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CheetahGirl5147 posted on Jun 20, 2015 at 02:58AM
Post your question for Dash down below and Dash will answer it.
 Post your domanda for Dash down below and Dash will answer it.
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più di un anno fa CheetahGirl5147 said…
And by the way, this was inspired from Ask CheetahGirl
più di un anno fa ameliarose2002 said…
Amelia: I have two questions. 1, what is you fastest pace speed? And 2, if you could change anything about anything, what would it be?
più di un anno fa CheetahGirl5147 said…
Dash: Well, I know that I'm really fast, but I'm just as fast as Sonic. But I dunno, animals don't have a good sense of- stuff :3
Dash: Well, maybe, I would change it so that I was a bit stronger. But, we can't have everything, can we? And plus, CheetahGirl is already too OP. (Over powered)
Me: >_>