Pokémon Pokemon icona contest ROUND 6 (Anyone who has done one I don't mean to copy)

pokeball13 posted on Nov 28, 2014 at 05:18PM
Since my poll has been a tie I thought about doing a contest for one people the winners will get 6 props people in 2'd place get 5 props people in 3'd place get 4 props and the rest get 3 props who have done one I don't mean to copy this will end in 3 days
Use the theme
No voting for yourself
Don't copy over peoples picture
No porn
You have a week
Round 2 OR AS mega Pokemon
Round 3 Favorite Dragon types
Round 4 Generation 6 pokemon
Round 5 Any pokemon with a trainer
Round 6 Favorite normal type pokemon
Round 1 Piplupfan1
Round 2 Geocen
Round 3 Dontmindmeyo
Round 4 Pokeball13
Round 5 Geocen
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