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PrueFever mi ha dato omaggio per my answers
Any chance I could get te to vote and maybe leave a commento in this Disney sondaggio I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and commento and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) postato più di un anno fa
big smile
Kiathelioness detto …
Hi! Add me back pls and visit my new club: link postato più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna commentato…
sure thing!! will do x nice to meet chu :) più di un anno fa
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Hi everybody

As some of te have realised I haven't been that active
Well its because............Im NOT leaving fanpop, im just going to take a break!
I ♡ all of you!!! Im truly sorry
I will not be online this week..
I promise you, I am not leaving fanpop!!!! :'( I am just as sad as te but I will try to come online! If i have upset te please forgive me!!!! I will try my best to be online:)
Hopefully, very very soon I will be able to come online everyday like before ;) postato più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna commentato…
Im very very very very very very sorry!!! più di un anno fa
BelleRose829 commentato…
Yay! I'm glad you'll be coming back soon! più di un anno fa
MalloMar commentato…
It's okay. It'll be nice to see te on più often. più di un anno fa
cruella mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
If you'd like to read my story and tell me what te think of it I'd really appreciate it. I haven't gotta many commenti yet.

link postato più di un anno fa
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Can te please click the link and read it postato più di un anno fa
connor3 commentato…
I'm actually happy there are no plans for sequel. più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna commentato…
same più di un anno fa
Emmalou13 mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
te are CUTE !♥♪
♥♪You are COOL !♥♪
♥♪You are GREAT !♥♪
♥♪You are SWEET !♥♪
♥♪You are BRIGHT !♥♪
♥♪You are PRETTY !♥♪
♥♪You are CARING !♥♪
♥♪You are AMAZING !♥♪
♥♪You are AWESOME !♥♪
♥♪You are FLAWLESS !♥♪
♥♪You are BEAUTIFUL !♥♪
♥♪You are WONDERFUL !♥♪ postato più di un anno fa
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I feel exactly like anna and broken

This boy pretended to be in Amore with me and i fell for it and he was using me and it took away me and my bff now shes shutting me out :( and i think ive found my kristoff hes always helping me out in difficult situations i just need my best friend to talk to me
I feel so broken and betrayed postato più di un anno fa
LibelluleBleu commentato…
Aww I'm sorry :( There's a lot of asshole in this world, but I'm happy te found your Kristoff più di un anno fa
Tygers_Eye commentato…
I'm sorry, if that's not what te wanted o needed to read right now, te can discard what I just wrote and hate on me all te want. I understand. I just feel so much for te (I've been there. Again, my first Amore strung me along for nearly a anno for sex then started dating the Amore of his life two weeks after I stopped answering his texts), but I just don't want te to get hurt o disappointed again. =( più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna commentato…
Thats ok dw your commento was really sweet and like Adele detto what doesnt kill te makes te stronger :} thankyou for sharing all of that to me your a great friend più di un anno fa
big smile
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My favourite princess is a tie beteween........

*drum roll*

Rapunzel and Anna :) postato più di un anno fa
MalloMar commentato…
XD No kidding. più di un anno fa
coolsinger198 commentato…
I knew that already XD! più di un anno fa
fanlovver commentato…
I Amore both! più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
Theres rigging going on!!
Look at the sondaggio which Disney princess is your favourite! Elsa got 9votes meanwhile 10 princesses are wayy behind and in the which princess is your least favourite Elsa got 33 votes!! :S xD thanks for Leggere Amore ya xx oh yehh da the way if any of te were rigging o know whos rigging please message me so i can get to the bottom of this! It needs to stop its really annoying and confusing!! postato più di un anno fa
324anna commentato…
Well, it is already annoying and confusing. I didn't notice anything, I'll go and check out the sondaggi now. più di un anno fa
Alisha25 detto …
Hi how are you? postato più di un anno fa
RapunzelAnna commentato…
im good thx! how are you? XOX più di un anno fa