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COURTNEY'S POV: i stomped off to a place i knew i was ALWAYS welcom 2...bridgette... She opens the door, "Hey court!" she shrieks in my ear as she hugs me. Ouch. "Wat's up?" she asked after she got over her shrieking fit, "The sky. Only jking. New neighbour. Criminal. BIG problem. HIS ego. Pig! I can TELL" i babbled, "Oh! Its a him!" she winks at me, "What? No! No, no, NO!" i burst out. "You lyk him!" she said. I explained 2 her about my problem. "wat's wrong wiv d going 2 skool coz of u?" she asks.
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It was ten AM on a Monday morning, another boring High School day, another boring English class I was currently stuck in.

My freaking English teacher had decided it would be a good idea to give us an assignment where we had to describe whichever classmate who name was on the slip of paper that we pulled out of a hat.

You know, it wouldn't of been so bad, having to describe someone like my best friend, Geoff. Because te could describe him in two very simple words. Party Animal.

But the name I drew out of the hat, was probably the one person on this earth, that I just couldn't describe.

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were're talking a break from dxc p.o.v's today

Heather's p.o.v

finally my p.o.v no più duncan and courtney shit

i woke up to find courtney kicking me,that bitch

me: what are te doing??

courtney: waking te up, duh.

we're in the first class room in the tdwt jet the boys aren't there.

courtney: we're here, now get up

me:was i the only one sleep???

courtney: no we all sorta woke up at different times, we left te alone 'cause we needed a brake from te and i was really kicking te for the fun of it.

*everyone walked out of the airplane*

gwen: iiiitttsss fffrrreezziinnggg

chris: thats cause we're in the...
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