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It’s the diagnosis that Thirteen doesn’t want to know about. Thirteen’s personal worries about having Huntington’s Disease affect her ability to treat Amber but she refuses to take the test and know for sure.
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A lot happens in eight seasons. Relive where many of the characters of House M.D. begin and end their journeys. 00:00 - 10:37: Pilot / 10:38 - 20:48: Everybody Dies.
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Brilliant deductions, brutal honesty, and a shocking lack of lupus. Here are nine of the most searched-for moments from House, featuring Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and the rest of the PPTH team!
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While some may be hard to stomach, these are eight crazy medical moments from House that will leave your jaw on the floor!
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In the world of bizarre medical cases, Dr. House always finds a fix, no matter how strange. Sure, he might throw a few insults your way, but deep down, he’s out here saving lives. So try to mostra a little gratitude.
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What are the real effects that vicodin has on House? Are these effects only physical o do they go beyond that? Could they have somewhat changed his personality, even just a little bit?

I watched the episode "Need to Know" (the one after House kissed Stacy, when at the end of the episode he ends up driving her away) for the first time like 4 months fa (got hooked with House just this year) and I didn't give this whole House/Stacy situation a lot of thought, it was fun but I wasn't that interested in the ship.

But the plot with Stacy kind of surprised me, because while I was watching the first...
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I know the titolo sucks but that is just how I feel, miserable.
Okay, apart from the obviously devastating thing (Lisa E leaving), I feel like we have been hoping for something the writers, David Shore, etc, had never planned to give us.
Once upon a time, I was a rabid fan. I loved the medical mysteries, the storyline, Huddy (I've always been a fan), but most importantly, House. He was perfect, he was a one-in-a-billion character, and he was just great. Then, when the Cuddy-in-a-relationship thing happened in season 6, the mostra just began to lose its magic. It Lost its magic not because Cuddy...
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House Season 1 Episode 7: Fidelity

Full Recap

After a morning jog with his friend, a man named Ed returns home to find his spouse sick in bed. Elyce has remained there for days. At the hospital, Cameron tells House that the patient has been sleeping 18 hours a day, but the tests don't reveal anything.

House and his team go through the possibilities -- Depression? Parasites? House orders new blood work and another MRI. After più testing, Elyce is told that there is no answer to her neurological problems. She goes into seizures.

House starts to suspect breast cancer. He also inquires about Elyce's...
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"I Amore you"said Chase happily.
"I Amore te too" answered Cameron with boredom."Are we ever going to reach to Australia?We're on the plane for più than four hours and I've started getting tired!It's like the slowest plane ever!"
"Honey,don't be silly,will will be there in about one and a half hours.The plane is just fine.The problem is,are you?"asked Chase with sadness in his eyes.
"To be what?Fine?Of course I'm fine.Just a little bit angry with the airline company and its stupid airplanes but I'm OK"
"I think you're being unreasonable,my love.Do te know what I think is the real reason you're...
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This is my fanfic that I've been working on for the past week.I made the characters way out of character.This is a Huddy/Hameron/Wameron/Wuddy fanfic.(Don't kill me Immunity!)

The sun was just going down.The reds,oranges,yellows mixed in with the purples of the night.Lisa Cuddy was in her office working up a storm.Everybody in the hospital was leaving for the party that Cuddy had planned for everybody.At noon she picked up her long ciliegia red dress,it had a plunging neck line,and black stilettos.They all lied on her divano in her office."Dr.Cuddy,aren't te coming to the party?" asked Allison...
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Everyone is te
And te are everyone
Each step is yours
Any car which stops in front of the house
Is yours ...
You're not here
But I feel your perfume
You're not here
But I hear your voice
From Memories start to hurt
In my dream I see your image
You laugh
You touch me
I Not want to wake up
I want to hug te
But here
Clock rings again
And again I diviso, spalato from te
And again, my eyes filled with tears
Is this a nightmare?
Or dreams?
In the evening I'm alone again
Between four walls
That surround me
Our foto
That kills me
Can te breathe?
I can not
I hate myself
But everyone tells me that I musn't...
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"What kind of explanation is that?"

Explaining House was already hard enough. Explaining his hallucinations to the person they were about, and who is probably the most important person to know ABOUT them, was even harder. If, THAT even makes sense.

"I really don't know how to explain it any other way."
"Well, think of another. It made sense up till, te started explaining what they meant."
"Isn't it...a given?"
"So what's there to explain?"
"How it's possible."
"Why not?"
"I can't even begin to...fathom, how it's possible."
"Again, why not?"
"Because--it's, House."
"Just because he's House, doesn't...
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