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Another Koreaboo articolo featuring IU! This time, it's "12 Sexy K-Pop Idols & Actors with photoshoots in bed, and like always, IU looks stunning. Taken from koreaboo's blog.

Sometimes, even we’re amazed at the themes of photoshoots that are in K-Pop! We looked through and found a collection of idols, actors, and attrici who have done photoshoots while in letto and put together the best ones.

On October 18, IU’s agency Kakao M issued a statement regarding legal action it is taking against malicious commenti and rumours.

Read the statement below:

"Hello. This is IU’s agency Kakao M.

Our company has determined that there is a serious level of libel, sexual harassment, and personal attacks occurring through thoughtless malicious commenti and the spreading of false rumours about our artist IU, and therefore we are taking legal action.

We inform te that we have collated related materials through continued monitoring and the collection of material inviato da fans, and on October 14...
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IU will be releasing a new OST for 'Kakao's mobile game 'Exorcist', for which she's currently an endorsement model!

In the MV teaser for her OST titled "神曲 (Divine Comedy)", IU follows a tingling sensation into a mysterious building, where she finds a strange record player and sees fiore petals falling down from an unknown source.

The song will be released via 'Exorcist's official website on July 21!


Singer-songwriter Jang Ki Ha was recently asked da the media whether the decision for his band to go with its first love-themed album release was influenced da his relationship with songstress IU.

Jang Ki Ha and his band, known as Kiha and the Faces, held their showcase on the 15th as they celebrated the release of their fourth studio album. As the frontman is also known to be currently in a relationship with female singer IU, he was asked whether their decision to release a love-themed album was due to her.

In response, Jang Ki Ha revealed that while some of the lyrics written were somewhat...
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Akdong Musician made an appearance on the latest Weekly Idol episode aired on June 1st where brother Chanhyuk shared a song gifted to miss A‘s Suzy and soloist IU.

During the profilo segment, Chanhyuk revealed himself to be a big fan of Suzy before creating a short and impromptu song for her called “A Suzy Day.”

He additionally adds that IU, who appeared at the sibling’s solo concerto in the past, was also gifted a song to which many fan will recognize as the track “Fried Egg.” Akdong Musician sang a short version of this song for the viewers and MCs with Suhyun taking over IU’s...
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Looks like we’ll be able to meet this all-star cast sooner than expected!

On May 5, SBS’s “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” announced that they will begin airing on August 29, following the end of “Doctors.” This also means it will be SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama.

Previously, they announced that the broadcast data was confirmed for sometime in September, which has evidently been revised since.

“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” is a 100 percent pre-produced drama that is set in Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty, but with added modern and fantastical elements as well. It is based on a Chinese web novel and drama....
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These days, a coffee carrello is basically the equivalent of everlasting love.

Therefore, IU's fan are full of nothing but everlasting Amore for their idol! On March 29, fan sent a loaded coffee carrello to cheer on the staff and crew of IU's new drama, 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo'!

IU took to her Instagram to personally thank her fans, with, "I'll eat well! I can go all night with energy from these! I didn't get to take very many pictures because I was busy eating... #PrettyMenGallery #BongGallery #ThankYou"

No official premiere data has been set for 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' yet, but keep on the lookout for più info!



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A Korean model has come under scrutiny after she made several tweets regarding IU‘s (22) recently revealed relationship with singer-songwriter Chang Ki Ha (33) when she seemingly criticized the female singer for her choice in men.

Soon after Dispatch broke the news of the two musician’s relationship, model Jung Doo Ri postato on her Twitter on October 8th, “IU, stop recitazione like this. Are te crazy.”

아이유 너는 그러지 말아야지. 미쳤냐
— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015

“Come to your senses and data kids like EXO. I’m asking you…” she continued. This particular...
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It's a known fact that Yoo In Na and IU are besties. And hawk-eye netizens are at it again, as they suspect Yoo In Na knew about IU's relationship with Kiha & The Faces member Chang Kiha since the beginning.

An online community post titled 'Yoo In Na knew the truth about IU and Chang Kiha's relationship' is gaining a lot of attention. The post features a radio broadcast of 'Yoo In Na's Volume Up' from back in January 27, 2014 where IU was a guest.

At around the 28:40 mark (see video below), when a listener requested Kiha & The Faces "Living the Carefree Life", Yoo In Na asked IU out of...
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IU revealed that even she has had her moments with her manager.

On the episode of China’s Sohu TV and iQiyi’s “Star From Korea,” aired on August 7, IU says she was a little bit of both when asked, “Are te as harsh to your manager as Cindy is in “Producer?”’

“We’re human too, so it’s inevitable that we see each other’s good sides and also get on each other’s nerves after spending 10 to 20 hours together,” she says. “I also have a quick temper. I used to argue a lot with my ex-manager. I even threw the car key saying I was never seeing him again.”

Meanwhile, IU is...
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Korean celebritàs often try and push the limits of trendy hairstyles in both their dramas as well as in their other promotional activities. For better o for worse, going blond is a trend that keeps popping up in the Korean entertainment world. Take a look at these foto and let me know which ones te think are the best and the worst!

1. Lee Hong Ki in You're Beautiful
[link Oh Jeremy! te will always be my preferito blonde in Dramaland! His infectious charms coupled with this fun-loving hairstyle made for the perfect combination. The funny thing about his haircut though was that it was constantly...
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In a recente announcement in regards to the upcoming KBS2 drama Producer, officials revealed that the drama will run shorter than the typical mini-series.

Korean news fonte Sports Donga reported that the star-studded cast that includes popolare actors Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin, as well as singer IU, met with writer Park Ji Eun to discuss the script.

According to the report, Park Ji Eun reminded the cast to keep their scripts entirely confidential in order to prevent leaks before the broadcast.

With most dramas, actors receive both a hard copy and an electronic copy of their scripts....
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1. Lee Seung Gi's "Because You're My Woman" (2004)

The #1 karaoke song for older woman/younger man couples. This song shot Lee Seung Gi to superiore, in alto stella, star fame in just his debut.

2. Jang Yoon Jung's "Omona" (2004)

The song took off thanks to Jang Yoon Jung's unique vocal characteristics. It was also the first time in 12 years that a trot song won #1 on a public broadcast Musica mostra since Kim Soo Hee in 1993.

3. SG Wannabe's "To Live" (2005)

The group is known for having the most hit tracks in the digital Musica market. The album sold 400,000 copies and went on to win Daesang at the 'Golden Disk' that year....
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This is the summary chart for 2014. We have a total of 632 songs that appeared on our weekly Soompi Musica Chart. A total of 30 songs hit No. 1 this year. Five artists had two No. 1 songs: Ailee, Girl’s Day, A Pink, BEAST, and SISTAR. There are a lot of competition, but at the end we have runaway winners on both the superiore, in alto artist and superiore, in alto song category, and they are crowned chart champions of 2014.

The busiest K-pop artist in 2014 is definitely IU. She has four solo superiore, in alto 10 hits, including the No. 1 song “Friday,” and also “My Old Story,” “Meaning Of You,” and “Sogyeokdong.”...
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Joheun kkumeul kkweotjyo
Eoneu kkotboda areumdaun
Chan baram gyeore ibul danggimyeo
Nuneul tteuni oneuri eotjyo
Eoneusae gyejeoldo bakkwi eotjyo

Hayan haneulgwa paran gureum jogakdeul
Nae mamdaero geuryeo jideon got
Dashi mannalsu isseulkka
Tto naege olkka

Adeukhan geon eonje na, neil areumdabge boijyo
Gakkai dagaseon sesangeun naege mweol boyeo julkkayo
Ajik gabi manheun ireon na
Geudae ramyeon naega gidaedo dwelkkayo
Deo jogeumman mameul yeoreo jullaeyo
Geudaen nugunga piryo haji anhnayo
Na cheoreom

Geureon jeok eopnayo
Ajugin jameul jan geot cheoreom
Eojewa saljjak dareun gonggie
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In light of recente news that Hyunyoung is dating Clazziquai’s Alex, the arcobaleno member is being pitted against IU for their resemblance.

On October 16th, a post on Hankooki mentioned these similarities as it highlighted their round, small face and gentle, long hair.

The similarities were further enhanced da their tendency to look cute and bright in front of the camera and coincidentally their recente admission of dating fellow artists in the industry.

Just recently, IU was confirmed to be dating Chang Ki Ha, while Hyunyoung is revealed to be in a relationship with singer, Alex.

What do te think of the photo? Do te think they look alike?


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Who isn’t in Amore with Pikachu? For those unfamiliar with the lovable and adorable electric mouse, well it’s time to hop on the everlasting Pikachu craze even if it’s just because your preferito Korean idols look completely cute with it!

Pikachu is the representative Pokemon, o Pocket Monsters, for the Nintendo media franchise video game that has expanded into trading card games, anime, toys, books, manga and many più media.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will have te cracking up as he imitates the way Pikachu talks with this Pikachu hand puppet. te have to hand it to his imitation though.
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Even diehard fan will admit that it's tough to find an entire K-pop album worthy of being labelled brilliant from start to finish. But there were a select group of artists who proved the notion wrong with cohesive bodies of work in 2014.

10. Rain - Rain Effect
The K-pop veteran's first release since being discharged from South Korea's mandatory military service, Rain showed how to make a comeback people would pay attention to with a collection of the year's best beats. There were hot singles ("La Song," "30Sexy") and on-point collaborations (HyunA on the zippy "Oppa"), making for a template...
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