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"Hades, te have got to listen to me! He is up there, and.. and.. I want my revenge!" the man pleaded at the Lord of the Underworld.

The Dark Lord tapped his chin as if he was in thought, "Well, te see," he spoke, "You sold your soul to your little 'friends' and now te are here. I own you. What are te going to do for me, if I grant your little desire?"

The begging man looked around the dreary room to think of an idea on the spot. "I sold my soul, what is out there that te could possibly want more?!"

Hades waved his hand around, and from a mist, a picture of a gorgeous woman appeared. "I want...
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posted by Damedecoeur
Hello ! I thought a lista of the DPs and what I like/dislike about them would be a good way to introduce myself to this club, so here it is ! Making this list, I was surprised at how difficult it was. I have a few princesses I dislike, but I really Amore most of them and it was hard to class them all. Some of them seem too low when I look at their rank, but then when I actually try to put them higher I realize I Amore the ones above just as much !


One of the only two princesses I actually dislike. She's a spoiled child who only thinks of herself, which would be fine if it was supposed...
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posted by AdelitaI
Name: Maria.

Birthdate July 22nd of 1997, the giorno when Irene Bedard ( the voice actress of Pocahontas and one of my most admired people) turned thirty.

Location - Ukraine. Not the most prosperous country in the world but I hope I will live there forever. Being forced to leave my country o even my district is one of my biggest fears.

Hobbies: reading, Scrivere stories, searching the Internet, listening to music, philosophizing, learning about other's opinion on different topics.

Favorite Disney film: Pocahontas. It is and it will always be.
I also Amore Tarzan, Hercules, Princess and the Frog,...
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 Spread your wings and fly, Elsa!
Spread your wings and fly, Elsa!
Hi everyone, since I had written the international movie version of this overrated song. Now it's the pop version, some of them are dubbed in their native language. So, I'm going base it on their voices and performances.

English (Demi Lovato)

I first heard this version before the movie came to Malaysia, my first impression on it was neutral as at that time, I never heard Idina's version yet. But then, I felt that the latter's version was better than Demi's version.

Mandarin Chinese (Bella Yao)

I Amore her version and it's even better than Demi's version, sadly to say she passed away from breast...
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 2 Princesses with the same name and same faith.
2 Princesses with the same name and same faith.
Then, all of the other princesses and Dee Dee arrive. Including Prince Kit and the live-action Aurora, they greet each other. Dee Dee and the princesses want to get to know the 3 of them, they talk about their Amore for Malaysian culture.
Afterwards, Ella asks Dee Dee "Hi Dee Dee, I heard from my animated counterpart that the annual coronation ball is coming, she wants us to be crown. Could te do the honour of crowning us?" Dee Dee looks inoltrare, avanti and excited, that she replied "Sure, I'll tell the others-" then her iPhone rang.
This number is a foreign number, "hello?" risposte Dee Dee, "hello...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Sorry this took me a little longer than the other ones. I originally planned to remake my preferito Disney Princess Canto Voices. About halfway though it, I decided to go to this and return to the other one later. It will be up within a giorno o two, hopefully. Anyways, Mulan is my personal preferito Disney Princess movie (currently) and I know that it's popolare with most on fanpop, so I decided that this would be the movie soundtrack I would do next. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the Article! :)

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 te know the deal da now. I write, te read, someone comments.
You know the deal by now. I write, you read, someone comments.
I thought I may as well.
I know absolutely jack shit about Musica and Canto and all the technical stuff... This is just based on which is the nicest to listen to.
Plus, I have nothing to do. It's a Saturday and the only thing planned is lol'ing at Jessi Slaughter and finishing this stupidly easy mixed crossover video. Pfft.
So, yes, hmm. I would put a swearing warning, but there's no real need anymore.
On with the countdown?

8) Belle
 I want adventure in the great wide somewhere... It's just too bad that I'm not cut out for it because I can't even be bothered to go out and find any adventure, let alone experience it.
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere... It's just too bad that I'm not cut out for it because I can't even be bothered to go out and find any adventure,...
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posted by MR0290553
 Beautiful, brave, selfless but fabulous! Would Amore to have her qualities!
Beautiful, brave, selfless but fabulous! Would love to have her qualities!
1.    Miss Bianca
She is underrated! She is the best role model! She is beautiful, brave, selfless and fabulous! She cares about others and has a lot of faith, and never gives up!
2.    Mulan
She sacrificed her life and safety for her dad and her country! She's a hero, and she is sweet and humble!
3.    Pocahontas
Another selfless heroine! Sacrificed her life for love, not just romantic love, but Amore of another race! She shut down racism and broke the barrier between Native Americans and European Settlers!
5.    Belle...
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posted by sweetie-94
After a while the Cibo was finished and the girls sat down to eat the lovely spaghetti carbonara that Mary had made. All of them loved it!

After they where finished Mary told them about some ideas about what the first episode would be about and they decided that it was going to be about the husbands of each of the princesses since all of them where married.

Mary asked the girls if anyone of them wanted to make dessert and only Tiana and Snow White seemed interested, but since Tiana owned a resturant and made real Cibo Snow White was going to make the dessert and she made gooseberry pie. Everyone...
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posted by sweetie-94
This idea came from some old articoli that I read so I was thinking about bringing it to here and let te write about it and it's about your preferito Friends here on this spot. I'm going to do mine very soon, but here are the topics that te can write about:
-What te like the most of your friend/s
-Which Disney Princess he/she is the most like in your opinion and why
-Any contribution that te like from your friend/s

So that's the basics, but please add più if te want to because I'm out of ideas for topics.

Please commento and I can't wait to read your articoli and when te write them don't forget...
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New people are coming in this spot everyday, and then they want to write their own articolo & I think it's about time someone wrote a detailed tutorial on how to write one, because it's no easy task. So I decided to do it. This articolo is mainly for people who want to learn, but if the experienced can think of any other tips, please comment.

Step 1: Think of a topic
Most of the articoli on this site are opinion articles, like "My preferito Princesses" o "My preferito Princess Movies". These are fun to do, but be careful when choosing the lista te want to write. The best ideas for opinion articles...
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Everyone, please give disneyfan500 a round of applause for being voted as February's fan of the month! She has contributed a lot and really deserves it. :)

1. How does it feel to be Disney Princess fan of the month?

I was shocked to be honest because it was only my secondo mese of being here and so many other people have been here longer that haven't been fan of the mese yet.

2. How did te discover Fanpop?

I was actually searching for Disney princess club LOL. And I happened to come upon this one.

3. Who is your preferito princess and why? Your least favorite?

My preferito princess is gelsomino because...
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Ariel was walking through the castello halls, observing the portraits hung up everywhere. She missed all those times with her family, before she got married to Eric.
"Ariel?" someone called.
She turned around. "Charming! How's Snow?"
Her brother walked up to her. "Heartbroken. That retard left her for some reason."
Ariel's cuore sank. "Ohhh, poor Snow..."
"Which is why I'm not allowing him in this castle," he continued.
Ariel hit the wall. "What? Char, don't te think that's kind of cruel?"
Charming shook his head. "Serves him right for leaving Snow." His gaze was fixed at her for a moment.
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I couldn’t resist. I had a sudden urge to write this article. I don’t know why, because I usually don’t speak about “hotness” in any kind of way. But anyways, I think this lista is awfully similar to my preferito prince list. I have different reasons for the placements, though, and while Scrivere this I actually found out that I do think about hotness of the princes… erm… every day. I just don’t say anything aloud. Just in case if te haven’t read my link, please read it first otherwise te won’t understand a word I’m saying.

9. Adam
I’ve detto this before: I think that Adam...
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This articolo is based on my opinions only. Before we start, I have to say that I really Amore almost all of the princes, not just like. So that’s why I’m going to be a bit harsh on some of them.

9. Adam

Yeah, I really have him this low. I do like him at the start and in the end when he’s a human. In between he’s just this wannabe temperamental loner who falls in love… yuck! I mean c’mon! You’re temperamental but you’re passive. That’s kind of odd mixture. Plus, he made himself Amore Belle. I know he kind of had to do it but still it really makes me sick. Adam is the only...
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posted by TotallyMe105
Have te ever noticed how careful everything in a Disney movie was drawn and crafted?
Ever notice how even things in the background look beautiful even if they werent the main focus...Disney strive to make them...

I realized this one giorno while watching my copy of "Beauty and The Beast" (Which I have seen 10000 times) But when te see a movie so much te pay attention more...and even if some of us agree Belle changes throughout the movie look behind her.

All the scenary all the talking of the townspeople was all drawn....think about that every single secondo of that movie was a seperate...
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So I did a countdown of who would be most likely to survive in the abusive type of households Snow White and Cenerentola had lived in. I must say I'm disappointed più people didn't participate (well, at least 28 people VOTED every round, yet there was usually no più than 7 commenti per poll). I would have loved to see più people's input because the whole reason I did this countdown is because I am so sick of people recitazione like Snow and Cinderella's situations were not all that bad, like they could have just left easily. Anyway, here are the results:

9. Jasmine. Well, to nobody's surprise,...
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So this is a special articolo for te guys. Why? It’s will have princecatcher’s first typed opinions, laughs and jokes about the Villains. The ranking wasn’t that disappointing for me, in fact I think it went the way I would rank it. If te want to read link. Just click on that link and enjoy yourself. I asked people to commento why they liked o dislike each villain. So where it says, People said It won’t be in bold just to let te know that’s where I put in your guys’ opinions which will have your thoughts but will be in my words*. On to the ranking!

Tenth Mor’du with 69 points...
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This articolo is similar to MaidofOrleans' articolo but it has a unique twist. I started Scrivere mine a few days before she postato hers. So don't worry I'm not stealing her idea o anything. Plus she knows it's different from hers. We talked about it in her article's commento section.

Different perspectives - my past memories, my mum's memories, memories involving a friend, other fandom perspective and recente points of view.

Feel free to use my idea to make your own version if it inspires you. Just make sure te credit me please for the original idea.

Snow White

I was so excited when I saw a sequel...
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 Cool one, isn't it?
Cool one, isn't it?
Hi guys, I just happened to watch Dragonheart and I thought why not all of the princesses should have a personalised magical Dragon Stones so that they could turn into dragons, so here are my thoughts!

Let Them Have It!

Of course, if Disney were to make a movie about them together. The fairy godmother will give them a dragon stone that will turn them into Draghi with each special powers! It will make the story interesting.

Don't Take It!

The story will be to dark for a Disney film, unless if Disney could tone down the appearance of the Draghi themselves.

Dragon o Not?

Here are my thoughts of this theory, so what do te think?
 Dragon Mode?
Dragon Mode?