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posted by Hellowittykitty
Full Name: Jupiter Corona Mars the Bunny

Age: 15

Species: Suverian Bunny

Birthday: November 19th

Height: '3 "9

Parents and Siblings:
India the Bunny (mother)
Nike the Bunny (father)
Hungary-Jo the Bunny (step-sister)
Corest the Bunny (brother)

Appearance: Jupiter is a dark brown bunny with big wide eyes. Her eye color is green. Her ears are long and are tied together in a droopy ponytail. Her ears are both white with grey tips. She wears a purple giacca with a belted gonna and snake-skin leggings. Her ears also have twin scars on them both. Jupiter has silver rings binding her wrists that have the initials,...
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posted by Giz_4ever
The beautiful girl I have known since I was two,
made a speech and now there's nothing I can do.
Drove away da a simple word,
flew away like a stream-lined bird.
A tear blown away with every gush of wind,
the script was wrote and then it was binned.
Ever word counted as horror,
sitting under a albero clenching onto my sorrow.
Every type of contact opened up a mystery door,
now it is a shame because it won't happen anymore.
I wish for te if I wasn't cruel,
I'd hope you'd wish for me to.
There is no domanda relevant to why te left me,
there is only the answer which is obvious te see.
I covered my heart...
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 An early interpratation of Chris.
An early interpratation of Chris.
Shadow was walking through the ruins of Ark. He coughed in the debree. He had a flashback of Maria. He sniffed. He looked at a broken panel. It had a picture of a blob with a head and tiny writing. He remembered that from when the Ark was invaded with the Artifical Chaos. Then he looked at something not that familiar. It was a giant capsule with a few cracks in it and a body. It had a green liquid inside. "What's this?" Shadow said. He punched the capsule open. The liquid poured out. Shadow picked up a stick and poked the body. "Ha. Squishy." He continued poking at him. "SQUISHY SQUISHY SQUISHY!"...
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Okay, so for starters, this is sorta half fanfic and half bio. It explains him a lot better. So,without further ado...

It all began in the Hurricos Village, hidden deep within Green collina Zone. A mother, Emera, gave birth to Cyber the Echidna. The father, Revon, noticed a strange marking on the newborn child's forehead. He immediately notified the doctor, whom gasped in surprise. "We have been blessed!" He exclaimed, "Your child has been marked as an Elemental Echidna!" Both in shock and ecstatic, the young elemental's father went to the village elder, to explain what had happened.
Not long after,...
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posted by TechTheBat
 Recolored from Rouge.
Recolored from Rouge.
Name: Tech
Gender: Female
Species: Bat
Personality: Despite Tech's high IQ, she is extremely bashful and often makes mistakes (but are never to do with electronics, più about talking in conversations etc.) and will usually respond to making mistakes with rubbing the back of her head and saying "Oops". Her bashfulness and childishness is one of her main character traits, the other being she is very cheerful most of the time. Some would say her personality is basically Tails' personality except strangely più bashful and childish.
Other info: IQ of 298, extremely in Amore with Sonic the Hedgehog.
posted by TakTheFox
Astral is the paradox-created son of Rynk Hellborn, Kyle Waktini, and Blood Prowler. This happened when a group of Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. who did not wish to go extinct, created a spell that separated one secondo from the real world, giving them a place to live peacefully. Unfortunately they would soon run out of resources. In short, they re-connected, and used Rynk to keep the portal open through her Banshee DNA, and made her their Queen through her Vampire DNA. Originally she was against the idea, but after multiple bites added to her already there Vampire DNA, she was turned.

In one reality Kyle...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
*This is continuing of where I left off in Tiny the Cat. I'm also renaming the Diner/restaurant.*
Everyone was at the Silver Feather Diner, meeting Tiny. Nat was still introducing Tiny to Flare's friend Nikki, When Rose and Thorn arrived. "Rose! Thorn! I was wondering when te would mostra up." Nat detto and gave them a hug," Have te stopped anyone lately?" Thorn shook his head," Nah, I think their all too scared since we showed up as heroes." Rose laughed," Yep, I guess they think were too powerful for them. I think Flare want's to introduce te to someone." Rose pointed at Flare, who was frantically...
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(This is my first attempt at Scrivere a book from a 1st person POV, so I'm Scrivere from Cyber's.)
It was a normal day. Really. It was. I was outside training, and I could tell Alpha was working hard inside, because I could hear Topaz crying and I could smell cena cooking. However, this giorno was going to turn out...different. I could just feel it...
I walked into the house after training for about 2 hours.
"Train hard enough out there, dear?" Alpha had asked me with a smile.
"I guess so, but something just Like, something's gonna be different about today..." I replied. "What do...
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So who’s Trisell Chronos?

Back in A VERY LONG TIME fa IN THE PAST SOMEWHERE, there was the Zonac Council, of which only one person survived, to later be known as The Hidden (this is not Trisell Chronos). But before they… disappeared, the Seven Servers were created.

~Mistrum Pyro
~Trixin Lighten
~Tearence Aguan
~Luner (yes that’s how I spell it) Herban
~Midnight Psych
~Revten Crystiline (who would later become Revten Tess)
~And Trisell Chronos

There were other servers who were meant to be brought through as well, but sadly the council was unable to do this before...
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Honestly, it's just things that I've noticed that bother me too much to let them sit.

I. Role-Playing.
A). Actions.
When te designate an action for your character, it must take place *within two asterisks*, --or something else like it--. There does not need to be a period after the asterisks unless the Role-Play is narrative-driven.
Also, separate actions need to take place between the two asterisks with a semicolon connecting them; *[Subject] does 'X'**And also 'X'* just looks sloppy, and a semicolon can clean up anything if used correctly.
B). Character Sheets.
Let me preach.
Character sheets are...
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It's been hours... days... weeks, since I left the Triple S... I haven't found a single trace of Emile-kun... I think I've been going the wrong way this whole time... I don't think I'll ever find him... I'll probably die of hunger within the successivo hour...
"Back to the real world, Mary. Back to the real world."
It's been about an ora since Mary ACTUALLY left the Triple S. She stopped walking and closed her eyes.
"... Dang it. I have been going the wrong way! Stupid fanisizing." She turned around and started walking back.
Mary walked for another 15 minuti before resting under a tree. "I freakin'...
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ciao new fc's character creators! If te are on a part of making Amore interests.

1. Why do people start it?
A. Because beginners think that it would be interesting to have their male o female fcs to go out with SEGA characters. Im not trying to be mean but please step it up guys! Try to make A great relationship between 2 fan Characters. It would be nice to see that instead of seeing a girl fan character dating shadow o is Sonic o Silvers Girlfriend.

2. What about Kids?
A. Seriously. A kid. Why would some fangirls (no offense) do that? It's not official that SEGA would say so, So just please...
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posted by silveranime122
At this time,Dominique is 13 and Marth is 14.

The Knock Out...
It was a beautiful spring giorno for Dominique.She was doing her own thing when all of a sudden,her watch started beeping."Huh,theres a Chaos smeraldo nearby",she detto as she looked at her watch,"I sould get it and take to Shadow o Silver...".She flew in the direction the smeraldo was at,and soon found herself in the deep part of the forest.She landed seeing the Chaos smeraldo 15ft away from her.She started to walk towards it,unknowing of what was about to happen.All of a sudden,a robot appeared in front of her.It wasn't like any robot...
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It was very gloomy and cold outside. I would have figured that it would have at least warmed up a little bit, but I thought wrong. It was snowing outside, so I decided I'd do things with it. I flew out of my tree.

About an ora later I had constructed a humongous snow-hedgehog. It was no particular hedgehog, just a mobian hedgehog. Not too soon later, a lupo walked over.
She had long red hair(literally red), camoflauged pants,a gray shirt, and a black jacket.
"Nice snow-thingy. Unfortunately, it's nothing compared to this." She said.
She pulled out two rocket launchers made of snow.
She aimed them...
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posted by zougethebat1
Shock,Natsumi,Emily,Breeze,Extreme and Whirlwind stould there jaw downed.They couldn't belive what they were looking at.Right there in fonrt of them was Zouge dressed in a elve outfit and making toys."Zo-Zouge!?"Emily detto in shock.Zouge turned around then she fall out of her sit.The guys cann't help but laught when she did."Yeah yeah very funny"Zouge growed."Why are te guys here"she asked."We saw te flying in the park and Natsumi hi but te didn't repond so decend to follow you."Whirlwind answered.Zouge get up on and started to blusted."well I'm sorry but i was very busy."Zouge said."Yeah we see Zouge the elve."Extreme joked.Evebody started to laugt."Guys its not funny.Zouge yelled at them."Jeez it was only a joke."Shock said."Well it was not very funny."One of the elves said
I remember Black Skies,
The lightning all around me
I remebered each flash,
As time began to blur
Like a startling sign
that fate had finally found me
and your voice was all i heard
that i get what I deserve
So give me reason to prove me wrong
to wash this memory clean
let the floods cross
the distance in your eyes
Give me reasons to fill this hole
connect the spazio between
Let it be enough to reach
the truth that lies
Across this NEW DIVIDE!!
There was nothing in sight
but memories left abondaned
there was no where to hid
The ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in
Between where we were standing
and your voice...
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 Bullet The Hedgehog
Bullet The Hedgehog
"life is like water it forms in the hevens comes down to earth and goes back up to the hevens but how do te think it feels not to be part of that cycle? i guess i am about to find out"
Our story begins at a little place i like to call Ghost's house. the time is midnight. there is a ding-dong at the door. ghost opens his eyes and sits up "oh who the heck could that be" he goans as he gets out of letto and walks over to his letto room door and opened and saw olley heading to the door "hey did te want to get the door" olley paused for a second. looked at door then the clock. then he flew behind ghost....
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Chapter 1: first day

Sonic's POV

"Beep! Beep! "Groan. I can hear my parents calling me and god I wish I didn't. "Sonic get down here this instant! You're going to be late for your first giorno of school!" "Shit!" Now that I wish I had heard that last week! I quickly grabbed my bag, grabbed a chili dog, and ran out the door. I was almost at my first class when I nearly ran over 2 girls. The one that I'm assuming is the oldest pushed the other one out of the way which made it harder to stop and keep my balance. I nearly fell over, but she grabbed my wrist and helped steady me. I looked up at them...
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posted by LorMel
Ash Storm [Ash Hedewolf] is the son on Helix Storm [Helix the Wolf] & Frost Storm [Frost Hedgehog]
Picture link of Frost & Helix: link
Credit goes to the original designer. ^^
Ash is 17, well, not yet, but in RPS [if te are one of them] hes 17.
In the current RP, Ash (or Ashie, nickname by: Helix Storm!) Ash is only a few days old.
Picture link to baby Ashie/Ash: WARNING! CUTENESS ZONE! MAY CAUSE te TO GO "Awwww!"
Ash is, in the current RP, going to be big brother to Frost & Helixs child, [not born yet], Lily.
Name idea belongs to original thinker. ^^
Raven: Well Shadey wont be Scrivere today, sorry.
Shadey: Say what?!
Raven: Ah! Shadey!
Shadey: *grabs him* Get of my computer and let me entertain.
Raven: Um... wahh!! *gets throwed across the room*

(An ally 2:19 pm)
"L-Look R-Raven... we d-didn't mean it!" the leader said. "Heh. te say that all the time...," he closes his grip on the leader harder. "Now tell me why te called me to come here?" his eyes mostrare no signs of fear, nor anger. "W-We need y-you to h-help us...," he said. "Hm... fine," Raven drops the leader and steps back. "Tell me quickly Zala...," Raven crossed him arms, slowly letting...
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