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I've been meaning to make this lista for a while now. My opinion has changed quite a bit, PLEASE don't bash my opinion, but don't just make commenti like, "good job", and stuff like that. Also, I just wanna say that I don't think ANY of the girls are ugly, they are passable at worst. And I think ALL of the girls on this lista are BEAUTIFUL. Okay! Here we go!
10. Izzy This girl is an underrated beauty. First of all I Amore her long curly red hair, she has the best hair out of ANY of the TD girls! I also Amore her green eyes, if I didn't have blue eyes, I would want green eyes. Her smile is pretty...
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"...And he told me that he'll see me later today, at the park! EEE!" Sierra, the uber-fan squealed, as she talked to Gwen on the phone. After Total Drama All Stars, a few years later, Sierra's hair was long again, and somehow, Gwen and Sierra became friends. Coincidentally, Sierra's new apartment was very near Cody's apartment. "Oh, that's great, Sierra." Gwen detto sarcastically.

Later today, Sierra was on her phone, blogging and texting all of her Friends that she was going to see CODY!! She sat down on the bench, not looking up to see if Cody was coming by. Soon enough, he did. "Uh, hey,...
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I made this video i hope te like it.
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