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posted by alinah_09
the successivo day,the group of Friends left Ponyville (with the exception of Cosmic),they may not have much sightseeing but the short vacation was still memorable,in a good and bad way...i mean,going through all that,how could anypony not remember any of those?!

chooga chooga chooga....

its the sound of the train while the Friends were inside with Moonlight sitting beside Spectrum Leggere a book called "Memories",Spectrum,who was sitting da the window,just stared at the constantly moving pictures of the outside,day dreaming.Moonshine and Winter sat beside each other,Flame seated..or rather snoozing on another set of train seats with some of the other passengers...

"uh...what?" Winter whispered,a bit startled of the sudden weight that what on his shoulders,looking to his left he saw the only one who could possibly be that weight,Moonshine...and she's sleeping?

yeah,he knew she was tired,they all were...but here she is,sleeping peacefully with her head rested on his shoulders...not that he minded,seeing Moonshine with a sweet face like that made him smile...Looking back to his other companions,he noticed that they were practically sleeping,Moonlight and Spectrum's eyes drooping...taking a peak to the sleeping mare he thought

"why not?"

Making himself comfortable,he slowly closed his eyes,with the warmth of a certain pony and the happy outcome their adventure showed them,he was confident that he'll have a nice dream,besides,he o any of his Friends might wake up,when they were at their stop...Goodbye Ponyville,Hello Canterlot
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I created this fanfic last year. Many of the older users, such as TawnyJay, and Starwarsfan7 enjoyed it, and I hope te guys enjoy it too.

Aah Natale time. It only comes to us once a year, but when it does everyone has a good time. It was the 15th of December, and Sugarcube Corner was very busy. Mr, and Mrs Cake were making cakes like there was no tomorrow. Pound and zucca were learning how to walk, thanks to Pinkie Pie. Their first few attempts weren't so good, but it seemed like they were going to do it. "Come on," Pinkie said, "Everyone has to learn how to walk." Pound almost got it,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Everypony was helping Jack set up, and they decided to sing yet another song link

Ponies: This time. This time. Making Christmas, making christmas, making christmas,
Mayor: *towing trailer of presents with Corvette* Making Natale is so fine.
Ponies: It's ours this time, and won't the children be surprised? This time it's ours.
Fat pony: *Smashes toy* Making christmas,
Thin pony: making christmas,
Fat Pony: Making christmas
Ponies: Time to give them something fun. They'll talk about for years to come. Let's have a cheer from everyone, it's time to party. Making christmas, making christmas....
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posted by karinabrony
 The Mane 6 at the crystal fair.
The Mane 6 at the crystal fair.
''Yee Haw! Now that, arcobaleno Dash, is how ya throw a horse shoe!'' applejack said. ''Pfft, I can throw better! Gimmee that!'' arcobaleno Dash said. ''Spike, that stuffed orso is adorable! Do te think te can win it for me?'' Rarity detto as she hugged him. ''Sure, anything for you!'' Spike said. Rarity blushed. He threw the ball on one hit and he got the prize. ''Oh, Spike!'' Rarity detto as he gave her the stuffed bear. She kissed him and he fainted. ''Wee hee!'' Pinkie detto as she got Cotton Candy. ''Best Carnival giorno EVER!'' Twilight Sparkle was in a trivia game. ''Last question: Who was the...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
My random headcanons II.

Alicorn mane and tail

Okay, this one’s just a quickie.

Since the beginning of the show, we know alicorns are different than other ponies. That stands for their mane and tail as well. This was among the very appealing factors of MLP FiM for me when I joined the Herd. I personally think Celestia and Luna have awesome visual character designs.

But I’ve always wondered why their mane and tail acts the way it does? It billows all the time, like if they were out in the open, enjoying the soft breeze. It’s sparkly and a bit transparent, it almost looks like a veil. Why...
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posted by DisneyFan333
 The mane six
The mane six
In order from my preferito to least favorite:

1.) arcobaleno Dash- She is just... well she is just awesome. I like her personality and I think da watching her be all loud and such, I have been più confident and less shy than I used to be. Plus she can fly which is just like the coolest thing ever. Her mane is pretty cool too. I mean its a rainbow. What could be better than a arcobaleno mane.

2.) Pinkie Pie- I do find her to be annoying somtimes thats why she isnt number one, but the 25th episode in season 1 I think really shows her personality. I think it also may have something to do with her childhood...
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I wanted to share a superiore, in alto 50 lista of my preferito scenes from the fanfics postato on this website.

50. MLP FIM Hunger games da Dark-Armor

Rainbow dash saw everything cuz she could fly she saw Cibo and fresh water, since she can fly she had a special robot coming for her... Black Stilton sent the robots and he built a special one for arcobaleno Dash he sent it, this time he programmed the robots to gather up all the ponies and fight them so they did they all fought giving each other cuts and etc. The one sent for arcobaleno dash (i am eating a focaccina, muffin lol)

49. Cotton Swirls & Nikki's Adventure: GGG...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I let arcobaleno Dash go, but with me, Sonic, Tails, and Amy was Rarity. "It's great to meet te three," Rarity detto once she met us. "Great to meet te to," Sonic replied. Tails and Amy detto the same as we walked towards the remains of my car. "Wow," Rarity exclaimed, as she saw the burnt muscle car in front of her. "Please fix it," I detto sadly, "I can't leave without it." If she couldn't fix it, I didn't know what I would do. "I'll try," detto Rarity. Her unicorn horn lit up, as she tried to cast a spell on fixing my car, and some things inside it. Rarity tried hard, her eyes closed shut, sweat...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Let's all congratulate btflash on his win! I know there were many runner-ups but I'm sure you'll win successivo month! In September...

Congratulations on winning! How do te feel?
To be honest, when I first saw I was winning, I was surprised. I really didn't expect to win this mese xD

Who is best pony?
I'd say Twilight, but Shining Armor's 20% cooler

Who is your preferito background pony?
Colgate. I really like the color blue

If te could create an episode in the show, what would the plot be about?
I would Amore to see an episode where the cake twins have their own little adventure over something that...
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 Merry Noel
Merry Noel
First, let's start with Merry Noel.

Merry Noel is the best at making te feel very, well, merry all anno long! On Natale Eve, she wishes everypony a good night. Throughout the night, she helps Santa deliver presents to all the good little fillies and colts. Then on Natale Day, she strolls throughout Equestria Canto Natale carols.

Next is Holly:
agrifoglio is what te might call a pony on the "nice" list. Even when it's not Christmas, she is always lending a helping hoof and handing out presents. Being the sister of Merry Noel, she has met Santa Claus and even helped him deliver presents...
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