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Word just in....On Friday, October 8th, 2010, if te can make it to Portland, Oregon, and you're a Michael Jackson fan - THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

"MAN IN THE MIRROR - Tour 2010"! The Refectory welcomes direct from Las Vegas a salute to Michael Jackson with one of the most profound Michael Jackson impersonators!

This mostra covers Michael Jackson's career and legacy in Musica and dance. I'm told da my good Friends Neil Morris and Michael Colvin (Jimmy Vegas Presents) that the mostra includes live musicians, production sequences, live sexy dancers "Girls of Las Vegas", and a superiore, in alto Las Vegas tribute artist...
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posted by All4loveMJ
I really hope this isnt offensive in anyway. It`s just saying the reasons why MJ got the surgurys so te can tell people why and they will stop making fun of him cause i`d had enough. Thanks :)

Michael, as we all know, had many Plastic Surgurys in his life, and here are the reasons why...

-He hated his nose since he was 13.
-He broke his nose many times
-He did`nt want to look like his father
-He wanted to change him self

Thank you! And pass this on! <3


________________Change the World________________
 We Amore te Randy!
We love you Randy!
Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday after reporting chest pains and doctors believe he suffered a mild cuore attack, a fonte close to the family quoted doctors as saying.

The 48-year-old had spoken with his father, Joe Jackson, over the phone, the fonte told KABC Television, OnTheRedCarpet.com's parent company, adding that Randy Jackson was "joking and seemed okay".

He is undergoing tests, the fonte said. Randy Jackson is the youngest Jackson brother and was one of the members of the Jackson Five, as well as a solo artist. He wrote The Jacksons'...
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No sense pretending it´s over
Hard times just don´t go away
You gotta take that chip off your shoulder
it´s time te open up
Have some faith

Nothing good ever comes easy
All good things come in due time
Yes it does
You gotta have something to believe in
I´m telling te to open mind

Gotta put your cuore on the line
If te wanna make it right
you´ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your cuore on the line
If te wanna get it right
Gotta put it all on the line

You see yourself in the mirror
And te don´t like what te see
And things aren't getting much clearer
don´t te think it´s time...
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Como la brisa
Tu voz me acaricia
y pregunto por ti

Cuando amanece
Tu amor aparece
y me hace feliz

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que nadie te querrá como yo

Tú me haces sentir
Deseos de vivir,
Junto a ti por siempre
Tu amor es mi suerte

Tu voz me llama
tú eres quien gana
en mi corazón

Porque me has dado
Algo sagrado
Con tu pasión

Me conoces bien
y sabes también
que no puedo vivir sin tu amor

Y cuando no estás
no fieno felicidad
Mi vida no es vida
si tú te vas

Todo mi amor eres tú
Todo mi amor eres tú
[ Find più Lyrics on link ]
Cuando no estás
no fieno quien me de lo que das tú

Pues todo mi amor eres tú

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I just wrote a song called ((A Place With No Name)).The inspiration and titolo came to me da MJ's own ((A place with no name)).It's a slow and dramatic song.Lyrics are under.So after Leggere tell me what te think even if it's BAD!!!
(This song is dedicated to Jill_17)

I look at this house with curisity,Something is making me stop,I look at the house,trying to know this place,trying to find out what these are.
But it seems that there's nothing to help me.
I look around this place,but there is no name
It's like a white horse with no name

(2 Times)And this place has no name either

(Chorus)(4 times)A...
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posted by bigmanguy
The sun was just coming up when I was woken up da knocking on my front door. I got out of letto and went downstairs; before I even had gotten ready for the day. I walked up to the door and opened it to see my mother standing there. I yawned and detto "good morning mother." She detto "you're still in your pajamas." I rubbed my eyes and looked up at the clock on the bacheca as I detto "it's only 6: 45." She detto "I know Michael; it's probably better if te leave before Christian wakes up." I gave her a hug and detto "yeah you're probably right; I'll go get dressed right now."

After I had gotten ready,...
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posted by mj4ever202
MJHOAXEVIDENCE has postato a video on YouTube with some of the most incredible evidence we have seen. He postato screenshots of what he claims to be the official Jackson Twitter account with tweets about Michael coming back in June !!!!!! Oddly, The June come-back is also mentioned in one of the sightings reported below from Michael's personal psychic.Wow! What do te think? I don't know what I think.Be sure to check the video out.If te can't find it I'll post it.Ok. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

posted by bigmanguy
I was woken up da knocking on the front door of my house. I rolled over in the letto and noticed a police officer standing outside. I got out of letto and quickly made my way downstairs. I opened up the door and detto "hello officer." He passed me an envelope and detto "I was asked to hand deliver this to te sir." I thanked him as I shut the door and walked into the kitchen. I sat at the cucina tavolo and opened the arancia, arancio envelope. I slowly pulled out a piece of paper that read "custody trial; location Londra England" across the top. I read the fine print and basically what this piece of paper...
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 imagine it being red :)
imagine it being red :)
While Rebecca was walking, she was listening to Privacy on her mp3 player. She was wondering who was picking her up at the theater...and who she was talking to on twitter. She still didn't bother to check the person's profile. She was so into the song, she sang out a bit.
"Ain’t the pictures enough
Why do te go through so much
To get the stories te need
So te can bury me
You got the people confused
You tell the stories te choose
You try to get me to lose
The man I really am

You keep on stalking me
Invading my privacy
Won’t te just let me be
Cause your cameras can’t control
The minds of those...
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Michael Jackson is a Legend, and how people could think he would ever abuse children I don't know. He's the best dancer in the world, and singer. When he became famous he didn't become vain, he gave più than any other person in the world I know. He even made songs for charities, and songs to make people think about how much they do themselves. Songs such as: The Earth Song, heal the world, etc . . . Why would a man that gave soooo much to children, suddenly change and abuse them? Well the answer to that is, it's not possible, not for such a great man like Michael Jackson anyway. He gave us...
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Michael was on the phone with Micki “You wanna do it tonight?.....Sure, I can do it but it was just that te detto te wanted to do it Saturday night......Oh, te get off early....Okay, I'll pick te up at 8." Michael hung up and grinned from ear to ear “What happened?" I asked as he smiled and replied “She detto tonight is good." I jumped up and whooped while Michael laughed and Prince chuckled. I sat back down and that's when he started covering his mouth “No! Not now, not now!" He begged as he sped walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. But no reflection “Dammit!" Michael...
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Within the successivo hour, Michael sat closer to me and took a sniff of my neck “Are te wearing perfume?" Michael asked as I nodded yes “It smells nice. ciliegia blossom?" Michael rubbed his nose on my neck “Yes. Michael um..." my voice trailed off and he looked up at me “I'm sorry. I just wanted to smell your fragrance." Michael detto as he took one più sniff and moaned. Now I wanted to know what the hell was going on “Michael are you..." Michael gave me a scary look on his face “What?" His eyes flashed oro again and I got up and walked over to him, I looked into his eyes and held...
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posted by Fashionista101
Inside the room of one of the most ultra exclusive, expensive, and the first and only eight-star hotel in history, the Über hotel, was the richest person in the world. He was Michael Joseph Jackson. He was surrounded da anything money could buy by: servants waiting on him; hand and foot, fans, everything. He always wore his raw Italian silk suits, white dress shirts, unique-style ties and his signature black oxford loafers and white socks and his hair in a ponytail. There is was, looking at the view as he was sitting on the black chenille & leather sectional sofa, tapping his foot.
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posted by KikiKool1983
Michael took out a ring and placed it on my finger.
" Oh Michael! It's so beautiful."
He smiled. " So, will te marry me?"

I looked at the ring. It was a 250 carat oro ring with diamond crusted all around it. " Fancy" was engraved on the ring. It was so magical. I looked into his eyes and detto " Yes."

Michael looked up at me. " Say what now?"

I nodded rapidly. " Yes Michael! Yes!"

Everyone cheered except Joe. " What?!?! Michael can't be marrying that girl!" Joe screamed.

Michael frowned. " Joseph, I Amore Fancy. She is my life. And if te can't except that, then you're not invited to the wedding!

I felt a tear gently slide down my face. Everyone was feeling sorry for me. " See, now te have Fancy crying!" LaToya scolded. Fancy, Janet and LaToya went to the wedding toga, abito negozio to negozio for gowns and dresses.

Do te agree with Fancy's decision. If so/not, commento below!!! I'd Amore to hear your comments!
One Week Later
I was at work, talking with Megan. She was shocked to hear me say that Michael and I were dating. It was like she couldn't believe it.
"No way. te and Michael Jackson? A couple? So that's one truth they told everyone." Megan said.
"Wait...who told everyone?" I asked, a bit curious.
"The press. They figured te two were dating."
I was a bit confused. 'How did they find out?' I thought.
Megan showed me the recente tabloid and I saw a picture of me and Michael having our picnic date. My eyes went wide a bit and I gasped. I read over what they wrote and shook my head.
"Have te read what...
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After Michael and I finished playing in the park, at the same time trying to cheer each other up, he walked me home. When we got to the door, he turned to me and pulled me into a hug, having his hand going up and down my back. I hugged him back, putting my head on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Rebecca. Like I detto earlier, we'll try again once your wound is healed and those staples for the stitching are out." He said, rubbing my head.
"I'm afraid if and when we try again, my mom's gonna kick me out. She's a stickler for something like this." I said.
Michael pulled away and lifted my head with one...
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~Jade's POV~

I was abandoned here. As a kid. My parents left me when I turned 18. When I was supposed to leave for college.

The night was cold. I was coming back home from a party with a bunch of friends. My parents left town and never returned.

I didn't continue to college. I found a small job in our little town to make some money for food.
The reason I didn't go to college was because...I had to keep people from entering my old home where my parents lived. The mansion.

Because it was haunted. No one could help take the burden I had to orso of dealing with the mansion.

The weird thing was, the...
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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel spent the rest of December happily at Neverland. She had stayed up with the others on New Year's Eve and seen fireworks for the first time but once January started, Rosabel started to worry. She knew that Joseph was going to take her back to Londra but she didn't know when. She wasn't even sure if Michael knew. Rosabel had been debating with herself whether to put up a fight when Joseph came o just to go quietly. She never reached a final conclusion in her arguments, so she guessed she'd know what to do when the time comes.

A couple of weeks passed before Rosabel started noticing that...
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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel took Michael's wet hand and dragged him over to the pool where everyone else was waiting.
"Michael, we heard your scream from here." Janet said, laughing.
"Guys, help me." Rosabel said, as she tried to tug Michael towards the pool.
Simone and Janet ran to help drag Michael.
"No, wait, please!" Michael protested. "Not the pool again! Anything but the pool!"
"On the count of three, okay?" Simone said. "One..."
"Really te guys." Michael said.
"Don't do this!"
The girls all pushed Michael in and laughed as they watched him splash around.
"Great." He said, getting out. "Just fantastic....
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