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ciao I found lady gaga's phone number and I checked. So it is true. The number is (347) 530-3694. It is true I called it and lady gaga answered. So if te think so call o text it o if te don't commento I wanna see your point of view . So please please contact me with a post I want to see your mind that would be fantastic. Please also lady gaga fan contact lady gaga.I'm 100%sure this is lady gaga's number she hasn't changed her number più will!!). successivo plz plz believe me I trust te guys trust me I'm sure she will pick up the phone
 Lady GaGa on her cell phone
Lady GaGa on her cell phone
Have te ever texted 'OLLIE'? It's a service where te ask a domanda and te get a SENSIBLE reply! I asked, "Wat is lady gaga's phone number?" I got a reply saying, "Lady Gaga's phone number (310) 288-8000. Ollie." I've saved her number in my contacts, but I can't get a good signal from England. Do u think I have the REAL GaGa number?! I hope it is real because I can then text her when she comes to our country! Even if I still can't get to her, I'm keeping it as a souviner! Plz plz comment!!! (This is OLLIE's number- 65545. Remember it costs £1 in Great Britain!) xxx
Bad Romance: Fear of love, specifically loving someone so much te not only tolerate all the bad stuff, but te crave it.

Alejandro: Fear of men/commitment, what they might do to get her for themselves.

Monster: Fear of the realization that she might not be able to have a safe, secure relationship with a good guy for her need of an aggressive, philandering, dangerous guy with a huge **** ("I've never see one like that before . . .")

So Happy I Could Die: Fear of alcohol and its consequences; also, fear of pride/loving ones self so much. (Don't worry about anything, just drink and ********** and...
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"Then Lady Gaga came along. Gaga opened Versace to a whole new generation..."
Lady Gaga
donatella versace
A Lady GaGa flashmob in Madrid
Lady Gaga
bad romance
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