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On a popolare online community called Pann, a post compiling sexy foto da IU recently went viral.

Originally titled, “IU’s sexy photoshoot,” the post compiled IU’s photoshoot where she wore revealing clothing and posed in suggestive ways.







Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commentato on the original articolo from our Korean source. The below commenti are the most popolare commenti at the time of this articolo being published.

[+ 228, – 42] So this is really the image she wanted in the end. Singers need the sexy image to last long. She’s...
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Famous for her titolo as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, IU is the adored Angel of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, IU is every girls’ role model!

But some fan might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits. The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave te with a new image perspective of IU te never thought of before. Here’s superiore, in alto 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black pizzo dress with see through arms and stomach.
link http://cdn-01.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tumblr_myr1ht91LL1qk12q0o1_1280.jpg,...
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When life gets too stressful, it's always nice to have a best friend who just gets you. The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side.

Suzy and IU: anguria Sisters
Suzy and IU were not always close. Although the two were co-stars on the famous idol drama 'Dream High', they were known to be pretty awkward around each other. That is until one fateful night, Suzy first approached her fellow K-Pop cutie...
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Koreaboo postato an articolo titled "9 K-Pop celebritàs With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars", and IU's Porshe Cayenne Vantage 2, which is valued at ~80,000 USD (~80,000,000 Won) is included in the list! The car might be worth $80,000, but riding with IU is priceless XD

These Korean celebritàs have some of the most expensive, luxurious cars on the market. How would te like to step into the ride of your preferito idol? From interior to exterior these cars are the epitome of luxury, check out which car your preferito idol drives on our lista titled: 9 K-Pop celebritàs With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars

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Jang Kiha expressed Amore for his girlfriend IU on the July 5 airing of 'Good Morning FM Noh Hong Chul'!

On the radio show, Jang Kiha was asked about the well-being of his relationship with IU, to which he responded, "A lot of people worry for us, and thankfully we are doing good." Noh Hong Chul, knowing the two met during a radio broadcast, commented, "I am a DJ too. I wonder when I'm going to meet my girlfriend. Who do te think is good for me?"

Jang Kiha answered, "Not too sure, but I am a big fan of you, and I believe an incredible woman will appear sometime." Noh Hong Chul then jokingly asked, "And for you?", to which Jang Kiha responded, "She is already too good for me."

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Solo singer IU is known in the industry for having an incredible voice as well as a cute and charming personality.

And while the LOEN Entertainment singer has been known for her innocent image, she recently showed that she has a sexy side as well da shooting a hot pictorial with magazine GQ.

Donning a black tank superiore, in alto and matching shorts, IU showed that she can definitely pull of a sexy concept as well, wowing fan with her new mature look.


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What do te think IU's real personality is like? When I met IU, she was cheerful and lively but polite.

And it seemed that she has a proper sense of value, while she talked in a clever way. Well, da the way, here's the one who knows about IU's real personality much better than me. It's famous K-pop lyric writer Kim Eana.

She wrote lyrics of numerous K-pop Musica such as Brown Eyed Girls' 'Abracadabra', Gain's 'Bloom', and Lee Sun Hee's 'Meet him among them'.

She also worked with IU da taking part in Scrivere IU's 'Good Day' and 'The Red Shoes', and she knows her inside out. Here are Kim Eana's comments...
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Singer IU's agency revealed the progress of the legal action against her antis.

Netizen commenti :

(+371,-37) Good job!

(+346,-34) Well done, sue them without mercy!

(+41,-7) Nate always posts articoli on the celebrity SNS, which seems to have a lot of negative comments.
After Sulli Who's next?
Only celebrity articoli that seem to be in a tight spot these days have been released.
These sites are parasitic.

(+32,-11) IU te did well.

(+30,-3) Good job at the agency. te should sue for things that hurt people with just a few fingers.

(+27,-9) There's a delusional guy who always posts weird stuff on the board, and he's caught, too, right? I hope he's caught, too.

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IU is reigning over the charts with her pre-release song!

The singer-songwriter’s new track “Autumn Morning” was released ahead of her new remake album “Flower Bookmark 2,” which is due out on September 22. The song was shared as a gift for fan on IU’s ninth debut anniversary.

After “Autumn Morning” first achieved a certified all-kill on September 19, the song has now gone on to reach a perfect all-kill on the charts.

This means that in addition to holding No. 1 on the realtime and daily charts of all six major Korean Musica sites as well as iChart’s realtime chart (the requirements...
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IU has always been known to be on the slim side, but recently, netizens noted that the singer is looking too skinny, possibly even to the point of being unhealthy.

An articolo titled 'IU's body keeps diminishing' shows pictures of the singer at an August 18 VIP anteprima for soon-to-premiere 'The Queen of Crime.'

Many netizens left scathing commenti on these pictures, bashing IU's thin frame, particularly how skinny her arms look

superiore, in alto commenti read, "Seriously too skinny without any volume lool," "No hips," "Omg~she's got no character as it is as a celeb but she just looks like a sick person because she's too skinny and without any curves..just look at her arms," "little kiddie body~~~~" "I guess she misses anchovies so much that she's slowly becoming one," "Even women don't like bodies like that," and more.

What do te think? Are they being too harsh?

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IU spoke up about her controversial song “Zeze” in her recente pictorial and interview with GQ Korea.

In the December issue of GQ magazine, IU said, “A lot of discussion took place around this song, and I saw that many opinions were being thrown out and that the topic of discussion itself was becoming broader, and honestly, I was thankful.”

She added, “While there was a lot of judgement about me as a person, it was a surprise when people politely expressed their opinions and focused on the issue, regardless of whether o not they were criticizing me o defending me.”


She also said,...
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1. HyunA - 4minute

Everyone holds onto a little bit of baby fat even as te grow older. We're not saying baby fat is unattractive — in fact we think its cute! But, slowly but surely most of us will eventually grow past our baby fat — signifying our step into adulthood. Take a look at our lista of 13 idols who blossomed after losing their baby fat.

2. Chanyeol - EXO

3. Xiumin - EXO

4. IU

5. Mino - WINNER

6. Lee Hi

7. Doojoon - B2ST

8. Suzy - miss A

9. Hoshi - SEVENTEEN

10. Jungshin - CNBLUE

11. Soyou - SISTAR

12. Jimin - BTS

13. T.O.P - Big Bang

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A member of IU's boyfriend Jang Ki Ha's band, Jang Kiha and the Faces, da the name of Jung Joong Yeop made a cute update on his Instagram!

The bassist postato on November 2 a picture of IU's new album, 'CHAT-SHIRE,' and wrote, "Kiha gave me this saying, 'It's a present.' When I saw this, I felt against my better judgment that it was worthwhile to do music."

The album picture shows IU's writing, which says, "Joong Yeop oppa. Please enjoy listening to this! I am supporting you!" So cute.


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The 2015 Korean popolare Culture and Arts Awards honors those who have made a contribution to the popolare culture and the arts, including comedians, actors, singers, models, writers, and manhwa artists. The ceremony will take place on October 29 at the National Theater of Korea.

Unlike other awards, the awardees are announced before the ceremony, and the lista has come out today.

For the President’s Award, actress Jun Ji Hyun, singer Lee Moon Se, and DSP Media‘s CEO, Lee Ho Yeon, are among the seven awardees. Many faces of Hallyu will be awarded the Prime Minister’s Award: Lee Jong Suk, Park...
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IU showed her loyalty to her close Friends once again, Canto at the wedding of her manager of seven years. On July 11, IU attended the wedding of her manager Bae Jong Hwan and the bride, Lee Bo Ra.

There, she sang Lee So Ra‘s “Proposal” as the congratulatory song. Bae Jong Hwan has supported IU’s activities since her debut, and his gentle personality and his adventurous drive is part of the reason for IU’s huge success as a singer. IU is known for her loyalty.

Recently, she renewed her contract with Loen Entertainment for another three years without demanding additional contract...
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Producer premieres on May 8 exclusively on DramaFever. Even though nothing has been confirmed, true K-drama fan know there will probably be a Amore triangolo between Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU's characters. Gong Hyo Jin will likely win because IU has the mean girl role.

Despite what happens on-screen, I have compiled some pretty convincing reasons why the former Dream High co-stars should get together in this romantic comedy.

1. When they sing together, it sounds heavenly!

I know I can't be the only one who replayed their Dream High duet "Can't I Amore You?" numerous times. It easily surpassed...
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Dating continues to be a sensitive issue in K-Pop. It takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. See who was involved in some shocking dating rumors that scared the pants off fan everywhere.

The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up da the artists and their agencies, but some fan continued to wonder if it could be a cover up, and suspected the truth might still out there.

1. IU & Super Junior Eunhyuk
In November of 2012, a scandal involving Super Junior’s Enhyuk and IU arose when the following...
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Kim Changwan and IU’s ‘Your Special Meaning’
KCW: Who exactly are te to me?
IU: I’m your youth.
The special connection between forever young Changwan and his youth, IU.
KCW: IU was Canto about her own Amore story, but why did I feel uncomfortable inside?
MC: Are te being jealous?
KCW: I can’t continue the story.
MC: IU’s puberty was different from others.
IU: I thought I was some kind of cyborg.
KCW: Her soul just floated away.
KCW: Where did she go?
MC: In Mongolia, don’t they lead nomadic lives?
CH: We ate riso with soy sauce.
MC: Mongolia soy sauce is really famous too.
MC: It’s really...
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Seo Taiji, who has recently released a collaboration with IU entitled “Sogyeokdong,“ has revealed that his wife, the actress Lee Eun Sung, is a huge fan of singer IU.

At a recente recording of KBS mostra “Happy Together 3,” the veteran K-pop stella, star spoke in detail about his wife.

Seo Taiji explained that when he was dating Lee Eun Sung, she would often listen to IU songs.

Seo Taiji and IU’s collaboration track, “Sogyeokdong,” is a pre-release track from Seo Taiji’s much-awaited comeback album, and soared straight to the superiore, in alto of several Musica charts upon its release. Seo Taiji explained that he had not expected the song to be quite as popolare as it has been, saying, “I was very surprised that the song hit Number 1 as soon as it was released. I think the fact that IU collaborated on the track is the main reason it has done so well.”

“Happy Together 3,” featuring guest Seo Taiji, will air on October 9 at 11:10 p.m.
While the newly released single of Seo Taiji and IU is getting much Amore from everyone, it is also bringing suspicions of plagiarism.
On September 2nd, Seo Taiji and IU released their collaboration track, “Sogyeokdong,” bringing Amore and joy to the fan of both IU and Seo Taiji. Even now the song is sweeping through various Korean charts, topping in all of them.

Seo Taiji’s comeback is highly anticipated in Korea as it is his first return in five years.

But even in the midst of its high popularity, it was almost inevitable that the song would face plagiarism suspicions. Some netizens are...
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