Leyton Family<3 LPF 10in10 icona Contest 2.0 [CLOSED] *go back to the original contest ;D*

XNaley_JamesX posted on Nov 23, 2014 at 08:02PM
The continuation of the previous icon contest hosted by Rach.


1. You have 10 days to make 10 icons (knowing me, you'll probably have more time ;P)
2. You have to make the icons yourself (obvs :P)
3. Don't vote for yourself in the picks, okay? ;) Oh, and don't vote based on your FAVORITE THING, vote based on which ICON you think is made the best!
4. If you're NOT going to post the icons as soon as you enter, please let me know you're going to join, anyway, so I'll know to wait for you
5. I'll try working with a deadline but just let me know when you're planning on finishing your icons and then I'll wait for you :)
6. In the contest there are 4 theme icons, 3 category icons & 3 artist's choice icons
7. Stick to the topic I give you. For example, if I say: "The pilot episode of your favorite tv-show" and your favorite show was, say, The Vampire Diaries, you'll only make icons from 1x01 of TVD. Cool? ;)
8. Icons have to be square!

Round 52: Cartoons
1. Your favorite Disney cartoon
2. Your favorite non-Disney cartoon
3. A cartoon you dislike (if you don't dislike any, pick something that you consider overrated)
4. Character you identify with/relate to from a cartoon
3 icons of the cartoon(s) from which your ADF character/ship is based on. If you are unsure of what this might be, PM me. If you're not in ADF, also PM me so we'll figure something out.
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

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