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mooshka posted on Nov 21, 2011 at 04:01AM
Okay so its simple, for starters you choose a group of two or three{and if we have to four} but no more than that! You then choose a friendship and each member chooses the person from the friendship they want to represent;)Everyone's icons will have there name/nickname on it! But you can't choose a friendship that has the same person in it...if that makes sence! So say a pair chose Breyton then all friendships involving Brooke and Peyton are then off limits!{So no Paley, Brachel, etc.)
The event doesn't have a specific date yet, I say we first get partners/friendships/and icons sorted out and then we can decide on a date later:)<3 Oh also when signing up please make it clear on who is going to represent what character:)<3
Also I know the rules are suuuuper confusing, because I suck at explaining so if you have any questions just ask me:)<3
Icon Makers are:
Holly, Rachel,and Celine{Thanks Girls!}

[b]SIGN UPS!!!!!!:

1. Moosh/Angi-Gretchen/Karen {Mean Girls}
2. Rachel/Kir/Nad-Harry/Hermione/Ron {Harry Potter}
3. Elle/Margot-Puck/Finn {Glee}
4. Celine/Holly/Kelly-Haley/Brooke/Peyton {OTH}
5. Jess/Cat/Maham-Sam/Cas/Dean {SPN}
6. Nikky/Amber/Chandler-Monica/Rachel/Phoebe {Friends}
7. Rach/Steph-Damon/Stefan {TVD}
8. Nicole/Laura-Brennan/Angela {Bones}

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