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I first wrote this articolo before (2.10) "The Cricket Game" from Season Two of "ONCE UPON A TIME" aired on January 6, 2013:


I will be the first to admit that I have become a diehard fan of ABC's "ONCE UPON A TIME". It was not easy for me. The concept of fairy tale characters existing in the modern world because of a magical curse really appealed to me. However, I had some difficulty in maintaining interest in the series, due to what I felt was the slow introductions of the major characters and slow pacing in the first half of Season One.

In the...
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posted by Evilregal14
Okay, I Amore these three! They're funny, have sass and are interesting characters. I do believe that Cora loved Regina without her heart, as Adam detto that and he obviously knows since he is a producer. Why would he lie??
In season 1 I hated Regina and Cora so much. Like the saying goes "First impressions always count"! But in season 2 I realised I was totally wrong about them. I Amore them now, Regina is my secondo preferito and Cora is my 5/6th favorite. They have such a cute relationship and even though Cora was a rubbish mother in season 1 she was a good mother in season 2. She comforted Regina,...
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After Leggere katarlover's articolo I made this long commento about it. I asked him if he minded if I postato the response as a separate article--he detto yes, so here we go. I tried to be respectful about it, feel free to agree o disagree, just be respectful about it.

I can agree to some extent that she's a hypocrite, but not for that reason. I feel like that is più so denial and a twisted sense of justice. At that point she was totally (by some faltered mental state) convinced she was in the right, and that she really wasn't evil. In the most recente season she admits that she's wrong many times;...
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The Dark Curse o The Underling Cause

People often use "The Curse of the Dark One" to justify ALL of Rumple's evil deeds. I'll be the first to admit that this is a very good argument. From what we've seen of him pre-curse it is clear the poor dear didn't have a malicious bone in his body. However if te are going to apply this argument to Rumple te have to apply it to Gina as well.

The way I see Dark Magic is not unlike the way I see Meth addiction. Long term Meth abuse restricts your ability to feel emotion including empathy and a result those suffering from severe meth addiction will...
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posted by Diamond_Queen
I can't watch OUAT's episode until tomorrow :( so I was bored and decided to make an articolo with my opinion on characters. Warning: Just my opinion. Not serious at all xD and I practically criticize everyone.

Lets start with the most... evil villains... ever! Da-da-da!
The Red Queen: She' so terrible... that all the inhabitants seem pretty happy with her and don't have much complains. What she's doing to Alice is probably her first actual crime (apart from stealing before she became Queen and slaping people when she feels like it). Has some teenage drama with Will eventhough she dumped him...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
She sat there.
She stared.
upon hours.
She stared.
Sitting in the middle of the road.
Doing absolutely nothing.
But staring.
What was she staring at?
Nothing to everyone else.
But to her, it was everything.
She Lost him.
His fingers slipped away from hers 6 weeks ago, into some mysterious... unknown world.
A world she knew, he could never come back from.
She let hope fool her.
She just wanted to be happy.
She wanted her happy ending.
It knocked on her door,
she welcomed it in,
and this was the result.
Her sitting at the townline with a tear stained face at 2 O'clock in the morning.
She had been feeling sick...
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link )

Swan Queen: The List


Emma/Regina parallels:

Both fell in Amore as teenagers.
Both planned to run away with the people they loved.
Neither plan worked out. Instead, they both ended up alone and imprisoned.
Both Lost their loves and were imprisoned because someone else decided it was best for them, without caring what they would choose.
Both found their first loves again, but had to let them go.
Regina had to let go of Daniel three times: The first when he was murdered, the secondo when Rumple, balena and Jefferson fooled her into thinking...
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 Never trust a killed employer
Never trust a killed employer
lol this is something that would have been perfect month's fa but i just thought of it now. Plus Zanhar1's hilarious song fics inspired me to try one of my own.

Pan arrogantly stepped to the crowd of the Frozen towns people in front of him. He turned to Belle and his grandson Bealfire ( o "IT'S NEAL!") as he claimed "You both look so adorable it's hard to tell which one to kill first" . He reached for his dagger and heard the cry of "You not going to touch any of them!" Rumple came running out of the negozio "Ah come to protect your woved one's" Pan chided "Oh believe me i am" "Please tell me...
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This is my take on the SwanFire debate. This is just how I saw what the mostra was portraying and then got really frustrated with Emma's personality glitch when it came to Neal.

First, Emma was absolutely scarred da what happened. It's why she lied to Henry about his father - she couldn't stand the thought of him finding out what his father had done to her. She made up a story about how his father was a hero who died saving lives.

All her life Emma was completely unloved. As far as she knew at the time she was abandoned as a baby on the side of the road - "[her] parents didn't even care enough...
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posted by DR76

Ever since I watched (3.01) "The cuore of the Truest Believer", the Season Three premiere for ABC's "ONCE UPON A TIME", I have been experiencing troubling thoughts about the series' writing. And those troubling thoughts centered around the deaths of two recurring characters.

Anyone who had watched both the Season Three premiere and the Season Two finale, (2.22) "And Straight On 'Til Morning" would know to what I am referring. The latter episode saw two recurring characters, Greg Mendell and Tamara, attempt to destroy Storybrooke in an effort to rid the world of any magic....
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Granted pretty much everyone on this mostra is sympathetic but ya'll know I have a thing for Gina so I had to type this one up after realizing (because of an ask over on tumblr) I hadn't yet.

Regina was pretty much set up for failure...set up for it before even being conceived at that. Though her mother wanted what she thought was best for Regina (not letting her spend her life in poverty) she went about it all wrong and ended up making her miserable. All Regina really ever wanted was her lover, someone who cared for her. She started out as such a sweet girl and she went out of her way to rescue...
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posted by Alchemistlover
 My poor Regina you'll get Henry back don't worry :(
My poor Regina you'll get Henry back don't worry :(
ciao fellow Oncers it's me again trying to make an opinion articolo (does anyone even read them?lol) where i just talk about the episode usually i just do this when an episode is to big....to important to NOT talk about so here it goes.

Okay so first let's talk about Pan and Rumple. Now i'm sure most people know i thought he was a great villain and should have been handled in a completely manner but we got what we got. Oh boy did i hate him this episode i mean not Amore to hate him like usually do but LOATHE! Killing his most important and only support system was awful (sad really Felix got no...
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posted by zylice
It is all Coras fault! As te all said, snow was just an innocent little girl that wanted Regina to be happy but got manipulated da that WITCH!!!

Regina should blame Cora! NOT Snow! As Lana detto Regina was thinking: " te little, selfish BRAT! te just wanted me to be your stepmother! te don't care about ME being happy!" Thats what Lana detto Regina was thinking at the time when she was getting dressed for the wedding. But we don't know why Regina went 'Extreme Power-Mad' yet....she went WAY extreme to rid Snow! But...she didn't know any different....

Someday in season 2/3 I want to see Regina confront Cora and apologise to
Snow somehow and get 'redeemed.'
My superiore, in alto 5 Citazioni from 3x20:
1. "I have magic, he has one hand"- Emma
2. "Why down the yellow brick road of course"- Glinda
3. "Aw, te two are so adorable"- Zelena
4. "Find a closet, lock yourself inside"- Regina
5. "He's going with you- you're going with her"- David

From 3x21/22:
1. "Or I can turn te into a toad!"- Rumple
2. "Time travel hasn't been done, MATE"- Rumple
3. "Well then I guess we're kidnapping you!"- Emma
4. "You'll see soon enough" Red
5. "And te brought some luggage"- Rumple
posted by minervadawn
I was in Amore with Outlaw Queen from the start. The idea of "what could of been" is so tragically romantic. I could picture Regina being happy had she just stepped through that door. I could picture Roland as her child and what wonderful parents her and Robin would have made if only she had taken that leap of faith.

However once OQ actually became reality it fell flat for me. It was too easy, too simple. There was no conflict o emotional tension. Don't get me wrong it was great to see Regina finally happy and Robin, Roland and Regina are too adorable together. Honestly though it started to...
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posted by TDDD
People seems to have a lot of issues with Emma and some of the choices she made. She has never been a favourite character of mine but I really feel dreadful for her. She was forced into a lot of shitty situations where she had to make terrible decisions and generally always chooses to do right da other people even if it will bring her heartache.

Starting at the very beginning, one of the main things that Emma did that people use against her is her giving up Henry. I've seen her called a terrible person, a bad mother, and all sorts of things because of this and the kicker? She didn't have a choice!...
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First, I just want to make something extremely clear. I may not have any personal experience with some of these illnesses and I am aware that as a result I am speaking from a position of privilege. I will do my best to treat this articolo with the delicacy and sensitivity it deserves. Please let me know if anything comes out as offensive and know that it was most certainly not intentional. Another thing to note: I am not a professional and do not have the ability to actually diagnose these illnesses, everything in this articolo is entirely speculation and hypothesizing on my behalf.

I will start...
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I kind of just wanted to make a silly and ridiculous New Year's fanfic.

Sitting alone in her house Regina decided to make herself a lista of New Year's resolutions. None of which actually pertained to her o anything. Nope. She had done enough changing for one year. These resolutions she compiled for the residents of Storybrooke, because she knew exactly what flaw they should work on. And Hook's 'My goals are to pick up twice as many chicks and grow my goatee out thrice as sexily' just didn't cut it for the mayor. So the mayor sat there Scrivere out a lista that read thusly;

"Get a real job and...
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The latest plot development of ABC's "ONCE UPON A TIME" has left me in a state of frustration. This plot development . . . o twist has to do with the relationship between the characters Mayor Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen and Robin cappuccio aka Robin of Locksley. And the ironic thing is that my frustration is not centered on the actual plot twist, but has a good deal to do with the fan reaction to it.

I guess we all know what happened. In a precedente episode called (4.17) "Heart of Gold", Regina learned from her former mentor, Mr....
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posted by Evilregal14
29. The sultan
28. Peter Pan
27. Alphonse
26. Ana’s mother
25. King George
24. Martin&Myrna
23. Moe French
22. Rumple
21. Granny
20. Edwin
19. Emma
18. Snow
17. David
16. Milah
15. Cinderella
14. Cora
13. Henry Sr
12. Anita
11. Michael Tillman
10. Kurt
9. David
8. Jefferson
7. Leopold
6. Regina
5. Neal
4. Robin
3. Geppetto
2. Eva
1. Ruth

Just FYI, this is my opinion please don't insult it da saying it's confusing, stupid o weird. Don't commento things like "You think ___ is better than ______?!" because it can come off rude. Plus I'm quite busy so I can't respond in long detail, so there's no point in asking me questions.