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This is so sad to me! :( :( :( :( :(
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Chapter 1
The District

I quietly and quickly pick the katniss plant's roots. Have to hurry home, o at least the ruined building I call my home. Living a destroyed old district, te kind of get used to the idea of having to hurry back to ruined buildings, before the rats and bugs decide to settle into your so called home.I start on my way back, when I see a plump rabbit, just watching me desperately pick the roots, while coated in mud. This annoys me, and with one veloce, swift movement, I coltello the fat fool from afar. A direct hit. Perfect. I've been working on my coltello throwing skills, and got a lucky...
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1. The libri are told entirely from Katniss' POV. The audience only learns of other events when Katniss learns about them, and if she never becomes aware of something then we never do either. The films include several scenes without Katniss, including scenes of the Game-makers and Snow's reactions and acts of rebellion in various districts.

2. Several minor characters are omitted entirely from the films. These include Peeta's stylist and prep team, Peeta's older brothers and Gale's younger siblings.

3. A più major character also omitted from the films is Madge. She is the daughter of the Mayor...
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