Okay so who is tougher than leather and don't chuckle like sonic? well if te guessed knuckles!! =D well you're correct... here have a lollipop o somfin...g-go home!Alrighty okay as the titolo detto we are gonna talk about knuckles also I feel like I have to say something so I kinda suck at sending messages and talking to people so first of all I may not send letters but te guys are still my Friends so don't worry also like I detto I suck at talking in real life and online.Wait When te send letters to people online do te feel like you're sending letters to your villagers in animal crossing? Okay back to the point! So what is the problem about knuckles te may ask? well just hear me out okay?So knuckles he is a pretty cool dude am I right? don't y'all remember when He was first introduced in sonic 3 ahh good memories. Well like I detto don't te remember in Sonic 3 he PUNCHED THE LIVIN' CHAOS EMERALDS OUT OF SONIC!!!!! (okay sorry bout' that) yeah he used to be really cool. He even used to be sonic's rival until metal sonic and shadow.He used to be tooken seriously.But know of days he just well isn't... and its kinda sad...I mean like I detto "punched the living chaos emeralds out of sonic."Boom isn't really helping either I mean he is just stupid know.I mean I'm not saying he needs to be serious all the time.Heck my preferito take on knuckles is sonic x and I even wish this was the knuckles sega used. (also but rouge) but all I'm saying is make knuckles cool again. Okay guys thanks for Leggere all of this. If te agree with any of this? Well I dunno but it in the comments?