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posted by DefineDelicate

GIUSEPPE; What do te mean, you're not going back(to university)?
DAMON; I would have thought even te could understand such a simple sentence, father. Shall I repeat it in Latin for you?
GIUSEPPE; te are telling me that I... will have to face my Friends knowing my son is a... an idler?
DAMON; Apparently. If te can call those who cerbiatto, fawn on te in the hopes that te will lend them money your friends.

(mocking Stefan on the subject of Elena)
DAMON; I only did it because I wanted to be close to you. Brothers should be close.

(throwing a albero out of a forest in a wild display of...
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posted by merzycullen
Ok, I just wanted to do this because apperently people were confused with Damon and the fact that he has, in fact Changed.

Let’s start to say that I am an obvious Damon fan and if dato the choice I would have chosen Damon in a heartbeat even thought I Amore Stefan.

In first episode of the series, we are introduced to damon as a spychopathic serial killer with no remorse what-so-ever. We thought that was it of his story. We were sure that that was 100% him, because of the fact that Stefan was SUPER sure about this. Can’t blame us, most of the first season was Stefan’s Point of view.

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