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LoneOmega mi ha dato omaggio per my images
ciao friend ! how are te ? ^-^ postato più di un anno fa
alvin33355 commentato…
Hi!! I'm doing great, how about you? ^^ più di un anno fa
LoneOmega commentato…
I'm great ! I didn't know te were still active here on fanpop, friend ! più di un anno fa
alvin33355 commentato…
Haha I'll always be here. Just not as often, life moves on and I got my amazing mate (and now real life gf) sooooo....I just come here to check on the pack and all :) più di un anno fa
LoneOmega commentato…
Oh...yeah, I recently got into college, and know how it is...I barelly do the stuff I like now...I wish I had a girlfriend to share my amotions...anyway, good to see that you're here :3 più di un anno fa
kate3638 mi ha dato omaggio per my images
thanks for adding me!! postato più di un anno fa
alvin33355 commentato…
No problem :) glad to see new people joining this club again. più di un anno fa
alvin33355 ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
The lack of a Meebo bar is disturbing.
But kudos to fanpop for making a mobile site at long last.. postato più di un anno fa
alvin33355 commentato…
Yes it's been months più di un anno fa
SentinelPrime89 commentato…
I don't miss the Meebo bar one bit and from the past few times I reviewed over my fanpop page, the mobile site was shut down it seemed. Not against it though because the mobile site was crap. più di un anno fa
DevilsWrath commentato…
the bar was annoying più di un anno fa