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posted by cammie782
justin bieber is the hottest thing on earth he is everybodys lover and he loves all his fan alot i know everything about him that shows how much i Amore him.And if te think jb and selena gomez are going out well their not what he detto was he thinks shes cute but he doesn,t like her the only people he loves is his fans,and family.justin bieber likes a girl who has a great personality,has a great smile,who can make him laugh but he wants to make the girl laugh first because it makes him happy and the girl happy.his preferito place he likes to take girls is the spiaggia because thats his preferito place to go and i bet its romantic his preferito song is up...... every girl likes and i Amore that song like me but justin bieber means everything to me him te are the best justin drew bieber Amore ya..........
posted by anne99
i luv justin!!!!who in the world would say justin bieber was dead .I mean that is just stupid of some one to say that.But when they detto that MILEY CYRUS was dead almost every body was happy including me because,she is just looking like white trash più & più like white trash as she gets older.But every one likes Justin Bieber so why would anyone say that about him.By what i see he looks like a nice person & i know he is an awsome singer/dancer.And he is soooo cute imean HOT!!!!!Me and my sister was watching his Musica video for 'ONE TIME'on the computer and she had enough nerve to...
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posted by tigerlover14
need te (the) I need you
I need te (the) I need you
I need you, you, you, you, you, you
I need te (the) I need you
I need te (the) I need you
I need you, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you
I need te the most

I gave te the key when the door wasn't open, just admit it
See, I gave te faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it
Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping
Tell me, where are te now that I need you?
Where are te now?
Where are te now that I need you?
Couldn't find te anywhere
When te broke down I didn't leave you
I was da your side
So where are te now that I need you?...
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1:- They shall Never Say Never
2:-They shall never Download Justin Bieber's songs illegally
3:-They should Let their Swag following it is in every belieber's veins
4:-They shall respect Justin's privacy.
5;- They should not suicide because Justin has got a girlfriend.You are over-reacting.
6:-They should at least wear one item which is purple in color
7:-They shall be happy whatever Bieber's decision in life
8:- they should scream like a hobo in his concerts.
7:- They should not hate on his friends, family and his relationships.
10:-they should Amore him for what he is.
posted by bakura12345
i think jb is an asshole and should die!! i will put a shout gun up his fuckin culo pull the trigger and watch his last shit come at fag!!!!!!!! i think his songs are sung da a girl he has no natural talent and should bleed to death his Musica makes my ears explode with my brain because it blows my mind that jb sings like a hoar. jb should be chooped up and thrown into a fucking pit of fuoco with a necelar explosion fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...
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If you're not familiar with the show, the fantasy Factory is a converted warehouse from where Dyrdek runs his many business ventures. It also serves as the ultimate playground for Dyrdek and his pals, featuring an all-concrete indoor pattinare, skate plaza, a foam pit, numerous pallacanestro, basket hoops, a recording studio, and even "bat cave" parking. Basically, it's a place where your fantasies can become a reality! I guess that's why Justin couldn't wait to get his hands on some of Dyrdek's toys.

With a little encouragement from Dyrdek -- who at one time held 21 guinness World Records for skateboarding -- JBiebs...
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posted by selenagomezfan7
He's 16
He's from Canada
He's Hot
He's a great singer
he's not GAY
he's very sweet
he's awesome
he's The Best
he's funny
he's got sum of da biggest fan in the world
he's Cute
he Likes singing
he likes movie
he likes Selena Gomez
he's shy
he likes fanpop
he likes touring
he's the best boy ever!!
he's good at Guitar
his song pray i luv




The baciare between gelsomino Villegas and Justin Biebers seems to have been resolved for the moment.

This week there is più news about the two young singers that has nothing to do with them being ' in love'.

According to US Magazine, Justin Bieber wants to extend gelsomino Villegas' contract so that she will do più shows with him.

gelsomino did not have to act in Hawaii, because her contract was over, but Justin managed to get gelsomino on board for a few più shows. Looks like they are getting along just fine..
posted by MarylovesSelena
Justin Bieber was terrified before he took to the stage to kick off his world tour because he didn’t want to “disappoint” all his fans. The 16-year-old Canadian pop stella, star started his My World concerto run in Hartford, Connecticut, last night. It is the first time the teen heartthrob has toured and he was extremely nervous because his stage mostra has been talked up so much. Justin was so anxious, he even abstained from posting his every sposta on his Twitter page, visiting the site only minuti before he took to the stage to apologise to his fans.
“Sorry been away all day...first tour ever....
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posted by kmill3
ONLY when Justin bieber became famous all the girls in america went nuts over him and only for his good looks.If i went on a data with Justin bieber i would get to know him da his personality not da a libri cover. So girls heres some tips on how to choose the right guy like Justin. 1:get to know his personality.2:do NOT be somthing your not. trust me guys HATE that. And 3:what ever te do DO NOT go to his place on the first date. this is a sighn of a sexist jerk o a bad relationship. Just use these tips and te will be just fine. Also, if Justin Bieber if your Leggere this than send me a fan invite cause ive never talked to anyone famous THANX FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hundreds of frenzied teenagers mobbed 16-year-old pop stella, star Justin Bieber and knocked down his mother as he arrived in New Zealand, stealing his hat as he was rushed through the airport to escape the fans.

The heartthrob Canadian singer tweeted his 2.1 million fan Wednesday to report: "Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone ha rubato, stola my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people."

The star's mother, Pattie Mallette, tweeted that she was "OK" after being pushed over da rampaging fan at Auckland Airport late Tuesday. "Thanks for all ur support!! I'm...
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posted by LogieBearGirl
If I could take away the pain
And put a smile on your face,
Baby, I would, baby, I would
If I could make a better way,
So te could see a better day,
Baby, I would, baby, I would.

I would build a doorway to the sky and hand te the keys, yeah.
Let te know that you're always welcome so that te never leave, oh
Buy te all those fancy things that te only see on TV, yeah
Run away to a hideaway, we'd be living the American Dream

And I know it's never gonna be that easy
But I know that it won't hurt us to try, oh.

If I could take away the pain
And put a smile on your face,
Baby, I would, baby, I would.
If I...
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posted by shafiqua
I don't work hard when it's easy
I put in work when it's hard
Girl I never believed in Amore until I had yours
This is più than a season
And I'm not just sprung
I'm not afraid to tell te that you're the one
But when I wake up thinking 'bout
The one that I can run to when I'm feeling down
Life is so good when you're around
Girl nobody from the past is beating te right now
Cause I'll take te home to mama, let te meet my friends
Cause te don't come with drama
So I want te till the world ends
You're way più than worth it
But I don't feel like I deserve it
You got the pieces
You're my kind of perfect

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She don't like the flash, wanna keep us in the dark
She don't like the fame, baby when we're miles apart
And she getting to the point where it's too much for
And she wanna throw us all away, it's too much for
She can't hide away cause the world knows who we are

She don't like the lights
She don't, she don't, she don't
She don't like the lights
She don't, she don't, she don't

Don't wanna share no one else, want me for herself
Don't want no Amore in front of the camera

She don't like the lights
She don't, she don't, she don't
She don't like the lights

She's giving ultimatums, she don't like this live
She said...
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posted by shafiqua
You're beautiful, beautiful, te should know it
(You're beautiful, beautiful, te should know it)
I think it's time, think it's time that te mostra it
You're beautiful, beautiful
Baby what te doin', where te at, where te at?
Why te actin' so shy? Holdin' back, holdin' back
We're not the only ones doin' it like that, it like that
So dj bring that, bring that, bring that, bring that back
'Cuz all around the world, people want to be loved (yeah)
'Cuz all around the world, they're no different than us (you know, te know, te know)
All around the world, people want to be loved
All around the world,...
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posted by justinssoulmate
everyone I am justins long Lost lover, and we are madly in love!!! we are made for eachother bitches, so back of my lover boy, like totally luv um like so much thanks !!!!!............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx........................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx....................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...............................x............................................<3<3<3
Girl te don't know how I feel (how I really feel)
Since te been away, oh baby
Any chance that te could take my call (take my call), if I got te today
You say that te don't wanna talk but it's cool
I've been thinking about te all giorno long, hoping te pick up your phone

And I know that I don't wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go
'Cause I really wanna be alone
And baby nobody else gotta know
Just meet me later on the low

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my cuore is breaking
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart...
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posted by justin5678
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I think JUSTIN BIEBER is an inspiring 18 anno old and a lot off kids look up to him because he is a very very talented boy and he is so lucky to
have the likes of usher,his dad, his mum,scoter ,and all of his FANS. The giorno he was born,1 march 1994,Celine Dion was solid at1 on the billboard hot 100 with the power of Amore and that is how he got in to being a siger song write

justin has a bold personalitay and sompeople make a mock of that like a 1d fann but thay wouldent like it if i insuled 1d would they
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posted by jamschristina
Many people do not understand why Bibb will be so hot.Best-selling book "celebrity worship" Cooper Lawrence is the interpretation: "Bibb and today we see the young male stella, star temperament, he is very special, he maintained a law-abiding image of the boy successivo door. Most B Po Funny expression underage boys can not wait to become Male Rock,punk fan children,disheveled,smoking,alcohol consumption, these boys link is not easy to give the girls a good impression. Bibb in many respects, very clean, no bad habits, and those bad boy, he can give people a sense of security."and più importantly, know how...
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Canadian pop heartthrob Justin Bieber inoltrare, avanti Asian promote the new album "I believe (Believe), the Asian press conference held in Kuala Lumpur, the scene poured into the local Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, China, Indonesia, eight più than 400 countries media participants with the fans. "Believe" in 30 countries worldwide airborne champion, while the United States so far this anno the first week of the best-selling album, another issue two weeks selling oro record of good link results in 10 countries in Asia. New works out of the red plate, but also to Justin...
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