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Hawkeye: What's with the weird music?
Kevin: Still ahead of your time.
Stylo: It's from the...90's?
Kevin: 80's.
S.B: S.B here folks, and I'm here as your host tonight for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. We're gonna kick off the rest of our mostra with Six Shooters 2. Once that's over, we're gonna take a break, because of Chinese New Year, and President's Day. We will return on the 10th of March. Enjoy the movie.

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SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Men: *Racing hot rods*

Six Shooters 2

Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
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Back during the sixth generation of gaming consoles, we got a game called Red Dead Revolver, the original, Red Dead Redemption, one of my preferito games of all time. Now, Red Dead Revolver wasn’t… Terrible. I liked it, in a way, but it was clearly not what everyone wanted. It had te go through linear missions, when everyone was hoping for GTA but with horses. Sure, it’s not a bad game, but everyone was hoping for an open world wild west game… But, little did they know, that there was a wild west open world game that was released… And still, little did they know, because no one I...
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added by AquaMarine6663
Famous Newgrounds content creator, also known as Arin Hanson from the let’s play channel Game Grumps, was once a prolific animator and considered one of the biggest. If te don’t know Arin as an animator, you’d be forgiven for that. Arin Hanson’s old career has been buried and forgotten, but hey, times change right…. Right…. Right?! Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to another episode of Content Cop. Idubbbz here with the new rant article. I ranted before about David Cage and his creeping abilities, but now it’s time to talk about something else. It’s time to hit closer to home....
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Yay I found the last scroll.
When I detto I was going to review No più Heroes 2, I meant it. When I discussed the precedente game, I did mention that I may o may not review it. I detto that because, wow, I have to pay double the price of the original game for NMH2. But, in the end, I did it anyway. Because I’m a sad person. But, regardless, here it is. This is a game no one expected would be made. No più Heroes seemed like such a niche game that was fun, but nothing to warrant a sequel. But, low and behold, here it is: No più Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Now, te all know that I Amore the first No più Heroes...
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Tom & Snow Wonder: *Dancing*
Saten Twist: *Sitting at the bar, drinking a beer*
Wayne: Will te do something instead of being bored?
Saten Twist: No.
Mr. Nut: Welcome back everyone. I'm Mr. Nut from The Nut House, and we will begin On The Block, and The Nut House right now. Enjoy the secondo half of our show.

Welcome to the block. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering, clapping, and whistling*
Master Sword & Tom Foolery: *Standing in front of a house*
Tom: Hello everypony, and welcome to another episode of On The Block.
Master Sword: I think...
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Some shows featured in this articolo maybe inappropriate for anyone under 13. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Rainbow Dash: Music's on. Time to do our thing!
Pinkie Pie: Act adorable, und make our fan squee?
Rarity: No. Fight pointlessly to see who shall be the hostess for this show! *Fighting with arcobaleno Dash, and Pinkie Pie*
Sean: *Stops with a passenger train* It doesn't matter who will win that fight, because I'm the host again. I'm Sean from Trainz, and here is our schedule for tonight.

8:00 PM

My Little Pornstar - Series Finale
The Adventures Of arcobaleno Dash - Series Finale

8:30 PM

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Remember my old Dead Rising psychopath ranking and how… Utterly awful it was? Well, I think now is a time to remake that list, and hopefully, make it better than the last one. So, in case te couldn’t tell, I am going to talk about the Dead Rising bosses, the psychopaths. Aside from the zombies, and the endless amount of survivors te need to escort, psychopaths are what make up the Dead Rising games. They the kinds of people te wouldn’t want to run into in real life and te definitely don’t want to run into when there is an outbreak. They are relentless, violent, and have no qualms...
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Hello, and welcome to another installment of Hidden Gems, and today, we’ll be taking a look at the third party game from the Wii. Now, I know that third party games for the Wii were… Not the best. Usually, you’d find a bunch of awful party and fitness games. Sure, te get a few good third party games, but they're all kind of… E rated games. They never went to the extreme… But then one game did just that. There was a game on the Wii that decided to push it to the and create something rather gruesome and violent for a console as family friendly as the Nintendo Wii… And no, we...
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Con Mane: Diamond Tiara's Are Forever - 2013

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Number 7, and counting. I present to everyone Diamond Tiara's Are Forever.


Doughnut Joe................................Con Mane
Diamond Tiara...............................Miss. Filly
Silverspoon....................................Miss. Silver
Carrot Top.....................................Bambi
Berry Punch...................................Thumper
Pinkie Pie..............................................P
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(This articolo contains disturbing content, disturbing violence, blood and gore, and inappropriate sexual themes, te have been warned.)

There are a lot of very disturbing things out there in the world. Though many people have different opinions on what disturbs them and makes them uncomfortable, there are always things that leave people uneasy and completely shocked. So, I want to share with te five più things that I have found that I find to be the most disturbing. Now, te may not find these as disturbing as I do, so if te wish to mostra me things that te yourself are disturbed by, then...
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Well, everyone, it seems that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable is coming to a close soon, with the last few episodes just left before the series finale. All that’s left is to wait for Bites the Dust, and hopefully a Vento Aureo Anime in the coming future. So, before we all say goodbye to Diamond is Unbreakable forever, I want us to take a look at the multiple enemy Stands that appeared in the series. Unlike Stardust Crusaders, the Stands in this part were a little più creative. Not as impressive in some skills and strategies, but still pretty creative. Not to mention, the...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

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Salt Lake City, 1966

Mustache Man: *Walks into a room with a woman*
Woman: *Taking off her blue dress, and goes into letto with the man*
Bill: *Watching in disgust from his brand new Pontiac GTO with a pair of binoculars. He puts them away, and opens a can of Budweiser. He drinks the Budweiser, then throws the empty can to the right of his car, landing on the floor successivo to eighteen other cans. He starts his car, and drives away*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

The Challenger

Starring SeanTheHedgehog...
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The Gamecube was such a criminally underrated console, with so many beloved games that are still appreciated to this day. So, with the Gamecube always being a preferito console of mine, I decided to do a lista on what I think are the best games on the system. Now, I am not going to include any of the games from my superiore, in alto ten list, so no Resident Evil 4 o Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, because those two games would obviously make the list, and for good reason. Also, these are all games that only I have played. So, no F Zero GX o Baten Kaitos. Also, these games have to be Gamecube exclusives. It can...
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We all know how overused zombies are. They are in movies, tv shows, videogames, books, but rarely do we see them in anime. It’s weird. But, in the anno 2010, we got an Anime known as Highschool of the Dead, which showed the classic zombies that was seen in Film like Night of the Living Dead. The zombies were slow and lumbered, but were huge in numbers. This Anime had a lot of scenes like this.

Like this.

And even this.

But, the zombies aren’t what make Highschool of the Dead so recognizable. No, if you’ve seen this anime, you’ll mostly recognize it for scenes like this....
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After hearing that Diamond is Unbreakable is getting adapted into a series, I could only cheer with joy, and be prepared for such a thing to come. And since Part Four is only a week away, I thought that I should honor it da doing a lista dedicated to it. And what better one to make than talking about Part Three, Stardust Crusaders. Now, I Amore Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Love, love, love, love, love, Amore IT! Easily my third preferito anime, and fourth preferito animated series of all time. And like I detto before, I am super excited for the release of Part Four. And to celebrate, I want to talk...
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(Hey there! Welcome to a new story that I'm making named Network 999. I'm making this myself right now and it's going to be quite a long story!

The characters in this will be based on Friends of mine on Fanpop, so that's going to be pretty fun. Also, this is going to be my very first official fan-fiction series, so that's ALSO exciting!

I hope te guys enjoy it, I know I will. XD)

It is the anno 2087, and technology nowadays is extremely advanced, being able to do what used to be very difficult tasks with ridiculous ease.

The Internet (called Network 999 in this world) is also even più powerful...
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I don’t know what it is, but I always enjoyed foggy environments. I mean sure, people have gotten into… più than one car accident in them, but they still fascinate me no matter what. It’s almost as fascinating to me as snow is (Trust me, that’s an upcoming list). Though, unlike snow, fog is used to give off something scary, depressing, o mysterious. And I freaking Amore that. Hell, even making this list, it’s foggy right now. So, what better time to make a lista about foggy environments. Now, some rules. Only from games that I have played, and only one per franchise, as usual. Also,...
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