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Gwen pov;I just got married to trent and we bought a big house near our farm.I know te don't expect a goth girl live in a sweet and cozy house like this but it was totatlly trents idea some way under that sweet chitarra boy is a ego maniac. I don't even think he nows that i'm saving up for colledge . no one pov.;gwen;hey trent we got invited to duncans party.trent;honey were not going he is just a stupid poor punk boy.gwen ; don't dare talk about duncan like that!!! trent;shut up i'm tired u can go but be back before midnight.gwen;*wipe tears and leaves*.Night time gwen puts on a silk black dress tiny.she gets in the car and leaves.meanwhile trent invites gwens sister summer [dumb country gal]. Later at the party gwen hugs duncan a few hours later...gwen is drunk and in duncans letto wearing his ciao panties and black bra.she says oh crap!she run home just to see her sister making out with trent....
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Musica from episode "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1"