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alemenmann posted on Apr 08, 2012 at 11:39PM
You can add more couples, these are the ones i can remember.... but i know there are more! ONLY ONE POST every 24 hours!

Damon and Elena -10
Stefan and Elena -10
Matt and Elena- 10
Bonnie and Jeremy -10
Bonnie and Damon -10
Bonnie and Stefan -10
Katherine and Damon-10
Katherine and Stefan-10
Caroline and Matt-10
Caroline and Tyler-10
Caroline and Klaus-10
Jenna and Alaric-10
Meredith and Alaric-10
Logan and Jenna-10
Jeremy and Vicky-10
Damon and Andie-10
Alaric and Isobel-10
Mason and Katherine-10
Vikcy and Tyler-10
Anna and Jeremy-10
Caroline and Damon-10
Damon and rose-10
Stefan and Rebekah-10
Damon and Rebekah-10
Finn and sage-10
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