swear I used to hate te for no reason. (srsly what was wrong with me?!)Well I will admit this one is a little cliche' with the whole alien girl is confused so guy helps her but well cosmo has a low self esteem which well... makes it different is she litteraly think she is just in the way put then tails has detto multiple time "no you're not" and coming from a person with a low confidence level its just beatiful to see in my opinion. also the chaotix episode is pretty funny. 4. Knuckles x Rouge. okay so the reason I like this pairing is because well a long time okay when I was 8 watched an episode of sonic x what episode was it te may ask? it was knuckles and hawk. and if I remember correctly their is one part where rouge just starts flirting with knuckles. well younger me thought this was...