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posted by flame12
flame: ciao WATCH WERE te fuoco THAT GUN!
???: calm down sonic it's me
flame: i'm not sonic my name is flame the hedehog
???: well my names darkness, darkness the wolf
flame:hello darkness why do te have a gun
darkness: my brother shadow gave it to me
flame: SHADOW but why did te call me sonic
darkness: *unsheathing her claws and growling*
flame: calm down darkness
darkness: i'm after him he killed shadow
flame: HE DID WHAT!
darkness: i'm going to...KILL HIM
*blaze runs to flame scared and hurt*
flame:blaze what happed tell me
blaze:sonic attacked me
darkness: i'll heal you
flame: get away from my girlfriend *turns super flame form*

what will happen successivo find out in part 2
 sonic and dana as they appear in sonic dreamweaver
sonic and dana as they appear in sonic dreamweaver
sonic dreamweaver story part 1 chapter 1

Once in Sonic`s dimension, Sonic himself, The fastest hedgehog alive, had defeated the evil Dr. EggMan, And after a brutal battle, Sonic`s world was back in peace again... Untill one day...
Sonic had ventured into a deep forest, Trying desperately to find a chaos emerald. But while he was out, A spiral of aqua, rosa & white sucked him into it. As he was sucked into the spiral, it closed behind him. Leaving mobius with no hero to defend it from evil.
Sonic kept going on into the spiral. It had seemed like he was being pulled into no where.
He kept falling...
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posted by Shadow4eva
Starlight woke up and shook her head. "where am I?" She said. "In the forest" detto a voice. As her eyes ajusted to the half-light she saw Shadow sat, leaning against a tree."Shadow!"she gasped in relif,"I thought I was alone!" Then Starlight rememberd the night before *Flashback*"You can't run away forever Starlight,nor can te protect her Shadow"*end of flashback* "Who was that guy chasing us lastnight? Asked Starlight."His name is Mephilis,Mephilis the dark.I've seen him before.I trapped him in a jewel on a scepter once but the jewel broke and he escaped."Said Shadow getting up."oh" said...
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